Trials of Osiris is unavailable now. The activity opens in:

Counting days, waiting for Destiny 2's most formidable PvP challenge to return? Or wondering how much time you still have to earn the Flawless weapon this week, and what goodies are in store?

Here's a countdown timer for you to track the Trials mode and everything it has to offer. On this page, you can see the time left until the activity ends or goes live again, as well as the full list of items you can unlock in Trials of Osiris this week. For those looking to learn more about the activity and the related WowVendor Trials of Osiris Carry services, there's a short article down below. Read on and enjoy!

Trials of Osiris Explained

The crowning jewel of Destiny's PvP, Trials of Osiris is the most hardcore competitive experience in the entire game. A sweaty but rewarding 3v3 mode welcomes players to duke it out with rival teams to hunt down high-tier loot that comes as post-match drops or is unlocked via Trials Engrams. 

Having recently received a massive overhaul, the activity is now much more forgiving, allowing players to earn gear even if they have more than three losses. The best items, however, come as the Flawless Trials of Osiris rewards that are available only to players who reach the Lighthouse with a 7-0 Flawless completion.

The loot pool changes every week. Most rewards are tied to your Trials reputation: as you advance through the ranks, you earn special Engrams that, once decrypted or focused, drop certain gear. However, there's also a rotating Adept weapon up for grabs for those skilled enough to pass the Flawless win threshold. To see the exact Trials gun this week, you can simply bookmark this page and check it whenever the mode is active again.

What's more, when you keep winning after going Flawless, you're entitled to additional rewards, including resources, engrams, and Trials armor pieces. Bonus loot will be dropping all the way until your Passage is reset.

Better Performance Guarantees Better Rewards

Much stronger than their regular counterparts, Adept guns have overall higher stats (plus a nice stat bonus when Masterworked), an additional mod socket, and more perk options to slot into the final column. 

Trials Adept weapons rotate on a weekly basis, meaning there's only one particular weapon to get per week. It's a predetermined drop, so you can properly schedule your grind and decide whether or not you want to hunt down whatever Trials of Osiris weapon this week has to offer in advance. 

How do I access Trials of Osiris?

To unlock the activity, you'll need the following:

  • One of the latest annual DLC
  • Reach Valor Rank Legend
  • Defeat 50 opponents in the Elimination PVP playlist
  • 1810+ Power Level 

Also, keep in mind that Trials are Power-enabled. If you're planning on chasing a certain Trials weapon this week but are under-Light, need a meta loadout or a bunch of Artifact bonus levels, don't be shy to give us a shout. Our pros will be glad to deliver any additional services you need. 

Unlock Adept Weapons Fast and Easy

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