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GM Nightfall is not avaliable at this moment.


Wondering what is the Nightfall weapon this week? 

Search no further! On this page, you can see the current Nightfall rewards, along with the Grandmaster Nightfalls loot, when it enters the roster.

With every game update bringing something new to the mix, it's vital to track whatever NF weapons this week has in store to farm out all the best guns while they're still available. Keeping tabs on rotating rewards will help you manage your game sessions properly and prioritize certain activities to get everything you want in time. 

No matter if you've already set your sights on Grandmaster Nightfall weapons this week or just getting started with the easier versions of the playlist, you can always find up-to-date Nightfall information on this page. For more info on the mode and its reward structure, you can read down below.

What Weapons Are in Nightfall Rotation?

Each season, Bungie changes the rotation in NF by adding or removing weapons with missions. This season is no exception, and therefore, we have compiled the full Nightfall Weapon Rotation below:

Destiny 2 Season of the Wish Nightfall Weapon Rotation
Season of the Wish Nightfall Weapons Rotation

What is the Nightfall Weapon This Week?

This time, you can get Undercurrent Adept, and it's waiting for you until the weekly reset, so hurry up! If you are interested in why this gun is worth your time (or not), you can read about it up next.

Destiny 2 Season 23 Nightfall Weapons

Of course, you shouldn’t go to Nightfall this week if you don’t know if there is good loot. This list is updated every season, so don't be upset if your favorite isn't on the list. If you want to know more about weapons from Nightfalls, we recommend checking out the best Nightfall weapons in Destiny 2 article. 

Here, you will find only brief info on these guns, which can help you understand whether it is worth spending your time on these Nightfalls!

Wild Style, Grenade Launcher

  • Must-Have PVE Perks: Envious Assassin / Enlightened Action — Surrounded/ Incandescent / One for All

Wild Style is a rather mediocre GL that is unlikely to find a worthy use. If you do want to play with a good Double Fire Grenade Launcher, then you should look at Wilderflight from Spire of the Watcher.

The Slammer, Sword

  • Must-Have PVE Perks: Eager Edge / Relentless Strikes / Chain Reaction — Cold Steel / Bait and Switch / One for All

Unlike the previous weapon, The Slammer can easily become a meta choice. It has excellent Utility Perks like Eager Edge and Cold Steel, making it even better than the famous The Other Half. And, of course, how can we forget Bait and Switch, which will turn this sword into a DPS Monster?

Pre Astyanax IV, Bow

  • Must-Have PVE Perks: Archer’s Tempo — Incandescent / Successful Warm-Up / Explosive Head / Precision Instrument
  • Must-Have PVP Perks: Archer’s Tempo — Successful Warm-Up / Opening Shot

So, if this weeks Nightfall weapon is Pre Astyanax IV, then we recommend farming it urgently! It's the only Precision Bow in the entire game capable of having a 540 Draw Time in its Adept version. However, you have to farm a long time to acquire the perfect Roll.

Loaded Question, Fusion Rifle

  • Must-Have PVE Perks: Envious Assassin / Overflow — Controlled Burst / Reservoir Burst
  • Must-Have PVP Perks: Under Pressure / Firmly Planted — Eye of the Storm

Loaded Question from Destiny 2 Nightfall Rotation of Season 23 is one of the best DPS Specials for PvE thanks to excellent perks and a decent High-Impact Fusion Rifle in PvP, which can be made even better thanks to Adept Mods.

Braytech Osprey, Rocket Launcher

  • Must-Have PVE Perks: Envious Assassin / Auto-Loading Holster — Bipod / Frenzy

Braytech Osprey is one of the most uninteresting weekly Nightfall weapon drops as this Rocket Launcher does not have the best archetype and perks. Despite this, Envious Assassin + Bipod, which makes your weapon have up to 7 rockets in one magazine, might interest you.

Undercurrent, Grenade Launcher

  • Must-Have PVE Perks: Demolitionist / Ambitious Assassin / Lead from Gold —  Voltshot

Undercurrent can interest you in Season of the Wish if you still don't have Forbearance and if it is in today's Destiny 2 Nightfall weapon rotation. In some scenarios, it can be even better than its competitor, especially with Demolitionist or Lead from Gold.

Uzume RR4, Sniper Rifle

  • Must-Have PVE Perks: Fourth Time's the Charm / Lead from Gold — Precision Instrument / Vorpal Weapon
  • Must-Have PVP Perks: Snapshot Sights — Vorpal Weapon

Although Uzume RR4 is not the best Sniper Rifle in terms of Perks, no one can deny how pleasant it is to shoot from it. If it can be considered quite average in PvE, then it is definitely worth playing with in PvP.

Warden’s Law, Hand Cannon

  • Must-Have PVE Perks: Fourth Time’s the Charm / Enlightened Action — Vorpal Weapon / Frenzy / Rampage
  • Must-Have PVP Perks: Perpetual Motion / Moving Target — Zen Moment / Kill Clip

With the release of Season of the Witch, a new Hand Cannon archetype, Heavy Burst, was added to the game. Warden's Law, the holder of this archetype, is still in Season 23 Nightfall Rotation and will please you with excellent damage in PvE, especially in combination with Lucky Pants.

Nightfall FAQ

In this segment you'll learn everything you need about this activity and Nightfall weapons.

What is Destiny 2 Nightfall This Week?

This week, you have to complete Birthplace of the Vile Nightfall. In this Strike, you will mainly encounter Scorn enemies and fight against Overload and Unstoppable Champions. Access to this activity requires The Witch Queen DLC.

If you are interested in exploring everything related to this Grandmaster Nightfall this week, we recommend checking out how to complete Birthplace of the Vile. It outlines a detailed mission completion tactic, recommended weapons, useful builds, and various tips. A must-have for any endgame content lover! If you are interested in future GMs, we also have guides for them:

What is the Nightfall Weapon?

NF weapons are ordinary guns like in other activities, appearing only in this playlist and having their unique origin trait: Stunning Recovery. This perk allows you to refill your magazine, gain 60 HP, and gain +40 Recovery for a few seconds when you stun Champions from this gun.

Nightfall Adept weapons, which you can get only from GM Nightfall This Week, differ in more premium feeling than ordinary weapons, with an additional perk in the third column and the ability to equip Adept mods that perfectly complement the gun. Moreover, Bungie added a separate bonus to all stats if you masterwork the gun.

What’s the Destiny 2 Grandmaster Nightfall?

Among all the NF difficulties, the Destiny 2 Grandmaster Nightfall strike stands out the most. What's so special about it, you ask? First and foremost is the Wipe system. In short, if your entire Fireteam is destroyed in Grandmaster difficulty, you'll be sent straight to orbit. Yes, you understood everything correctly — you have to go through the entire GM from scratch. However, the difficulties don't end there, as throughout the activity, you'll maintain a minimum of -25 Power Level! And, of course, there's an increased number of Champions, just like in Master Nightfalls, and cool Adept versions of weapons.

How Do You Get a Destiny 2 Nightfall Weapon This Week?

The only way you can get yourself new Nightfall weapons is by playing this activity on any difficulty. You have to remember only one thing: an Adept weapon drops out only from Grandmasters. Stay tuned on this page to see if there are any available Nightfall Adept weapons this week. We update the reward list every week and add this week's Nightfall weapon once a new GM mission goes live. Our GM Nightfall carry offers are always on sale; you can pre-order a service even if the activity has not yet returned.

Can You Only Get Nightfall Weapons Once a Week?

No, you can acquire them as much as you want. The only thing you have to remember is a time limit. The weapon rotation changes as soon as next Tuesday arrives. You'll have to wait over a month to get it again. Regardless, if you have already obtained it, you could focus it at Zavala by paying 5 engrams and Glimmer, so even Hung Jury can be in your hands.

How to Increase Your Chances of Nightfall Adept Weapons Dropping?

You are able to increase the drop chance by playing at a higher difficulty. GM Nightfalls guarantee one Adept weapon drop per mission completion at Platinum Rank, so we recommend completing it with good friends. So, just wait when the right gun appears and hope that the Grandmaster Nightfall Rotation will be in your favor.

How to Defeat Champions in Destiny 2 Nightfall This Week?

You need to have specific weapon(s) or ability type that can counter these enemies. There are three types of Champions, and, for example, in the artifact, you can put mods that add to your weapon type the ability to stun one of the three types of Champions. You can learn more about this in our Destiny 2 Champions Guide, which will help you easily obtain Nightfall Rewards this week and up to final week.

What is a Nightfall Memento?

Nightfall Memento is an extremely rare resource that drops randomly after completing any NF, and you can use it during shaping or reshaping your weapon. Adding it to the crafted gun opens a special tracker with level 1, a weapon title with level 20, and an iridescent shader with level 30 for this weapon.

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