Destiny 2 The Corrupted Guide: GM Nightfall Completion

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Let’s dive into Destiny 2 The Corrupted guide with loadouts, builds, and strategies!

How to Beat The Corrupted in Destiny 2

Key Takeaways:

  • Destiny 2 The Corrupted offers a decent challenge for experienced players with interesting encounters and fair bosses.
  • Players must prepare weapons against Overload and Unstoppable Champions to obtain the desired Nightfall Adept weapon.
  • In terms of builds, Solar Warlocks and Hunters are, as always, essential for survival and DPS. At the same time, there may be room for Stasis builds for champions.

The Corrupted Nightfall is a rather complex but ultimately fun mission to beat! It is long, diverse in terms of locations, and honestly makes you think about how to get through each stage. So, it’s no surprise that many players struggle with understanding how to beat The Corrupted Grandmaster Nightfall. Today, we will solve this problem with a detailed guide telling you everything about this mission. Get comfortable, and let’s head to the Dreaming City to get Destiny 2 Nightfall weapon this week!

Best Weapons for The Corrupted Grandmaster Nightfall

Although Polaris Lance only helps against Unstoppable Champions, it is still one of the strongest and most effective Exotics in Season 23. If you want to comfortably take down Overload Champs, pick High-Impact Rocket Launchers, as they have increased reserves and enhanced Explosive Damage. Don’t forget about Wicked Implement, as this Scout Rifle is capable of safely stunning all Champs in The Corrupted GM, although it does not deal huge DPS.

Best Build for The Corrupted GM Nightfall

One of the strongest builds for The Corrupted is the Solar Hunter with Celestial Nighthawk, as it can easily one-shot any Champ and deal massive damage to the boss while bypassing Immune Phases. Warlock with Well of Radiance will also be extremely useful, especially at the elevator encounter, where many have problems. Stasis Builds will also be a good choice, as they can easily stun all Champs in this GM.

How to Complete The Corrupted Grandmaster: Encounters Guide

At the start of the Nightfall, you are going to deal with many Taken and Scorn enemies. Be very careful, as some enemy attacks deal huge damage, making “Guardian is Down” situation pretty easy. Also, take your time right after spawning, as an Overload Champion will appear before you. Enter a portal to continue your journey after annihilating all Champs and mini-bosses at this location.

The Corrupted Grandmaster Nightfall

The following encounter in The Corrupted Grandmaster Nightfall will be the elevator, which is the main problem for many Guardians. The mechanics of this stage involve unique Orbs that can be thrown. If you throw them at an enemy with an Immune Shield, it will damage the shield. It’s better to first throw an Orb at an ally to enhance the Orb’s damage, increasing its explosion radius and easily one-shotting Immune Shields. We advise you to prepare enhanced Orbs before the Immune Shield enemies spawn to take them down in seconds.

After a short run, you will find a room with an Orge boss. In this stage, you will constantly move between two dimensions, and you need to kill both bosses to advance. If you want a guaranteed Adept Weapon, don’t rush to slay the Ogres because you have to eliminate all Unstoppable Champions first. In the Ascendant Realm, there would be two Unstoppable Phalanx, while in the Normal Dimension, just one Unstoppable Ogre.

The final boss of The Corrupted GM Nightfall might seem challenging to beat, but the fight will be relatively painless and quick if you know a particular tactic. You’ll face the Orb mechanics from the elevator encounter again, but now you need to throw them at the boss instead of regular enemies. It’s best to spend the first half of the fight on the island directly in front of the main arena. There are many covers, and the boss’s attacks might not even reach you. Since the spawn of mobs is limited, we advise you to eliminate them all first and then remove the Immune Shield from the boss. If you have a Nighthawk Hunter in your Fireteam, you can immediately deal half of the boss’s HP, starting the second phase immediately.

The Corrupted GM Nightfall

In the second phase in Destiny 2 The Corrupted GM Nightfall, you will go back to the Ascendant Realm, but before continuing the Boss Fight, you will face a couple of enemies and a small Jump Puzzle. During the fight itself, be very careful, as the boss has a powerful pushing attack that quickly knocks you off the arena. The mechanics here are the same as you encountered in the first phase, so there should be no problem.

Final Words on How to Beat The Corrupted in Destiny 2

Now you’re ready to conquer The Corrupted in Destiny 2 using all our advice and tips! If you encounter difficulties while completing GM Nightfall, you can always seek help from Destiny 2 Nightfall services. The best Destiny 2 players know how to complete any mission and will help you with this so you can get all the loot and complete triumphs!

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