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Very knowledgeable group at WowVendor.
Couldn't ask for a better group of boosters at this place. They know what to do and get it done quickly. I have used them before and have never been disappointed.
Run went smooth and price was fair
Run went smooth and price was fair
Amirdrassil, the Dream’s Hope Heroic
Once again, thanks for the flawless Heroic run.
Exactly what you'd expect
Every time, the experience is what you'd expect it to be.
Excellent service excellent price…
Excellent service excellent price excellent run five star customer service simply brilliant
Quick and on time
Quick and on time. Thank you
As always
As always. They come through and I get what I ordered. Never any problems. Awesome group of people.
Great service
Great service. Easy to set-up. Straightforward. Will use service again!
Much good
Much good?!
Excellent service!
Excellent service, super quickly I got a trials carry in less than a hour. Definitely I recommend the service.
No matter what the skill level of the game, they make it happen for you.
Like that it was fast. They explained if I needed to wait or I could continue to be involved. Not caring on how many times I died to the content.
Really good just straight to the point…
Really good just straight to the point amazing service and great prices
it was amazingly fast!!
it was amazingly fast, higly reccomended👍
I have been using these guys services…
I have been using these guys services for so long I can’t even remember when I started. I even started doing account sharing in the last year and have had zero issues. These guys are fantastic.
Great customer service
Great customer service. I used this service before, and they are legit. I asked for recommendations on how to save money and were kind enough to give me coupons which was nice. Service is quite fair and would recommend this site to any of their features. Thanks again Wowvendor!!!
Super fast and super easy
Super fast and super easy. I wish all transactions went as easily.
These guys were great it took a minute…
These guys were great it took a minute because of my connection issues and these guys were patient and got me through it!
Quick Response and Clean Run!!
Quick Response and Clean Run!! Professional team members and all around quick and easy run!!
Best service
Best service. Very fast. Would buy again.
Solo dungeon
Completed a dungeon solo for me after hours of failing on the final boss and giving up. Fast responses, amazing service
Good Time During Raid and Dungeon
The teams that I was a part of were patient and very knowledgeable about the events that I scheduled. Would recommend them to anyone.
Fast reliable delivery as usual
Fast reliable delivery as usual. These people are the best!
Great Communication Speedy Delivery
Great communication speedy delivery and continued support. I am a multiple time repeat customer. I have always had a pleasant experience with this service.
Excellent service
Excellent service, excellent communication and done quickly.

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Looking to take your Destiny 2 experience to the next level? Seeking fast power-ups and top-tier weapons? Or maybe you’re on the lookout for a skilled team to conquer co-op content? Well, look no further — welcome to WowVendor Destiny 2 boosting service! Right here is where you can attain such goodies as the Wish-Keeper Exotic bow, Buried Bloodline sidearm, Divinity trace rifle, Necrochasm Exotic auto rifle, the new seasonal Wyrmguard armor, and much more.

The finest rewards and effortless completions are just a click away!

What Is Destiny 2 Boosting

Destiny 2 boosting services are professional gaming supports provided by experienced Destiny 2 pro players. These services are designed to help gamers effortlessly accomplish their desired in-game objectives.

Beyond mere efficiency, Destiny 2 boosting opens the door for you to get premium rewards and achievements that might be too challenging to get on your own. By joining forces with veteran players, you can team up for epic adventures, sharpen your gaming skills, and transform your Destiny 2 sessions into something truly extraordinary. 

WowVendor Destiny 2 Boost Options

At WowVendor, we’ve got a plethora of different services covering all the core activities and items in the game. From Iron Banner victories to Exotic quests and power level boosts, our diverse range of Destiny 2 services ensures there’s something for every player’s taste.

Here’s a glimpse at our best Destiny 2 offerings:  


Destiny 2 raids are one of the most challenging end-game activities, demanding unparalleled skill, powerful gear, and a well-knit dedicated team. We offer services for all 8 raids currently available in the game: Crota’s End, Root of Nightmares, King’s Fall, Vow of the Disciple, Vault of Glass, Deep Stone Crypt, Garden of Salvation, and Last Wish. You can choose any difficulty level and opt for a full raid run or customize your experience by focusing solely on the final bosses.

Weapon Farming

A fan of sniper rifles? Or do you prefer the thrill of getting up close with shotguns? Maybe you enjoy melting enemies with SMGs? At WowVendor, we’ve got boosts to suit every player: from Legendary and Exotic weapons to Adept and Deepsight guns, along with catalysts and masterworks. Dead Messenger, Gjallarhorn, Wish-Ender, Ace of Spades, Avalanche, and dozens of other awesome pieces — all within your grasp without breaking a sweat. All you need to do is choose the boost that fits your style, and you’ll be wielding any weapon you want in no time.

Power Leveling

Eager to dive into the endgame, but your Guardian is still not powerful enough? We can take you to your desired level so swiftly that you won’t even notice. Depending on the current state of your character, the power leveling boost can take anywhere from a couple of days to just a few hours!

Seasonal Activities & Items

Season of the Wish is in full swing, offering players a ton of fresh loot and exciting new activities. With our Destiny 2 services, you can get the most out of the season and bolster your arsenal with top-notch weapons and armor.

Looking to farm The Coil roguelike activity for loot chests, materials, and weapon drops? Need help grinding the full Wyrmguard Armor set for your character? Or want to tackle the Starcrossed Exotic Mission to add the stunning Wish-Keeper Exotic Strand bow to your collection? Whatever your Season of the Wish goals, we’ve got you covered. Let us enhance your seasonal experience and ensure you’re geared up for the challenges that lie ahead.


Dungeons are one of the most beloved PvE activities for players, offering challenges and rewards that are truly worth your while. From the new Warlord’s Ruin instance to older gems like The Shattered Throne and Pit of Heresy, WowVendor is your go-to partner for mastering Destiny 2 dungeons. Whether you’re seeking the thrill of conquering new dungeons or revisiting classic ones, our boosting services are here to make your runs smoother and more rewarding than ever.


Solo-friendly yet challenging, Nightfalls are an excellent way to earn rewards and level up your character without spending hours on end. However, farming the same missions can be tedious and time-consuming, making it much easier to order a boost and hire professional players who will do all the grinding for you. For even cooler rewards, you can opt for our Grandmaster Nightfall boost to snag top-tier Adept weapons like Loaded Question, BrayTech Osprey, Uzume RR4, Warden’s Law, and more. Let us handle the grind so you can focus on enjoying the best that Nightfalls have to offer!

Trials of Osiris

Trials of Osiris stands as the pinnacle of PvP, a source of Adept weapons and stylish armor. Our professional PvP boosters can ensure a Flawless Trials run with 7 victories on your ticket, securing access to the coveted Lighthouse chest. Numerous additional options allow you to choose completions on various Passages, earn Guardian of the Lighthouse triumph, and much more. Whether you’re aiming for flawless victories or specific weapons and gear, our Trials of Osiris boosting services are here to meet all your needs.

Package Deals

Looking for an all-in-one solution to boost your Destiny 2 experience? WowVendor offers exclusive package deals designed to cover a variety of in-game activities.

Explore the raid packages and conquer 7 raids in one seamless adventure. Discover dungeon bundles for a thrilling dungeon experience. Weapon bundles help you farm several activity-related weapons in one go or assemble a top-tier loadout with Exotic PvP and PvE options, ensuring you’re equipped for any challenge. Level up your game with the Weekly Pinnacle Package, allowing you to tackle 11 Pinnacle challenges at once to boost your power level, earn Season Pass and Artifact Level XP, and score a plethora of Nightfall and raid gear.

And that’s not all! We have a variety of other fantastic bundles to choose from. Select your preferred package, place your order, and let those rewards roll in!

Custom Services

Have a specific service in mind that doesn’t quite fit the standard packages? No worries! WowVendor is ready to offer custom Destiny 2 carry and boost options tailored to your unique needs. Whether you’re aiming for a specific item, looking to complete a challenging mission, or have a personalized goal in mind, our team of experts is ready to craft a perfect solution just for you. Simply let us know what you need, and we’ll create a custom order designed exclusively for you. Your journey, your goals — customized by WowVendor.

What You Can Get from WowVendor’s Destiny 2 Boost

When choosing WowVendor as your Destiny 2 boosting service provider, you get the flexibility to tailor your experience based on your preferences and playstyle. We offer two main options: Recovery and Sherpa.

Opt for Recovery services if you prefer account sharing — a fully hands-off approach. With Recovery, you can save time and stay completely AFK, while we swiftly secure your rewards. It’s a convenient and efficient way to get the desired results without active gameplay. 

A Sherpa service is a self-play option, perfect for those who want to have a blast alongside our boosters. It’s an excellent way to level up your skills, gain valuable experience, and conquer challenges as a team. Sherpa services provide a more hands-on, collaborative gaming experience.

Additional Options for a Personalized Boost

For all our Sherpa and Recovery services alike, you’re free to enhance your boost further by adding extra options such as Express completion, live stream (if you choose account sharing), additional items, and more. WowVendor’s goal is to make your boost uniquely yours, allowing you to customize the service to meet your specific desires.

Professional Boosting Across All Platforms

Regardless of your gaming platform, WowVendor has professionals ready to provide high-quality service. Whether you’re on PC, Xbox, or PlayStation, we are here to help you conquer challenges and secure the rewards you desire, no matter where you play.

Rewards and Achievements

Just take a look at the amazing rewards and achievements you can obtain by purchasing Destiny 2 services from WowVendor right now:

  • Crota’s End raid completed on the Legend difficulty in 36 hours
  • Reaching the 1810+ Pinnacle Cap 
  • Ghosts of the Deep dungeon completed, with a chance to get The Navigator Exotic trace rifle, Hive-themed Taken King armor, and unique Oceanic Dive equipment
  • Full Lightfall campaign completion
  • 8 Destiny 2 raids completed with 20% off
  • Flawless Trials of Osiris 7-0 runs
  • Warlord’s Ruin dungeon completed on the Master difficulty
  • Destiny Item Manager coaching
  • Dead Messenger Exotic grenade launcher guaranteed
  • Lubrae’s Ruin Legendary glaive guaranteed
  • Best Destiny 2 build for your chosen class and subclass with fully Masterworked armor
  • Vow of the Disciple Seal with the Disciple Slayer title
  • Reaching the Ascendant rank in Destiny 2 Crucible
  • And more!

Want something from this list? Then pick your boost and place your order so we can assign the best pro player for the job and start turning your gaming dream into reality!

Why You Should Get Your Destiny 2 Boost at WowVendor

When you choose WowVendor for your Destiny 2 carry or boost, you’re not just selecting a service; you’re opting for a gaming partner dedicated to your success. Boasting years of experience and a professional team of Destiny 2 pro players since 2014, WowVendor’s services are the most well-liked choices among Guardians for many reasons:

  • Experience: Since 2014, WowVendor has been a leading force in the game-boosting industry, providing boosting services for online games with over 500 pro players ready to assist you in your gaming journey.
  • Expertise: All our experts are legit boosters and seasoned game veterans. No matter what Destiny 2 service you choose, rest assured that it is handled by skilled and experienced players who understand all the game mechanics and nuances.
  • High Level of Customer Satisfaction. 27,000+ 5-star reviews with an average 4.8 Trustpilot rating
  • Secure and Reliable: Industry-standard safety measures, fair loot distribution, no cheats, no bots, and secured piloted boost to keep your account 100% safe. Your account safety is our top priority.
  • Competitive Pricing: WowVendor always offers competitive and affordable prices, so you can be sure to find cheap Destiny 2 carries and boosts on our website while maintaining the highest standards of quality.
  • Full Money-Back Guarantee: If our Destiny 2 boosting service doesn’t meet your expectations.
  • Customizable Options: Tailor your boosting experience with various selectable options.
  • Convenient Schedule: Flexible scheduling with 24/7 availability and a wide range of Destiny 2 boosting services to choose from.
  • Around-the-Clock Support: 24/7 Customer Support team for the best Destiny 2 service guidance and assistance.

Enough with spending your precious time on grinding monotonous activities. It’s time to claim the shiniest rewards and enjoy every bit of your Destiny 2 journey. Choose WowVendor today and let us handle the tedious parts while you focus on what you truly like!

Online support 24/7

  • Average response time is under 5 minutes
  • Multilingual customer support
  • Professional, friendly, and non-toxic communication