How to beat Glassway in Destiny 2 on Grandmaster — guide

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Are you ready to learn how to complete The Glassway in Destiny 2? We are here to help you out with various tips and tricks!

How to beat the glassway in Destiny 2

Key takeaways:

  • The Glassway in Destiny 2 is a hard Grandmaster, but it can be the easiest if you know how to complete it
  • The Glassway Grandmaster Nightfall Champions are Barriers and Overloads
  • Best weapons to equip are Wish-Ender, Arbalest, Outbreak Perfected, and Le Monarque

Grandmaster Nightfalls is finally back in Destiny 2 Episode Echoes, and one of the GM Nightfalls that you have to complete is The Glassway. With the various changes in The Final Shape and the introduction of new builds, we recommend you prepare well for The Glassway, which will require considerable effort. So, get ready to learn everything about The Glassway Grandmaster Nightfall in Destiny 2!

Best Weapons for The Glassway Nightfall

Let’s start by discussing the weapons to use in The Glassway. Wish-Ender and Arbalest are the best Exotics for The Glassway due to their built-in Anti-Barrier trait. Also, consider Outbreak Perfected, which has Anti-Barrier bullets thanks to the Echoes Artifact mod. Besides eliminating the Champions, these weapons can also break through Boss shields, making it much easier to deal damage to them. In terms of Overload Champs, Le Monarque or any weapon with Voltshot will be excellent choices, though the former is much more effective.

Best Builds for The Glassway GM Nightfall

Next, we need to check out all the best loadouts for the Glassway GM Nightfall in order to beat it as efficiently as possible. Prismatic Warlock with Getaway Artist will be an excellent choice, thanks to Turret Spam, which will continuously freeze enemies and stun Overload Champions. Solar Warlocks with Well and Speaker’s Sight are a great alternative, allowing the team to stay alive continuously. Strand Titan or Prismatic Titans with Suspend abilities can consistently disarm Wyverns, which pose a significant threat to your team in this Nightfall. Hunters with Shadowshot: Deadfall (effective against Overload Champs) are extremely strong in Crowd Control, especially when combined with Orpheus Rig.

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How to complete The Glassway Grandmaster Nightfall: encounters guide

The first half of The Glassway is fairly straightforward and doesn’t need a detailed description, as you will be progressing forward, destroying everything in your path. The only thing to be aware of is the Stasis Mini-Bosses, which can catch you off guard with their freezing attacks. To avoid this, always stay near the cover, and don’t hesitate to use your Heavy weapons and Supers to eliminate them.

The Glassway GM Nightfall

The difficulties in The Glassway start at the Plate Capture encounter. That’s where the Destiny 2 The Glassway guide begins! You will have to stand in one place for a considerable time while fending off waves of enemies. Well of Radiance or Ward of Dawn will help you stay on the plate, but don’t be afraid to retreat to the location’s entrance, where two crates provide good cover. After successfully capturing the plate, you can proceed to the other end of the room. Take your time there, as you’ll encounter many enemies, including Champions, which are better dealt with from a safe distance.

Destiny 2 The Glassway Guide

The Glassway boss encounter is quite challenging if you are unaware of all its nuances. The unique aspect is that you will be fighting two bosses simultaneously: Small Transcendent Hydra and Big Belmon, Transcendent Mind. During the battle, we advise you to stay in the room to the left of the entrance. It is the safest place and it can help you to answer the question of how to survive the Glassway Grandmaster difficulty.

how to complete the Glassway grandmaster NF

At the very beginning, you have to reduce the HP of both bosses by one-third, after which they will temporarily leave the arena. Along with the bosses, two Overload Champions will emerge, and two more will show up after you reduce a certain amount of health from one of the bosses. The Transcendent Hydra will constantly enter your room, which can be troublesome, so we recommend eliminating it quickly by any means necessary. Belmon, Transcendent Mind, will remain outside and you won’t be able to damage each other while you are in the room. For this, Anti-Barrier guns will be helpful as they can penetrate the Boss shield.

After both bosses disappear, the Transcendent Hydra will reappear, this time with Wyverns and Barrier Champions, which will respawn after dealing a certain amount of damage to the boss. Wyverns are especially dangerous as they’ll continuously enter your room, so prioritize destroying them first. Once the Transcendent Hydra has 33% HP left, it’ll flee again, and Belmon, Transcendent Mind will return with Overload Champions. You’ll also need to reduce its health to a third, after which it disappears, and the Boss Hydras will reappear together, bringing Wyverns and Barrier Champions with them again. 

Remember to takedown all Champions before defeating the last Boss, or you might not receive The Glassway Platinum Rewards.

Easy way to beat Glassway grandmaster in Destiny 2

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Final Words

If you want to know more about Grandmaster Nightfall this week, check out our tool with all the details about current Adept weapons and more. You can also check out other guides, like the best PvE weapons in Destiny 2. They could be very useful for endgame activities like GMs!

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