Destiny 2 HyperNet Current Guide: Helpful GM Nightfall Tips

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Beat Destiny 2 Hypernet Current Grandmaster Nightfall with our ultimate guide!

HyperNet Current Guide

Key Takeaways:

  • HyperNet Current Grandmaster Nightfall will be a challenge for you if this is one of your first GM Nightfalls
  • We advise equipping long-range weapons like Wicked Implement and Polaris Lance
  • The builds that you have already taken for Nightfalls are suitable, but we have left additional recommendations below

Current GM Nightfalls consistently push players to exert significant effort as they face a new mission every week. This time, we’ll discuss HyperNet Current, which appeared in Destiny 2 with the release of the Lightfall DLC. Here, you’ll face some hardship, especially towards the end, but overall, it’s a mission of moderate difficulty. Also, don’t forget to check out the Nightfall weapon this week to know what gun you can get. Without further ado, let’s delve into our HyperNet Current guide and determine how and what you should prepare for.

Best Weapons for HyperNet Current Grandmaster Nightfall

In order to combat D2 Champions, you have to pick good HyperNet Current GM loadouts. We recommend equipping either the Wicked Implement Scout Rifle, capable of easily stunning both Overloads and Unstoppables, or Polaris Lance in combination with Riptide. We do not recommend Rocket Launchers because the Tormentor Boss requires powerful Precision Damage, like from Linear Fusion Rifles (as an example, Cataclysmic) are best suited against it.

Best Builds for HyperNet Current GM Nightfall

As with any other GMs, Solar Warlock with Well of Radiance will feel great in D2 HyperNet Current, offering good survivability and helping allies. The same can be said for Shadebinder with Osmiomancy Gloves, as Stasis turrets will assist in crowd control and stun Overload with Unstoppable Champions. Hunters can opt for Void with Omnioculus to aid Teammates or Solar with Celestial Nighthawk to deliver colossal burst damage. Titans may consider Strand with Abeyant Leap or Arc with Heart Of Inmost Light, as these subclasses have excellent means against Champs.

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How to Beat HyperNet Current Grandmaster: Encounters Guide

At the start of Nightfall, you’ll enter a cave with several Minotaurs. Craniums dropping from them deal massive damage but have a relatively limited ammo supply. We advise not using them on Champions but instead carrying them to the Tormentor boss location, thereby quickly defeating him. If you fail to do this, Precision weapons like Cataclysmic will come to the rescue.

After this challenging battle, you’ll proceed to the Vex Network. The most difficult part for players is the track section, as you’ll be targeted by numerous Blights, which can easily take you down. Did you know they can be broken and the Sparrow Encounter safely overcome? Craniums, capable of destroying the Blights on the track, make passing through much more effortless. Be careful, as you can only carry one Cranium to this encounter, but if you break one Blight, all will be broken.

Immediately after the track, you’ll face a fight with four Overload Champions, which need to be killed one by one. There, you’ll find the familiar Cranium, which will help quickly take down two Champs. Then, after crossing a bridge with a couple of Taken Snipers, break Blights to reach the Final Boss. Don’t rush to celebrate, as two Overload Champs will immediately await you, and upon reaching 50% of the Blights broken, three boss Ogres will appear, so be extremely careful.

HyperNet Current Grandmaster Nightfall Ogr

Finally, let’s talk about the Destiny 2 HyperNet Current GM strategies against the Last Boss. We can’t suggest any HyperNet Current boss cheeses, but we advise you to frequently look around and not stand still, as the boss and Taken Phalanx release homing projectiles that deal massive damage. Fortunately, they can be easily destroyed. Also, remember the Craniums, as they can help with completing objectives and with Ad-clear or Boss DPS.

Final Words

That’s all you need to know about Destiny 2 HyperNet Current to complete it. Sure, you’ll have to suffer a bit, but it’s much better than some Heist Battleground. If you still encounter too many problems, then we recommend seeking help from professionals with Nightfall Services, who can complete any Nightfall in no time.

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