Cataclysm Classic Professions

WowVendor Cataclysm Professions Boosting Service

We at WowVendor provide a safe and easy way to max out your professions with our Cataclysm Classic profession leveling service. We offer to quickly power-level the following professions:
• Archaeology
• Alchemy
• Blacksmithing
• Enchanting
• Engineering
• Herbalism
• Inscription
• Jewelcrafting
• Leatherworking
• Mining
• Skinning
• Tailoring
• Cooking
• First Aid
• Fishing

All Cataclysm Classic professions carries are available on both US and EU servers. You can expect your order to be completely delivered in one to two weeks. Options include leveling from start to level cap (1 to 525) or from WotLK cap to new max (450 to 525).
Another offer is farming for specific epic items through Archaeology. Our professionals will do the digging, while all you have to do is relax and wait for awesome rewards.
So what are you waiting for? Get yourself a WowVendor Cataclysm professions carry and max out your professions in no time!

What our customers say

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Quick reliable service
Quick reliable service. Friendly boosters. Some other sights take forever to form groups after getting invite it was a breeze.
Great sherpa
Great sherpa, great communication.
Worth it.
The group had a few bad pulls, but worth the run in the end.
Run with confidence
Always a solid run.
Amazing service and fast paced.
Amazing service and fast paced.
Fast and Neat
Fast and Neat! Once again WV delivers what they promise. I Use this service to supplement guild runs that don't happen and to gear my alts. Can't beat them.
Fast and reliable
Fast and reliable
bought both a raid carry and a gold…
bought both a raid carry and a gold bundle raid was done fast and easy and the gold arrived in just over a day
Got me through the difficult last…
Got me through the difficult last mission quickly and easily. Highly recommended
Fast and Efficient
The team always delivers with fast and efficient runs. I appreciate it so much.
Fast and easy
Fast and easy
10/10 as always
Can always trust these people to come through for me. Want a boss killed done in less then 1 minute
Fast, easy, and informative.
Heroic Raid got 6 items
1 was very useful, 1 was a help. Others were good for resources. Survive 1/2 the bosses, nearly survived 2 bosses, the rest I need to work on :)
excellent carry
excellent carry
amazing service!
second time purchasing from wowvendor, this time for all 3 raids awakened carry. love the customer service. very kind, professional, and worked with me when i had issues and also very fast response time. runs were quick, smooth, and easy. 10/10 i can't recommend enough!! thanks again :)
Quick easy drama free Raid run
Raid started on time completed in a fun timely manner without drama
Awesome fast service
Awesome fast service. Fast friendly customer service
Good service.
The run was pretty simple and fast.
Very smooth run and great…
Very smooth run and great communication! Thank you so much!
Patience is key
Boosters are and have so much patience when doing higher end Mythics and Raids. Very professional service.
Great boosters
Great boosters
I was really surprised at how many new…
I was really surprised at how many new items I got on this run. It was a great helped to improve my rank. Great job keep it up.
speed and service
speed and service, like a walk in the park

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