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Path of Exile is a captivating realm, offering a wealth of high-quality content that is both stylish and substantial. To truly fit in with your fellow adventurers and be able to stand up against the toughest enemies in the lands of Wraeclast, you need to be decked out in all the best items the game has to offer. Though, with the current in-game gear prices, it might take dozens of hours to unlock all the upgrades you want. One trip to the auction house will tell you that some pieces require immense amounts of a certain Path of Exile currency that might be extremely rare and really hard to get. Farming PoE orbs and scrolls can be quite time-consuming, as it requires defeating hundreds of mobs and bosses to earn the needed amount, making the process both tedious and extremely monotonous.

Thankfully, you’ve found WowVendor, your #1 source of PoE boosting services! If you want to experience the game’s greatest moments but are not eager to spend dozens of hours farming currency, then getting a boost is exactly what you need! Our Path of Exile currency shop offers access to all the shiniest orbs, scrolls, and other resources used to buy rare items and powerful upgrades. With tons of various currency items in your possession, you’ll be able to gear up properly and go adventuring in style!

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PoE Currency Is Key to Your In-Game Progress

Character progress within the game is heavily reliant on making the right investments. Each step towards improvement, whether it’s enhancing your gear or crafting high-end items, requires a good amount of in-game money and resources. These valuable currency items, which come in various forms and colors, can be found in chests, dropped by monsters, obtained through divination cards, and even acquired through vendor recipes. However, their availability isn’t consistent, and their drop rates can vary widely.

For example, Divine Orbs are quite rare due to their limited drop rate, in contrast to the easily obtainable Portal Scroll. Some currencies are in very high demand, while others hold lower value. Certain resources, such as Chaos Orbs, Exalted Orbs, or the coveted Mirror of Kalandra, are commonly used for trading items between players, and others, more elusive in nature, play a more specialized role in your Path of Exile experience. 

There are PoE orbs that can upgrade your item to a random rarity, grant a passive skill refund point, or add a random affix to your gear. A Chromatic Orb possesses the power to re-roll the color of sockets on your character’s equipment, and an Instilling Orb can enhance your utility flasks with random enchantments. And these are just a glimpse into the myriad currencies the game has in store. The intricate PoE currency system boasts a multitude of currency items, each having its own distinct effect and value. Yet, despite such diversity, they all share a common trait — farming them demands a considerable investment of time and effort. Regardless of whether you’re seeking a rarer treasure or something more or less common, gathering enough currency for necessary exchanges and upgrades still requires immense patience and dedication.

How to Buy PoE Currency Without Getting Banned?

While traditional methods like farming from the open world or interacting with the game’s NPCs remain viable options, it’s also possible to buy PoE currency items at the auction house or via direct player-to-player trade. 

To ensure a smooth process of buying currency from other players, there are a few rules to remember. When trading, it’s best to offer rare items in return for the currency you have purchased. Also, it’s important to avoid discussing your transactions while using the in-game chat. If you need to clarify something, reschedule, or communicate in any way, it’s recommended to use other channels like Discord or other messengers. This ensures that your interactions stay within the game’s guidelines and minimizes the risks of your account getting banned for suspicious activity.

If you’re thinking about buying PoE currency from fellow players, it’s wise to be cautious. Stick to trading with people you know and trust to avoid any potential risks. Alternatively, you can use a boosting platform to connect with reliable sellers and quickly accumulate different orbs, scrolls, and other monetary items.

What Is The Best Place to Buy PoE Currency

When it comes to buying PoE currency, selecting a trustworthy and reliable seller is of utmost importance. To ensure a safe and enjoyable experience, consider these short guidelines:

  1. Transparency in Terms and Conditions: Take the time to thoroughly review the seller’s terms and conditions. This step provides valuable insight into their practices, ensuring that you’re aware of the process and potential expectations.
  2. Comprehensive Reviews: Delve into the experiences of other buyers through reviews. Positive feedback and satisfied customers are indicators of a reliable seller.
  3. Fair and Clear Refund Policy: Prioritize sellers who offer safe payment methods and a transparent refund policy. A fair approach in case of unforeseen issues will enhance your confidence in the transaction.
  4. Convenient Delivery: Opt for a seller with a proven track record of fast delivery and customizable trade schedules. A seamless and secure delivery process demonstrates professionalism and reliability.

At WowVendor, we not only tick all the boxes that define a reliable Path of Exile currency seller but also offer an array of additional benefits to ensure a seamless experience for our valued customers. If you’re wondering where to buy cheap PoE currency to craft and enhance your way to the highest tiers of equipment, WowVendor is the right place for you to be. Our team of dedicated professional players is ready to take the burden of the grind off of your shoulders at any time. Say goodbye to sleepless nights scouring maps for the desired items or waiting anxiously at the auction house for the prices to finally go down. With WowVendor, you have the power to purchase whatever you need right now!

With tons of PoE currency for sale at the ready, our pros are equipped to swiftly deliver any quantity you desire directly to your US account. You no longer need to make savings, counting every coin and orb you have to afford the upgrades that your gear desperately needs. Now you can forge the perfect build and prepare to conquer even the most formidable end-game bosses, redefining your gameplay experience on your own terms. All you need to do is pick a boost, and our team will handle the rest.

Discover WowVendor’s Path of Exile Currency Offers

Video games are all about having fun. But sometimes, it all comes down to a tedious routine of grinding and running the same activities all over again. Thankfully, WowVendor can help you handle the more monotonous parts of Path of Exile and get you ready to take on the game’s most enjoyable challenges.

Our PoE currency shop offers a wide range of options for PC, Xbox, and PlayStation accounts, ensuring a secure and valuable purchase experience at the best prices on the market. From Chaos orbs and PoE Exalted orbs to Mirror of Kalandra, our collection includes the most sought-after items, catering to characters across all seven classes, regardless of their levels or realms. You have the freedom to buy PoE orbs and other currencies, without any restrictions based on your current league or the platform you play on.

Here are some of the currency items you can buy to enhance your Path of Exile adventure:

Divine Orbs

In the world of Wraeclast, Divine Orbs stand as one of the true rarities of the game’s currency system, allowing you to re-roll the numeric values of all random modifiers on a chosen item. These orbs play an essential role in high-end crafting, enabling you to boost your skills and refine your gear to perfection. With our service, you can acquire up to 100 Divine orbs, starting at an incredibly accessible package price of just $2. 

Chaos Orbs

Revered as one of the game’s primary currencies, a Chaos Orb possesses remarkable versatility. With its unique capability to re-roll rare item modifiers, this orb empowers you to fine-tune your gear, tailoring attributes to align with your strategies and tactics. Whether you seek to enhance your crafting endeavors or fund your auction purchases, this Path of Exile currency will be an invaluable asset. Through our boosting service, you can access the potency of thousands of Chaos Orbs with ease in under just 12 hours.

Exalted Orbs

PoE Exalted orbs are one of the three orbs that form the cornerstone of currency exchange among players within Path of Exile. Versatile and powerful, these orbs can add significant value to your rare equipment by enhancing it with random affixes. Our package deals grant you access to this PoE currency at astonishingly low prices, starting at around only $0.25 per Exalted Orb, with no grind at all!

Mirror of Kalandra

Despite being a basic Path of Exile currency, Mirror of Kalandra is an exceedingly rare and prized possession. This coveted item wields the power to create an exact copy of a non-unique item, presenting an unparalleled opportunity to enhance your collection. Consumed upon use, Mirror of Kalandra is a precious resource best reserved exclusively for duplicating the most potent and formidable items that the game has to offer. With WowVendor, you buy Path of Exile Mirror of Kalandra and get it delivered in less than 24 hours without spending a second of your time on the grind.

Fracturing Orbs

Fracturing Orbs is a PoE currency of unparalleled power, capable of fracturing a rare item with 4+ modifiers. As an endgame currency, Fracturing Orbs play an integral role in high-end crafting, enabling you to transform your gear into powerful artifacts. With WowVendor, you don’t need to grind the formidable Harbingers to get these orbs — you can simply order the needed amount and enjoy your crafts with no effort or time investment at all. 

Ancient Orbs

Very rare and extremely powerful, an Ancient orb boasts the ability to reforge a unique item, transforming it into another of the same item class. WowVendor allows you to unlock this item’s true potential to reshape your collection, giving you the opportunity to acquire up to 1000 Ancient orbs with fast delivery in under 36 hours.

Our array of offers goes beyond these examples, providing a wide selection of PoE currency options tailored to your needs. As you embark on your journey to mastery within Path of Exile, WowVendor is here to be your steadfast partner, providing you with the means necessary to reach your full potential.

Why Choose WowVendor for Your PoE Currency Needs?

WowVendor is a company that provides boosts, carries, and coaching services in online games. Simply put, we connect busy gamers like yourself with real pro ones, so you can get what you need at a great price, all the while keeping your money and gaming accounts safe. By choosing us as your boosting service provider, you wisely invest in your gaming progress and do so without any risks whatsoever. 

Here at WowVendor, we are all about customer safety, satisfaction, and choice. That’s why all our customers are entitled to only top-quality service provided at the most affordable price and by the highest security standards. Here’s what we are proud to offer to everyone who comes to buy Path of Exile currency or any other service on our website:

Top-Notch Security

Buying PoE orbs and other currency items from WowVendor does not put your account and personal data at any risk. Ensuring fast and secure transactions, we take all necessary steps to guarantee 100% account safety and prevent you from getting banned or flagged for potential cheating. With WowVendor, you have the flexibility to select the payment method that suits you best and enjoy your boosting journey without any concerns.

Fair Prices

We make every effort to offer the cheapest PoE currency on the market, keeping our prices as low as possible to ensure you can obtain the necessary resources without breaking the bank. We never overprice our services, making boosting accessible to all gamers. Moreover, our discount system lets you save even more by purchasing boosts in bundles!

Fast Delivery

Unless you have a custom-tailored order with exceptionally large amounts of currency, our sellers typically possess an ample supply of items available for trading. This ensures that additional farming is unnecessary, as we generally have plenty of currency on hand, able to provide almost instant delivery for most orders. Depending on the purchased amount, you can start upgrading your character and enjoying your newfound riches in a matter of mere hours!

Experienced Boosters

At WowVendor, we carefully vet and regularly review all of our pros to make sure you get the best service with no risks involved. All our Path of Exile boosters are experienced veteran gamers who can easily take on any in-game challenge and succeed where others would fail. Whatever task lies ahead, our pros rely only on their talent and skill and never use cheats or bots of any kind, meaning that you always get only top-notch, hand-performed boosting.

Hassle-Free Trade

A whole load of PoE orbs with just a bunch of clicks? That’s exactly what you get when you buy currency at WowVendor! You simply log into the game at a scheduled time, wait for our booster to send you a party invitation, and then get your Path of Exile currency in exchange for any useless rare item you have in your inventory. And that’s it!

The exchange is handled strictly by the PoE currency trading rules, so you don’t need to worry about getting banned for illegal activity. There are, however, a few tiny nuances with the in-game chat. But that’s simply a precaution and doesn’t require any effort from your side at all. Your WowVendor sales manager will tell you everything you need to know about the trade, and our Customer Team will be online 24/7 to address any other questions that may occur.


We know how hard it is to find a service that meets all your needs. That’s why our currency boost collection has all the options you could ask for. You’re free to buy PoE currency on PC or treat yourself to a bunch of Chaos orbs for your PlayStation character. A wide range of options is available for currency types and amounts, and our trades are always scheduled for the most convenient time for you.

Custom Deals

If what you’re looking for is not on our list of offers, you can always contact our Customer Team by clicking the chat portal in the bottom right corner of the site. Need more PoE currency than our standard options offer? Or you’re after something unique that we don’t currently have on sale? Just let us know in the chat! As long as getting what you want is technically possible and we have a pro qualified enough to pull it off, we’ll be more than happy to set up a custom order. Helping you achieve your in-game goals is our top priority, and we’ll do our best to make it happen.

Whether you seek to buy Path of Exile orbs or planning to enrich your inventory with some other PoE currency item, one boost and less than a day is all it takes to enjoy limitless upgrades and top-tier equipment. So, if you want to skip the farm, just select one of our many offers, and start raking in those resources today!

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Fantastic Good team everything is perfect 😊👍 the best ever 😁❤️
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Had trouble with Cyclone boss, but otherwise it ran very well. Got 5 pieces of gear and 1 upgrade from Parting glass vendor.
Raid rules.
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Super Duper A+++
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We run so easy crotas end it was awsome to play with them. Just take youre time for waiting to start theyre realy hard working.
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Smooth and easy run of a awakened heroic Vault
Incredibly efficient
Incredibly efficient. Superb comms and delivered as promised. Never let me down would recommend.
Good service just takes a while
Good service just takes a while
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They pretty much completed everything within 2 weeks which for the three days orders I placed was awesome. Great service as always.
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Very good job guys 👍 definitely coming back 😁
Amazing service PANTHEON
Amazing service! Had my doubts at the beginning if it was truly legit and trustworthy and they totally are! I had the stream package so I could watch whats happening and they obliterated every encounter only took them 45 minutes with the platinum score! Will surely use again when work prevents me from playing much!
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Great run! Highly recommend.
Flawless as always
Flawless as always. Great customer service! The Best services I ever dealt with.
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Excellent job!! I would have never gotten it done by myself I recommend for anybody who needs a little help
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Great team easy and well executed
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Great communication and was able to work with my varying schedule. Run was quick and efficient as always.
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On time and always deliver! As always great service for great price. Communication is great for the run. Fast and efficient too
Great! Nice and easy
Another fast and efficient run. Thanks
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Same as always good communication. Everything done quick and smooth very Happy. Thanks

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