Destiny 2 Lake of Shadows Guide: GM Nightfall Completion

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Get yourself ready to learn how to complete Destiny 2 Lake of Shadows!

Lake of Shadows Guide

Key Takeaways:

  • Lake of Shadows was reworked after Lightfall DLC came out and now it is a really challenging GM Nightfall to complete.
  • We recommend equipping long-range weapons like Polaris Lance and Wish-Ender, but also Special GLs with Disorienting Grenades and Indebted Kindness Rocket Sidearm. In the third slot, you can use Rockets.
  • In terms of builds, we recommend Solar Warlock with Well of Radiance as always. Hunter can equip Gunslinger with Celestial Nighthawk, while Titans are great with Striker with Heart Of Inmost Light.

After a massive update in Lightfall, Lake of Shadows has become quite lengthy and challenging for a GM to finish, causing many players to face wipes frequently. As a result, players have been looking for easy ways to complete Lake of Shadows in Destiny 2, which could be more plentiful. Hence, we decided to create a detailed guide to discuss what you need to equip and how you should fight in each encounter. Get comfortable because a tough battle awaits you!

Best Weapons for Lake of Shadows Grandmaster Nightfall

In Season 23, Polaris Lance will be the ideal choice in any GM, which is why we recommend it in our Lake of Shadows GM Nightfall Guide. This exotic can deal with good DPS and also stun Barrier and Unstoppable Champions, which are scattered throughout the Strike. Wish-Ender and Indebted Kindness, a new Rocket Sidearm, will also perform well against Champs. Remember, Special GLs with Disorienting Grenades are effective against Tormentors. Although you won’t find Overload Enemies here, Rocket Launcher will still be an excellent choice for quickly eliminating Threshers in the middle of the GM. So, having this best loadout for Lake of Shadows GM Nightfall will make your playthrough much easier.

Best Builds for Lake of Shadows GM Nightfall

Since Lake of Shadows Nightfall has quite a lot of enemies that can take you down very quickly, you can’t do without a Warlock with Well of Radiance. Strand is an excellent choice for this Nightfall on all classes, as Suspend is still a powerful debuff that even works on Tormentors. If you haven’t unlocked Strand, don’t despair, as Gunslinger with Celestial Nighthawk or Striker with Heart Of Inmost Light can also cope well with Champs and mini-bosses.

How to Complete Lake of Shadow Grandmaster: Encounters Guide

In the beginning of Destiny 2 Lake of Shadows Nightfall, you will have to transport the payload through emerging enemies that can easily catch you off guard for a long time. To avoid finding yourself surrounded by a massive crowd of mobs, we recommend retreating from the payload from time to time to safely take down enemies with Champions.

Lake of Shadows Destiny 2 Guide

As soon as you deliver the second cart, a huge Taken boss will spawn over the lake, having a large amount of HP and dealing significant damage. In addition, enemies will appear, like Witches, making the mission relatively easy to fail.

How to Complete Lake of Shadows

In order to avoid wipes in Destiny 2 Lake of Shadows GM Nightfall, it’s best to deal damage to Chimera from a distance. This way, you’ll have time to react to the boss’s projectiles and prevent sudden foe attacks from catching you off guard.

Lake of Shadows Nightfall Guide

Afterward, you are going to find a room with a small number of enemies, which in turn will lead you to the dam. You should be very careful here, as two Threshers will appear during the process, possibly destroying your entire Fireteam in seconds. Deal Explosive Damage to quickly break them, so be sure to prepare your arsenal for your Rocket Launchers and Rocket Sidearms. Also, beware of Taken Geysers, as they can easily throw you into the abyss.

Destiny 2 Lake of Shadows Grandmaster Nightfall

As you make your way to the boss fight, you will encounter Tormentor, whom you should combat in a small room. You can efficiently and safely exterminate him by using a Special GL with Disorienting Grenades or Suspend ability, which will temporarily incapacitate this mini-boss.

Lake of Shadows GM Nightfall

The Lake of Shadows final boss is quite challenging, but only if you plan to destroy the boss fairly. We recommend making life easier for yourself and your Fireteam by using specific Lake of Shadows Cheese, which allows you to shoot the boss throughout the fight safely. Although this method is much safer than the regular passage, you may still be taken down. Taken Knights periodically shoot you with fire, which burns you in a second. Fortunately, avoiding it is not too tricky: flight around until this fire disappears and quickly eliminate the Knight.

Lake of Shadows Final Boss

Final Words on Lake of Shadows Guide

That’s all you need to know about how to beat Destiny 2 Lake of Shadows. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask them in the comments, and we will try to answer you. By the way, if you’re interested in knowing which weapon is available in this GM this week, we recommend checking out our Grandmaster Nightfall weapon this week tool with schedules, weapon tips, and more!

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