How to beat The Disgraced in Destiny 2 on Grandmaster — guide

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Welcome to the ultimate The Disgraced GM Nightfall guide, which will help you prepare the perfect loadout to conquer this mission. Discover how to complete The Disgraced Grandmaster Nightfall in Destiny 2 in no time!

How to beat The Disgraced GM Nightfall in Destiny 2

Key takeaways:

  • The Disgraced in Destiny 2 is a pretty easy GM Nightfalls with predictable enemy spawns and convenient Champions.
  • The Disgraced Сhampions are Barrier and Unstoppable ones
  • Best weapons to equip are Wish-Ender, Outbreak Perfected, Indebted Kindness, The Call, and Graviton Lance

Another week, another nightfall to finish. We never stop diving into GM Nightfalls, so we are always ready to help you successfully complete them. If you haven’t forgotten to check the Nightfall adept weapon this week, now you will learn all the details about The Disgraced nightfall in Destiny 2. It is a pretty easy Nightfall if you know what to do. With this guide, you will be well-equipped and have a solid strategy for your team!

Best weapons for The Disgraced Nightfall

Before embarking on any Grandmaster, preparing the best loadouts for The Disgraced GM Nightfall is essential. Since you will only encounter Barrier and Unstoppable Champions in this Nightfall, choosing weapons for the run will be much easier. For the former Champs, who will appear very frequently, you can take the familiar Wish-Ender or Outbreak Perfected due to the Echoes Artifact mod. Indebted Kindness is ideal in combination with them because of its Anti-Unstoppable trait. If you don’t have this Rocket Sidearm, The Call and Graviton Lance are worthy replacements.

Best builds for The Disgraced GM Nightfall

One of the most crucial things on how to prepare for The Disgraced GM Nightfall is to get the perfect build. In this strike, mobs mostly spawn in large packs, so add-clear builds like Consecration Prismatic Titan, Orpheus Rig / Spirit of Galanor Hunter, and Mataiodoxía Prismatic Warlock are ideal for The Disgraced. If you need loadouts that are much easier to use:

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How to complete The Disgraced Grandmaster Nightfall: encounters guide

At the beginning of the strike, you’ll have to drive a bit along the road, which will lead you to a room with a bunch of Fallen, including Barrier Champions. We recommend focusing on the Champs first, as they grant immunity to nearby mobs. Once you kill most of the enemies, many Fallen foes will start spawning in the far left corner, and we advise taking them down immediately. Otherwise, they will scatter throughout the room.

The Disgraced Grandmaster Nightfall guide

After destroying all the targets in the room, a passage forward will open, where you will encounter another Barrier Champion. Don’t rush forward, because if you go too far, this Champ will despawn and you will miss out on the Platinum Rewards in The Disgraced.

Exiting the narrow corridor, you’ll face another crowd of Fallen with Barrier Champs fighting the Hive. Once you overcome them, two Barrier Knights will appear in a visible place, along with many enemies. At one point, Shriekers will become active and start shooting at you, so be ready to destroy them immediately. Along with their awakening, Hive Ships with reinforcements in the form of several Acolytes and another two Barrier Champs will spawn. In this Destiny 2 The Disgraced guide, we specifically emphasize Champions, so don’t forget about them.

After successfully clearing the location, a passage in the corridor will open, where your team will encounter another two Barrier Servitors. Take them down and move forward a bit. You’ll find yourself at the Patrol Zone, from where you need to get to the Jovian Complex, where you’ll first encounter Navota. You need to deal a certain amount of damage to her, after which she disappears. Along with her, your team is going to encounter Hive enemies with five Barriers (two at the beginning of the room, one on the top, and two at the end of the room) and one Unstoppable Champ.

Finally, after passing this difficult encounter, your team has to travel to The Disgraced Boss encounter and meet Navota for the second time. Once you take down her first health bar, she’ll disappear again, and enemies will start appearing in the arena. After destroying them, Navota will reappear, but this time on the platform in the upper half of the arena. Reduce her health to the necessary level for the next wave of enemies to appear. This time, three Unstoppable Ogres will arrive with them, one in the upper half of the room and two in the lower half.

After dealing with them, move to the final damage phase, where you only need to deal as much damage as you can. First, Navota will appear on the platform above, but upon reaching 30% HP, she will teleport down. Simultaneously, Cursed and Regular Thralls will constantly occur in the arena, so we advise you to stay alert.

Easy way to beat The Disgraced grandmaster in Destiny 2

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Final words

Congratulations! Now you know how to beat The Disgraced in Destiny 2 on Grandmaster difficulty! If you need more tips, you can ask us in the comments, and we will answer as soon as possible. Also, we recommend checking out the best craftable weapons in Destiny 2, many of which are perfect for endgame PvE activities. Remember that if you have difficulties in completing these missions, you can use Nightfall services to complete GM Nightfall right now.

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