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Path of Exile is an exciting RPG that has become a true classic over the years for some players and a mind-blowing discovery for many others. The game offers a unique free-to-play experience that goes beyond what other F2P role-playing installments provide. Created by dedicated enthusiasts for like-minded players, Path of Exile is the ultimate good-old RPG with all the underlying attributes and elements of both challenge and excitement intertwined in the dark fantasy realms. 

PoE offers an incredibly immersive experience that can keep you hooked for days on end. The game’s rich content is both a playground and a puzzle, inviting you to spend time and effort to uncover its depths. And while navigating the treacherous world of Wraeclast brings tons of fun, sometimes the challenge becomes too tough and the quest to get all the treasures and achievements you desire turns into a painful grind.

To assist you in your journey from a starting-out adventurer to a Path of Exile ace, WowVendor offers a range of PoE boosting services that will make obtaining the rarest gear, hard-to-get rewards, desired perks, and all the experience and loot you need a piece of cake.

Pick From a Range of PoE Boost and Carry Options at WowVendor

WowVendor is an established provider of online boosts for the broadest range of popular games. We have a strong community of satisfied customers and a unique pool of veteran players that will make the best PoE game assistants you could ask for. 

A dedicated team of professional boosters is assembled exclusively for you, ensuring an incredibly satisfying, engaging, and fruitful gaming experience. Whether you’re leveling a new character or seeking to obtain league rewards, our PoE boosting experts are here to elevate your journey to new heights.

PoE Boosting for Every Type of Player at WowVendor

PoE carry services and boosts available at WowVendor are designed to cater to a variety of players. 

Casual player? If you’d love to enjoy the thrill of the game and have a more meaningful journey without the tedious grinding and farming, our professional players are here to help. Forget about the burdensome routine and time-consuming tasks. Buy Path of Exile services from us and get all the rarest items and skills with no effort at all.

Hardcore veteran? For true Path of Exile devotees who seek ultimate challenges and can play the game for hours on end, we offer various services to enhance your gaming experiences to the fullest. Select the PoE boost that aligns with your objectives and optimize your character progress with unmatched efficiency, all at the most competitive prices on the market.

Whether you’re a casual gamer looking to skip the tedious grind or a dedicated enthusiast ready to get the most out of the endgame content, our services have you covered. 

So, how exactly can you get boosted in PoE? With WowVendor, the possibilities are vast:

Power Leveling

Wondering where to level up PoE characters swiftly and effortlessly? Look no further! WowVendor offers customized leveling services to advance your character’s prowess without the hassle.

Currency Farm

With our farming service, you can obtain a wide range of Path of Exile currencies, from essential Chaos Orbs to rare endgame items. Any quantity you require will be farmed within 48 hours. 


Our gearing service is the ultimate solution to boost your character and gear up for new content, ensuring you can obtain any item you need for your victorious adventure.

League Challenges

With WowVendor’s league challenges PoE boosts, you can easily conquer new leagues, reap valuable rewards, and showcase your in-game expertise and skills.

Campaign Completion

We’ll complete the whole campaign for you or take on specific missions to ensure a seamless journey through the game.

Boss Defeats

You can buy PoE boosting services to defeat any of the game’s bosses, including the formidable Uber foes. Dive into thrilling endgame activities, conquer mighty adversaries, and emerge victorious with our assistance by your side.

At WowVendor, we offer two distinctive options for PoE boosting services: piloted and self-played. A piloted service involves account sharing and does not require your participation. One of our experts just logs in to your PoE account and plays on your character to deliver the desired results. You can watch their performance in real time via a private Twitch streaming channel. When you order self-played PoE carry services, you are paired with an expert booster from our pool of experienced Path of Exile specialists to carry you through the challenges and help you achieve your goals. 

Custom PoE Services Available Through 24/7 Support

If you wish to add something extra or tweak and customize any available Path of Exile boosting service, you can contact our 24/7 Customer Support team and make your requests. We will provide the most comfortable boosting experience individually, tailoring PoE services to your specific playing style and other gameplay specifics. 

Top-Notch Security and Excellent Results Are Guaranteed

We ensure your complete protection and anonymity during our account-sharing services by offering a private, VPN-protected connection. Our PoE players are always committed to achieving your desired results. In the rare event that we fall short of your expectations, we’ll extend your Path of Exile boost at no extra cost.

We uphold the highest standards of account security and utilize safe payment systems for your peace of mind. Our pro players provide only genuine manual boosting, never resorting to any cheats or game engine tricks to achieve your specific objectives.

It’s Time to Ace the Game with WowVendor

Leave everybody on your server behind and get the most fun and rewards without going far or spending much. Buy PoE boost services today to effortlessly attain your goals and start playing the game the way you want. Take your pick now to go through your path of exile like a true champion!

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Very good!
Very good! I got in few hours.
Excellent service!!!
Excellent service!!!
Team was quick and cleaned house!
Team was quick and cleaned house!
Der Service (Glory Competitive…
Der Service (Glory Competitive Placement Matches Boost) wurde sehr schnell ausgeführt. Das Team hat die beschriebene Aufgabe perfekt erfüllt 👍
Response time
Did good work just a tad bit slow on updating the customer with status reports when requested I know that the workers can’t respond to us but their should be a way to get information
Awak-Myth-Rashok. This fight is no joke. I needed a team that would persevere and stick with it until he was down. WV is the only place you will find this. The tuning on this fight is pretty severe and mechanics are other worldly. The WV Mythic raid team is the only place out there with this capability.
Can’t give this order enough stars
Can’t give this order enough stars. They communicated with and scheduled me on runs for over a year across multiple alts for the skin I wanted to farm until it finally dropped. Always courteous and experienced. Not my first order, and definitely won’t be my last order. The most trustworthy service I know.
Great experience
Great experience! The service was completed in a professional and timely manner, exceeded all expectations!
They have always done a great job for…
They have always done a great job for me.
Complexity of the new raid…
Based on the complexity of the new raid it's understandable that the team was delayed in their processing of my order. I am grateful that they were able to get it done.
Solid run
Solid run, made it look easy
super helpful and detailed
super helpful and detailed. LOVED my experience
Fast, Efficient, Service
I enjoy how quickly things get done and in a professional manner.
Amazing team and support
Amazing team and support
It was a great time!
It was a great time!
excellent service as usual
excellent service as usual! finally got my awakened hero achieve and mount tonight with their help! there was one wipe, but the raid recollected themselves and finished the rest with no problem.
Great raid run!
Great raid run!
Excellent Service
Very approachable staff! They're very willing to work with you so long as you communicate with them your needs! The groups are very good and quick! Highly recommend!
Easy and fast run
Easy and fast run
Smooth navigations
With there services I am able to smoothly navigate thru the new expansion and more. Awesome
Excellent Service
Thank you very much for your hard work.
Best boosting service
These guys are good!
fast and fun
fast and fun
100% reliable and trustworthy
In-game deliveries always made on time. Also used char service (giving acct access) with complete success. 100% reliable & trustworthy.

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