Where Is Xur in Destiny 1 — Locations, Loot, April 12-14

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Guardians of the old school are still interested in where is Xur in Destiny 1, because this cunning merchant likes to change his locations.

Key Takeaways

  • You can learn where is Xur today.
  • A complete Xur Destiny 1 FAQ with answers to all your questions!
  • Detailed guide showing all Xur locations in Destiny 1.

Few people know that Destiny 1 is still a live game that can still be played and enjoyed. Despite being significantly different from the sequel in various aspects, there is still something unchanging here — Xur. This mysterious vendor appears at a particular time with helpful loot and likes to change his spawn locations.

We decided it’s best to tell you in detail about Xur in Destiny 1, how to find him at the current week, and where and when he might appear. Sit back comfortably, start-up D1, and it’s time to go in search of the vendor!

Where Is Xur Today in Destiny 1 in 2024

Right now, Xur is in the game. Today, Xur in Destiny 1 decided to travel to The Reef, Vestian Outpost. He’s easy to find there by going down the right staircase from the spawn and entering the right door, where he will be waiting for you.

Reef Xur Destiny 1

Destiny 1 Xur FAQ

You might have many questions about how Agent of the Nine behaves in D1, so we have compiled the most popular questions to answer them!

Does Xur Still Appear in Destiny 1?

If you wonder, “Is Xur still in Destiny 1?” then the answer is a strong Yes. You are able to still find him, get everything you want, and continue your journey.

What Do You Use to Buy Item from Xur Destiny 1?

Unlike Destiny 2, you need Strange Coins to buy anything from a mysterious vendor. They could be obtained by completing Weekly Heroic Strikes, doing Public Events, or just playing Crucible matches.

What Destiny 1 Xur Loot You Can Get?

As in D2, you are able to purchase three Exotic armor for each class and an Exotic weapon. The armor costs 13 Strange Coins or 23 Strange Coins for a gun. In addition, every week, he brings Weapon Bundles, which include an ornament with the weapon itself for 30 Strange Coins and 25 Silver Dust. As a constant, he offers Vehicle Upgrades, Heavy Ammo Synthesis, Three of Coins, and Glass Needles. You could also exchange Strange Coins to acquire an Exotic Shard or Mote of Light as an additional bonus to upgrade your gear.

From April 12 to 14, the loot includes:

How to Find Xur Destiny 1?

To quickly find and know where is Xur in Destiny 1 today, you just need to remember all his main spots, which we described in another section. 

On the Reef, Xur appears only in one place, which makes searching for him very quick. At the Tower, you may check his presence by the sign and run through all his locations.

When Does Xur Come Destiny 1?

Xur loves Friday and arrives precisely on this day of the week at 10 AM (EST) or 4 PM (CET). Slightly earlier than in D2, but this should not bother you too much.

When Does Xur Leave Destiny 1?

The vendor leaves his post on Sunday at the same time he arrives on Friday, and you’ll see him only next week.

Every Destiny 1 Xur Location

Xur in Destiny 1 has seven permanent places and two constant destinations — Tower and Reef.

There is one good the Tower map that will immediately help you find his places, and we’ll leave it below: 

Tower Xur Location Destiny 1
(Background source: leaks4you)

Regarding Xur’s Reef location, you could find him to the right of the spawn, going down the stairs and entering the right door. 

With this information, you will know where is Xur in Destiny 1, as his places are very easy to remember after running through them just once.

Final Words

Now you know everything about our beloved and famous vendor in D1 and will be able to find him every week easily. If you have any more questions or requests, feel free to ask them in the comments, and we’ll be happy to answer them. Remember, you can also use our Destiny 2 Xur tool to get to him easily in the first few minutes. Moreover, we have a complete guide to the Xur Loot Pool in D2, and we advise familiarizing yourself with it to know everything this vendor has.

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but there ARE some times. that You can’t find xur ANY WHERE IN THE tower or the reef. ,???????😕😕😕😕😕😕 eg,,, I’m here now he’s no where at all,

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Hello, Yu’Nah!

Xur brought this week No Backup Plan, Fr0st-ee5, Skull of Dire Ahamkara, and Hard Light.

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Hello, Doug!

Xur in Destiny 1 is not here right now. He leaves his post at 10 AM (EST) or 4 PM (CET). That’s why you couldn’t find him. I hope you’ll find him next week!