How to beat Warden of Nothing in Destiny 2 on Grandmaster — guide

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Prepare yourself with the Destiny 2 Warden of Nothing Grandmaster Nightfall guide!

How to beat warden of nothing in Destiny-2

Key takeaways:

  • Warden of Nothing in Destiny 2 is one of the easiest GM Nightfalls you can ever beat with low HP bosses and easy encounters
  • Warden of Nothing champions are Unstoppable, Barrier and Overload ones
  • Best weapons to equip are Outbreak Perfected, Chill Clip and Voltshot weapons

We continue to explore GM Nightfalls and easy ways to complete them. This time, we’ll be discussing the Nightfall introduced in Forsaken, specifically Warden of Nothing. Today, we’ll go into detail on how to prepare for Warden of Nothing GM Nightfall with various builds, weapons, and encounter guides. So, without further ado, let’s start!

Best weapons for Warden of Nothing Nightfall

If you want to learn how to complete Warden of Nothing in Destiny 2, you have to equip useful weapons. In Warden of Nothing, you will encounter all three types of champions, making it tough to choose which weapons to take with you. Any weapon with Chill Clip will be extremely practical due to its ability to stun Unstoppable and Overload Champions. Despite this, we highly recommend Outbreak Perfected, which deals massive damage and is effective against Barrier champions in this Episode. It pairs well with Indebted Kindness, allowing you to stun Unstoppables due to the artifact and Overload due to Voltshot. These guns are the best weapons to use in Warden of Nothing.

Best builds for Warden of Nothing GM Nightfall

Next up, you have to prepare the perfect loadout for your character. Since you’ll often be close to enemies, Consecration Prismatic Titan will be very powerful due to its high damage. Prismatic Turret Warlock or Solar Warlock with Speaker’s Sights will be excellent support, ensuring good survivability for your Fireteam. Hunters can utilize Celestial Nighthawk for huge burst damage or Orpheus Rig/Spirit of Galanor for Tether spam, allowing you to safely destroy crowds of enemies or increase damage to the boss. Now, you have the best loadouts for Warden of Nothing GM Nightfall and you’re ready to beat this mission.

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How to complete Warden of Nothing Grandmaster Nightfall: encounters guide

Warden of Nothing is considered one of the easiest GMs in the game, but some encounters can still be challenging for unprepared players. Though, you have to remember the most important rule to complete Warden of Nothing on Platinum rewards: destroy all champions on your way.

If you’ve never played this strike before, the trains will come as a real surprise. They will destroy everything in their path, even powerful Guardians, so keep a close eye on them and continue the Destiny 2 Warden of Nothing guide.

Warden of Nothing GM nightfall

After a relatively straightforward path with a small number of enemies, you’ll reach the train station with Vex. After defeating some waves of enemies, the Minotaur boss will appear. The boss has relatively low health, so one Super should be enough to defeat him. After that, all the enemies will disappear, and you can continue your journey.

In the tunnel, defeat a crowd of Cabal to open the passage to an open area filled with champions, so be prepared. This area will be littered with Fallen Web mines, which can cause problems if not destroyed in advance. Once all enemies are defeated, a mine and hordes of enemies will appear in the center. If you fail to capture the mine, you’ll face a wipe, so don’t forget about them.

Warden of Nothing bombs

After capturing the first mine, two more will appear in different parts of the area. It’s possible to capture one point as a team, but it’s not guaranteed that you’ll be able to capture both mines in time. Therefore, splitting up might be a good idea. Once both mines have been defused, the Cabal boss with champions will emerge. If you remain vigilant, they won’t pose a significant threat.

After passing through small corridors and opening a fake chest, you’ll descend to the Warden of Nothing boss encounter, where you’ll face three different champions first. Once they’re destroyed, a giant Servitor will appear in the arena. This boss has very low HP, so it can be killed in just a few seconds. If you fail to do so, you’ll have to deal with scorching fire. In order to survive, you need to hide behind cover. The boss will also periodically spawn various enemies, but they should be manageable to eliminate. After that, you will complete Warden of Nothing Grandmaster difficulty.

Easy way to beat Warden of Nothing grandmaster in Destiny 2

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Final words

And that’s how you beat Warden of Nothing in Destiny 2 on Grandmaster difficulty. If you have more questions about this strike, feel free to ask us in the comments, as we can solve the problem together. Don’t forget that you can check the Nightfall weapon this week by checking out our tool, where you can find useful information about Grandmaster Nightfalls in general.

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