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10000 GOLD

WoW Burning Crusade Chest with Gold

+500 FREE



15000 GOLD

+1500 FREE



25000 GOLD

+3000 FREE



40000 GOLD

By buying one of the packs in this service you will get the desired amount of WoW gold on your Cataclysm Classic server. The gold will be sent to you via in-game mail.

Gold farming is a tedious process by itself, yet the lack of variety of methods in Сlassic era WoW games makes it even more unappealing. A fully leveled profession could help you sustain yourself but won’t make your gameplay truly comfortable. Furthermore, a mob-grind is not something that every class can successfully perform.

However, with a solid bag of gold, you can get your flasks and food for your raid runs, get raid BoEs from the AH, reserve a sought-after item in a GDKP run, brute force your way through a profession, and finally get that 310% speed mount.

WowVendor offers a unique gold-buying experience, where it doesn’t matter what server or faction you play. The currency is sent to you via in-game mail, so you don’t have to pick a time to trade face-to-face. All packs contain hand-farmed gold from a team of PRO players, making the purchase 100% safe.

Frequently Asked Questions 4

What is the maximum gold limit in WoW Cataclysm?

The maximum gold limit in Classic Cataclysm is 999.999 gold. We offer a decent stock on all popular Blizzard servers in order to deliver gold swiftly to Cataclysm players.

Is WowVendor WoW gold safe for buying WoW classic gold?

Overall, WowVendor’s Cata classic Gold program is safe, as we’ve created a system to sell gold without a middleman. This means that you can purchase safely and reliably from our gamers with the peace of mind that you won’t get scammed or banned by Blizzard. Keep in mind that your purchase will be covered by PayPal’s buyers protection program.

Where can I acquire the cheapest prices for WoW Classic Cata Gold?

You can obtain WoW Classic Cataclysm Gold from reliable sellers at WowVendor. Be sure to choose the desired gold package that will improve your Azeroth classic experience. We offer over 1.000.000 wow wotlk gold in stock on all popular Wotlk classic servers. Low-population servers are also covered: message our customer service for more info on the delivery time.

What are the most efficient methods for obtaining gold in Cataclysm?

Efficient gold making methods in the Cataclysm would include questing, mob farming, and GDKP Raid runs. These activities provide a steady income of gold, allowing you to accumulate fair wealth over time.

Questing is a staple method of earning gold in Cata. Not only does it provide a reasonable amount of Cataclysm classic gold, but it also allows for character leveling and looting. Yet, the task may feel repetitive and monotonous over time, creating a grind-like experience. Moreover, some quests can be difficult to complete solo, requiring team effort. Here, you may encounter the first issue: toxic players. They can make your gaming experience less enjoyable, hinder your progress, and dampen your enthusiasm for the Cataclysm classic.

Mob grinding is another popular method of world of warcraft gold accumulation. It involves repeatedly killing enemies, often in specific areas, to gain loot that can be sold for gold. However, this method requires a lot of time and dedication, especially when it comes to finding the best place for farming. The repetitiveness of killing the same mobs over and over can become a tedious task for many. Additionally, competition for these prime farming spots can be fierce, leading to conflicts with other players in world of warcraft classic.

GDKP Raid runs, short for “Gold-DKP”, are an intriguing method, rarely seen on Retail WoW. In this system, you participate in a raid where loot is auctioned off to the highest bidder, with the gold being split amongst the raid participants. This method can provide high amounts of gold but requires decent skills and a deep understanding of the game’s mechanics. Here, too, players can encounter toxic behavior as individuals may sabotage runs or manipulate the bidding to their advantage.


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These folks are actually very legit
These folks are actually very legit and everything felt incredibly professional. I don't really have friends that I play WoW with and each season I miss out on experiencing the raids and mythic dungeons. I always fall behind and its unmotivating at times to keep playing. This season I finally decided to give these guys a try and I'm glad I did. It kinda felt like "paid friendship" but what can you do lol. I tried an Awakened Heroic Raid and the bulk order of 4x Mythic 8 dungeon runs. All of the above happened fast. These guys blasted through the raid and I didn't even have to worry about mechanics. When it came to the mythic, they never let me die and were very helpful in showing the paths and took care of the boss fights. It almost makes you feel useless haha. But it was fun to join in and see the fights and mechanics. I didn't really purchase these to "cheat" or feel like I needed to be better than everyone. I simply just wanted to see what the end-game really felt like and they made it easy and fun. I'll most likely do this once or twice every season. For anyone worried or wondering about gear: I did not purchase any package upgrades. Out of the Awakened Heroic Raid I got 3 pieces that were 506+ iLvl. Then during the 4x M+8 runs I didn't successfully loot anything but the runners were so chill that they gave me every plate item that dropped and I walked away with 5 more pieces. So all in all I got to experience stuff I normally wouldn't and I took my iLvL from 478 to 502 in a day. Solid experience.