NIGHTFALL WEAPON THIS WEEK November 28 - December 5


Wondering what is the Nightfall weapon this week? 

Search no further! On this page, you can see the current Nightfall rewards, along with the Grandmaster Nightfalls loot, when it enters the roster.

With every game update bringing something new to the mix, it's vital to track whatever NF weapons this week has in store to farm out all the best guns while they're still available. Keeping tabs on rotating rewards will help you manage your game sessions properly and prioritize certain activities to get everything you want in time. 

No matter if you've already set your sights on Grandmaster Nightfall weapons this week or just getting started with the easier versions of the playlist, you can always find up-to-date Nightfall information on this page. For more info on the mode and its reward structure, you can read down below.

What Weapons Are in Nightfall Rotation?

Each season, Bungie changes the rotation in NF by adding or removing weapons with missions. This season is no exception, and therefore, we have compiled the full Nightfall Weapon Rotation below

Nightfall This Week
Season of the Witch Nightfall Rotation

What is the Nightfall Weapon This Week?

This time, you can get BrayTech Osprey, and it's waiting for you until the weekly reset, so hurry up! If you are interested in why this gun is worth your time (or not), you can read about it up next.

Season 22 Nightfall Weapons

Of course, you shouldn’t go to Nightfall this week if you don’t know if there is good loot. This list is updated every season, so don't be upset if your favorite Hung Jury scout rifle or Horror's Least pulse rifle isn't on the list. That's why we have described each gun and their advantages for you!

Pre Astyanax IV, Bow

  • Must-Have PVE Perks: Archer’s Tempo — Incandescent / Successful Warm-Up / Explosive Head / Precision Instrument
  • Must-Have PVP Perks: Archer’s Tempo — Successful Warm-Up / Opening Shot

It's the only Precision Bow in the entire game capable of having a 540 Draw Time in its Adept version. However, it's more complicated, as you need to acquire the perfect Roll, which could take a very long time. In addition to this unique feature, Pre Astyanax IV has excellent perks for all game modes. Archer's Tempo is clearly the best Bow perk, while others offer entirely different gameplay. So, if this weeks Nightfall weapon is Pre Astyanax IV, then we recommend farming it urgently!

The Swarm, Machine Gun

  • Must-Have PVE Perks: Feeding Frenzy — Dragonfly / Target Lock
  • Must-Have PVP Perks: Dynamic Sway Reduction — Tap the Trigger

Although there are quite a few other good Machine Guns in the game, The Swarm is still able to compete with them. Yes, it has very few useful perks, especially for PvE, but despite this, it can pleasantly surprise you if you get it when it is in Nightfall Rotation. 

Feeding Frenzy and Dragonfly are excellent perks perfect for ad-clear, and Target Lock is decent if you want to use The Swarm against mini-bosses or bosses. And, of course, there's PvP, where The Swarm smoothly becomes the most stable Machine Gun.

Loaded Question, Fusion Rifle

  • Must-Have PVE Perks: Envious Assassin / Overflow — Controlled Burst / Reservoir Burst
  • Must-Have PVP Perks: Under Pressure / Firmly Planted — Eye of the Storm

If you need an excellent PvE Fusion Rifle or are interested in the High-Impact Fusion Rifle to use in PvP, then Loaded Question is definitely worth your attention in the Destiny 2 Nightfall Rotation. Although The Eremite has similar perks and is also craftable, it lacks one thing, namely Adept mods. Adept Big Ones is a beneficial mod, improving damage simultaneously against majors, vehicles, and bosses. In Crucible, Adept Charge Time will be your favorite mod, as it reduces Charge Time, though, unlike Accelerated Coils, it does not reduce damage.

Braytech Osprey, Rocket Launcher

  • Must-Have PVE Perks: Envious Assassin / Auto-Loading Holster — Bipod / Frenzy

Braytech Osprey is one of the most uninteresting weekly Nightfall weapon drops, as this Rocket Launcher does not have the best archetype and perks. Despite this, it still has fascinating combinations that might interest you. One such is Envious Assassin + Bipod, which makes your weapon have up to 7 rockets in one magazine. You could also try Pulse Monitor, which allows you to spend all reserves without a single reload. It activates when you stand close to the boss in the Well of Radiance, so each rocket could take half of your HP.

Buzzard, Sidearm

  • Must-Have PVE Perks: Overflow — Frenzy / Kinetic Tremors
  • Must-Have PVP Perks: Perpetual Motion — Rangefinder / Swashbuckler / Multikill Clip

Where would we be without the good old Buzzard? If this is the current Nightfall weapon, then you know what to do! This Sidearm continues to instill fear even after so many years. If there is a universal weapon in the game suitable anywhere and for anyone, it's this gun. Excellent PvE and PvP Perks, which help with ad-clear and fast elimination of Guardians, only confirm this.

Warden’s Law, Hand Cannon

  • Must-Have PVE Perks: Fourth Time’s the Charm / Enlightened Action — Vorpal Weapon / Frenzy / Rampage
  • Must-Have PVP Perks: Perpetual Motion / Moving Target — Zen Moment / Kill Clip

With the release of Season of the Witch, a new Hand Cannon archetype, Heavy Burst, was added to the game. The name of the gun with a brand-new archetype is Warden's Law. And yes, you should grab it when it is in Destiny 2 Nightfall Weapon Rotation.

Its firing is completely different from other HCs and more similar to Crimson or 2-Burst Pulse Rifles. The first representative of this archetype is the returned Warden's Law. If you love playing as a Hunter, you must get a Godroll, as this Hand Cannon, combined with Lucky Pants, deals massive damage, even surpassing Malfeasance. In PvP, Warden's Law is not as good as one would like, but it still has its unique features. As an example, when Kill Clip is activated, it is capable of killing any Guardian in 2 shots, something even Aggressive Frame HCs cannot do.

Nightfall FAQ

In this segment you'll learn everything you need about this activity.

What is Destiny 2 Nightfall?

For those in the not-know, Nightfall is a PvE activity that features tougher versions of the game's Strikes with more powerful enemies and certain modifiers that players need to deal with. 

There, you have to fight enemies with more HP and their more powerful versions called Champions. The latter can only be defeated by taking a particular type of weapon with ammunition against them. That's why in Destiny Nightfall, you have to go prepared with irregular guns, not just anything.

Unlike Vanguard Ops, Nightfall Strikes change weekly. Hence, there is a weekly rotation, and a score is kept on how successfully you complete them. Besides that, there is D2 Nightfall weapon rotation, which is tied to specific strikes for the season.

Nightfall is not just a more complicated version of Strikes, as there is a choice of difficulty, with the highest being Grandmaster Nightfall. This version of NF appears a couple of weeks after the season starts and offers fantastic rewards for completing it. You'll receive many essential and rare materials, as well as one of the Adept Nightfall weapons this week if you complete one of the hardest endgame activities.

What is the Nightfall Weapon?

NF weapons are ordinary guns like in other activities, appearing only in this playlist and having their unique origin trait: Stunning Recovery. This perk allows you to refill your magazine, gain 60 HP, and gain +40 Recovery for a few seconds when you stun Champions from this gun.

Nightfall Adept weapons, which you can get only from GM Nightfall This Week, differ in more premium feeling than ordinary weapons, with an additional perk in the third column and the ability to equip Adept mods that perfectly complement the gun. Moreover, Bungie added a separate bonus to all stats if you masterwork the gun.

How Do You Get a Destiny 2 Nightfall Weapon This Week?

The only way you can get yourself new Nightfall weapons is by playing this activity on any difficulty. You have to remember only one thing: an Adept weapon drops out only from Grandmasters. Stay tuned on this page to see if there are any available Nightfall Adept weapons this week. We update the reward list every week and add this week's Nightfall weapon once a new GM mission goes live. Our GM Nightfall carry offers are always on sale; you can pre-order a service even if the activity has not yet returned.

Can You Only Get Nightfall Weapons Once a Week?

No, you can acquire them as much as you want. The only thing you have to remember is a time limit. The weapon rotation changes as soon as next Tuesday arrives. You'll have to wait over a month to get it again. Regardless, if you have already obtained it, you could focus it at Zavala by paying 5 engrams and Glimmer.

How to Increase Your Chances of Nightfall Adept Weapons Dropping?

You are able to increase the drop chance by playing at a higher difficulty. GM Nightfalls guarantee one Adept weapon drop per mission completion at Platinum Rank, so we recommend completing it with good friends. So, just wait until the right gun appears and hope that the Grandmaster Nightfall Rotation will be in your favor.

What is a Nightfall Memento?

Nightfall Memento is an extremely rare resource that drops randomly after completing any NF, and you can use it during shaping or reshaping your weapon. Adding it to the crafted gun opens a special tracker with level 1, a weapon title with level 20, and an iridescent shader with level 30 for this weapon.

What's the Destiny 2 Grandmaster Nightfall?

Among all the NF difficulties, the Destiny 2 Grandmaster Nightfall strike stands out the most. What's so special about it, you ask? First and foremost is the Wipe system. In short, if your entire Fireteam is destroyed, you'll be sent straight to orbit. Yes, you understood everything correctly — you have to go through the entire GM from scratch. However, the difficulties don't end there, as throughout the activity, you'll maintain a minimum of -25 Power Level! And, of course, there's an increased number of Champions, just like in Master Nightfalls. Sometimes, Destiny 2 Nightfall this week is so difficult that Bungie has to lower the difficulty so that every player can beat it.

Enough about the difficulty. What about the Nightfall Rewards this week in GM? Here, everything is perfect, as Grandmasters are the best way to get Exotic gear, Resources (Enhancement Prisms, Ascendant Shards, and Nightfall Ciphers), and Nightfall guns every week. In Grandmaster difficulty, Nightfall weapons, specifically their Adept versions, have unique features, as previously mentioned.

However, you can't just walk through a Grandmaster — it requires tremendous preparation. First, get the necessary Light because it will be much more complicated if you don't have it. Without the required Power Level, you won't pass Grandmaster difficulty. Then, you should check Grandmaster Nightfall this week to choose the perfect build and weaponry that will help you deal effectively with Champions. For example, Wish-Ender is fantastic against Barrier Champions, and Le Monarque helps efficiently deal with Overloads. Finally, find a great Fireteam that is ready for any battle. The last point may be the biggest problem, but we have a solution.

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