How to Complete PsiOps Battleground: Cosmodrome in Destiny 2

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Get ready to learn how to complete PsiOps Battleground: Cosmodrome in Destiny 2 easily!

How to Complete PsiOps Battleground Cosmodrome in Destiny 2

Key Takeaways:

  • PsiOps Battleground: Cosmodrome is one of the hardest Grandmaster Nightfall in Season of the Wish and requires a lot of practice to complete
  • We recommend to pick up Polaris Lance, Wish-Ender, and blinding GLs for you loadout
  • In the fireteam, you need to have Void Hunter with Orpheus Rig and Solar Warlocks with Well of Radiance
  • There are a lot of Ammo Boxes scattered throughout this Nightfall, so feel free to use all your weapons.

PsiOps Battleground: Cosmodrome can be confidently considered the most challenging Grandmaster (GM) of this season. The vast number of mobs, as well as the extremely difficult Final Boss Fight, turn this Nightfall into a real hell. Many players think on how to beat PsiOps Battleground: Cosmodrome GM Nightfall and some think it is impossible. However, with the right loadout and tactics, all of this can be easily avoided.

In today’s PsiOps Battleground: Cosmodrome guide, we’ll talk about all the ways to prepare yourself for this GM Nightfall with useful weapons, builds, and encounter explanations. Remember that if you want to know Nightfall weapon this week, you can check out tool on this matter. Turn on Destiny 2 and let’s dive into this mission!

Best Weapons to Use in Psiops Battleground: Cosmodrome

The best weapon for PsiOps Battleground: Cosmodrome in Season 23 is Polaris Lance because this Exotic can stun both Unstoppable and Barrier Champions, dealing massive damage. Of course, the beloved Wish-Ender is also suitable, but you might have problems with Unstoppable Champs. Blinding GLs can also be of great help, especially when you are surrounded by a crowd of enemies. Like that you’ll have the best loadout for PsiOps Battleground: Cosmodrome GM Nightfall.

Best Builds in Psiops Battleground: Cosmodrome GM Nightfall

We highly recommend having at least one Void Hunter with Orpheus Rig or Omnioculus in your team, as Shadowshot: Deadfall will be incredibly useful throughout the entire GM. Not to mention, a Solar Warlock with Well is capable of saving the whole Fireteam at any moment. Although Strand Titan may be useful for Crowd Control, it performs worse than previous Builds.

Psiops Battleground: Cosmodrome Encounters Guide

During the PsiOps Battleground: Cosmodrome GM Nightfall solo run (or normal one), you’ll come across Ammo Boxes, unlike many other GMs. Therefore, we recommend avoiding hoarding Special Weapons and using them as frequently as possible. To help you prepare better, we’ll discuss the location of each of them.

Destiny 2 PsiOps Battleground Cosmodrome Guide

In the beginning, you’ll face a cargo that you must deliver to the ventilation tube entrance. During the process, enemies, including explosive Shanks, will periodically appear in front of you, so be careful and take your time to not fail the Flawless PsiOps Battleground: Cosmodrome GM Nightfall. Do not hesitate to retreat from the cargo if necessary, as it’ll simply remain in place. Some enemies can spawn on the roof, catching you off guard. So, be ready to fight against Witches, Knights, and Vandals that may appear there and eliminate your Fireteam. At the end of the stage, you can find an Ammo Box.

We do not recommend staying in the room with the Bell constantly, as it can easily lead to a Wipe. Instead, it’s better to be in the tunnel leading to this room, as it will be much safer. Void Hunters will also be of service with their Invincibility at this stage, as you’ll need to pick up Captured Light, which will drop from Witches. By the way, you can immediately use an Ammo Box in this room, although it may be pretty dangerous.

PsiOps Battleground Cosmodrome

It is time for tips for defeating the final boss in PsiOps Battleground: Cosmodrome. In the arena, staying on the initial platform is almost always the best way to survive. You can easily hide from enemy projectiles (especially from the Boss Throwing Shield) and safely shoot enemies. When Savathun appears, it’s the Void Hunter’s turn to safely lead the entire Fireteam to the Spear, which is necessary for damaging her. It’s also worth reminding you that at the start of the Boss Encounter, your Super will be fully recharged.

Final Words

From now on, you’re ready to conquer PsiOps Battleground: Cosmodrome with our guide and even get a flawless GM run. If you have any questions about the objectives or guide, feel free to ask us in the comments section. Our team is always happy to help you achieve victory by using this Destiny 2 PsiOps Battleground: Cosmodrome guide. 

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