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It was a great learning experience and…
It was a great learning experience and I learned quit a bit about game play and how to be a better player. I t was well worth the price for such invaluable information and the rewards that came along with it.
Fast & Easy
Fast & Easy, no hassle
Delivered exactly what they promised…
Delivered exactly what they promised professionally, efficiently, and with no fuss at all. Can't ask for anything more than that.
Dungeons, Tanks, and Trinkets, Oh my!
Wow! Another smooth run. I've run with these same players before, and as usual, they completely dominated the dungeon. Smooth, fun, and I even got a little trinket!
Great Service, friendly and fast
Mythic +
This was my first Mythic + purchase this season. Not a big fan of adding boosters of your armor type for extra cost. Don’t know why they changed it from last season except for extra revenue but hey business is business. Purchased a 4x +8 bulk deal and they up every key. No loot like in the past but they are still great.
Perfect as always
They always deliver😃😃😃
Smooth as silk!
Had a very SMOOTH +10 run. The run began shortly after placing my order. Everything was executed perfectly. I even got traded a really great upgrade for my character.
Customer service great
Customer service great
So I haven’t had a bad experience yet
So I haven’t had a bad experience yet. They will work with you as far a schedule. If you have to jump off for any reason they will take care of you. Fast runs.
As usual I can count on them and they…
As usual I can count on them and they are amazing! Thank you so much!
The customer service here is top-notch
The customer service here is top-notch. They were incredibly responsive to my inquiries, providing detailed information about their process and answering all my questions with patience and clarity. The team is knowledgeable, friendly, and genuinely eager to help.
4X M+10
4X M+10, went off without a hitch. Great runs.
Power :)
good day, I would like to thank you very much for this job, I am very satisfied and can only recommend you.. thank you, greetings from Switzerland
Always a pleasure to deal with WowVendor. Service is always top notch and exactly as described!
Professionally run group and was…
Professionally run group and was smooth, good communication
You cant beat this service!
What more needs to be said. Prompt and reliable as always. Will continue to use service.
Great experience and made very easy!
Great experience and made very easy!
Pantheon Nezarec Sublime Boost
Excellent service as always as usual I am enjoying my purchase.
An amazing team, highly optimized and knowledgeable!
Delivered the goods
Delivered the goods. Was fast and easy.
Great service
Great service! Quick and clean!
Raid made easy
Raid made easy with awesome boosters services and Bonus loot always good. Thanks again to boosters

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Cataclysm Classic Boosting Services

Our boosts will get your character a desired level cap, item level, content clear, and more in Cataclysm Classic. If there is a character progression milestone in the game, we at WowVendor will help you reach it.


Can you buy a WoW Cataclysm Classic boost?

Yes, you can buy a boost for WoW Cataclysm Classic. Many provide such services, but if you want fast, secure, easy, and customizable boost plans, you need to pay attention to the following points:
• Reliable boosters. Some can use boosting as a pretense to steal your money without delivering the service. Services with positive reviews on Trustpilot and a long history of providing such services tend to be trustworthy.
• Professional carries. Depending on the type of boost, you may require highly skilled players. Some may call themselves pro players but don’t have the skill to back up such a claim. So do your research and make sure your boosters are veteran players with adept experience.
• Customer service. Make sure boosters allow you to schedule your boost, when and how you, the customer, want it. When a booster provides such customer service, this means they take pride in their work and want to deliver the best results.
• No cheating. Some may try to use cheats and third-party tools to deliver their boosts. Exploiting those can lead to dire consequences such as bans and account loss. Avoid getting carried by such personages, as the risks are not worth it.

Does Cataclysm Classic boost boosts professions?

Yes, at WowVendor, we offer boosts for professions as well. Our options include leveling them from 1 to 525, or from WotLK’s limit to Cataclysm’s new cap (from 450 to 525).

How does Cataclysm Classic boosting work?

There is no such thing as an official Cataclysm Classic boost. But we at WowVendor provide various safe and fast carry offers. After selecting the required services and options, we specify the details of your order, such as time and preferences. At the appointed time the boost will start. Depending on the options chosen, you may participate in the boost or AFK, or watch the process over a livestream. When your order is finished, you will receive a notification so you can check the results. During the whole process, 24/7 customer support is available.

What is the point of Cataclysm Classic boosting?

Boosting in Cataclysm allows you to free precious time while achieving progression milestones. We can prepare your characters for big raids, complete endgame content easily, reach the level cap, boost professions on your main or alts, all these and much more can be done. Let’s save your time and effort, and start focusing on enjoying the game’s content without getting bogged down in the farming and grinding for your basic needs in World of Warcraft.

What changes in Cata Classic?

Cataclysm Classic is known as a big revamp of WoW Vanilla content and some of the core systems. A new level cap, Archeology profession, talent systems rework, class specializations, races, gear stats, transmog and much more arrive in Cataclysm.
But some things that were added in the original release of Cataclysm will be different in the Classic version. For example, hunter pets will remain functioning as they are currently in WotLK, with future updates planned after release.
Guild Perks, as a system, won’t be in Classic. Most of the perks will be added to playable characters from the start, while the others — after joining any Guild. However, as the Guild level system is no more, Have Group, Will Travel, Cash Flow, and Mass Resurrection won’t make it to the game this time.
Void Storage won’t be in Cataclysm Classic either. It was often used to keep collectibles and transmog items in it. But as these will receive their own features, such as account-wide Transmogrification, there is no need to add Void Storage in the game.

What Is Cataclysm Classic Boosting

WoW Cataclysm Classic boosting is the fastest way to get what you need to maximize your enjoyment in Azeroth. Instead of grappling with daunting in-game challenges, spending endless hours conquering raids, and dungeons, leveling characters to 85, or grinding for rare gear, such as the legendary Fangs of the Father, Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa’s Rest, and mounts, such as Volcanic Stone Drake and Drake of the East Wind, why not streamline your journey? With WoW Cataclysm Classic boost, you can swiftly attain your desired goals and more, ensuring maximum enjoyment in the World of Warcraft universe.

Why You Need Cata Classic Boosting Services

Boosting allows you to skip all the unpleasant parts of various activities, saving precious time to do something fun. Leveling your character is long and monotonous, but without reaching the level cap, you won’t be able to access the high-end dungeons and raids, such as Zul’Aman, Well of Eternity, or Dragon Soul. And once you do, you’ll have to put up with inexperienced players who can’t even execute the easiest mechanics, leading to frustrating wipes. As for professions, leveling them, especially from scratch is a dull and repetitive task, yet crucial for engaging in the game’s economy and amassing wealth.
These examples highlight just a few reasons why a Cataclysm Classic boosting service is essential. Numerous other aspects of the game also demand extensive time and effort, resources not everyone possesses. With real-life responsibilities vying for your attention, dedicating countless hours to game grinding becomes challenging. Why endure the struggle when you can effortlessly attain your goals with just a few clicks?
Boosting provides you with an alternative way to spare yourself from the hassle. With our professional help, you can easily achieve any heights in WoW Cataclysm Classic.

Cataclysm Classic Boost Offers on WowVendor

Our services cover various aspects of World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Classic, such as:
• Leveling. A variety of flexible plans to help a character of your choice reach the cap in no time. Be it a main or an alt, we can quickly powerlevel anyone. And customizable features help us tailor the whole process to your liking,
• Gearing. Whether you’re seeking PvP or PvE gear, we’ve got you covered with sets of your required item level. From Normal to Heroic, Pre-Raid, Heirloom, or the prestigious Tabard of Full Force — we’re equipped to deliver precisely what you need.
• Raids. Clear any raid introduced in WoW: Cataclysm Classic. Such offers are a great opportunity to save yourself from playing with unskilled randoms. Be it Baradin Hold, Blackwing Descent, Throne of the Four Winds, Firelands, or the legendary Dragon Soul — any raid can be completed quickly and easily with our professionals.
• Dungeons. Similar to raids, these offers allow you to clear any dungeon of your choice, on either Normal or Heroic difficulty. Getting a competent team can be a struggle, so treat yourself to the company of professional gamers.
• PvP. Boosts in this category aimed to help you get all the numerous rewards, locked behind player vs. player content. PvP rankings in both Arenas and Battlegrounds up to 1800 rankings, Honour and Arena points farm, you name it. Or, if you want to be better at PvP, we can provide coaching sessions with true professionals.
• Professions. A couple of plans for those who want to engage in the game’s economy, or just be self-sufficient. Be it Herbalism or Tailoring, we can boost any chosen profession to the cap. And don’t forget the new Archeology profession! Options include leveling from the start or from the WotLK cap (450).
• Reputations. Numerous factions all over Azeroth and beyond, such as Gilneas City, Guardians of Hyjal, The Earthen Ring, etc. provide various goods to adventurers, but only if they prove themselves an ally to the faction. Reputation grind never was fun, but sometimes you have to do it for rewards, especially if you’re looking to add Reins of the Spectral Wolf or Reins of the Drake of the West Wind to your mount collection. And don’t forget about the Transmogs!
By choosing our boosts you’ll receive a 100% guarantee of delivery of your chosen service. So what are you waiting for? Leave the grind for us and start having fun!

Why Choose WowVendor for Your Cataclysm Classic Carries

WowVendor provides fast, safe, secure, and guaranteed carries, with over 28,000 thousands of satisfied customers. Our goal is to deliver you, our customer, the best service as fast as possible. Our team consists of professional, trusted players, whose backgrounds we check ourselves. We do not use any prohibited third-party tools or programs that can compromise the security of your account. And for added peace of mind, if you’re ever dissatisfied with our service, we offer round-the-clock live support, an array of customer service options tailored to meet your needs, and a money-back guarantee to ensure your satisfaction.

Online support 24/7

  • Average response time is under 5 minutes
  • Multilingual customer support
  • Professional, friendly, and non-toxic communication