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The Season of the Lost is raging on, bringing tons of fresh and updated fun to all fans of the competitive “outer space experience” of Destiny 2. Did you already get your season pass to enjoy the massive ongoing campaign to witness the return of Mara Sov – Queen of the Awoken to Dreaming City for a fate-deciding audience with the Witch Queen. The long-awaited extension is working full-on, offering an epic continuation of the Endless Night saga, new matchmade activities, exciting weekly missions, new exotic weapon quests, and tons of other experiences and rewards (especially if you bought the season pass, which comes with a load of exclusive free rewards).

Surely, this ongoing D2 experience spawns increased rates of competition on your game servers. More and more skillful players quickly get exclusive rewards, reach top scores, and up their skill points. This means that it can be pretty difficult for casual or beginner players to pose something against a barrage of fierce pro competition.

This is what WowVendor is here for – to let you enjoy Destiny 2 without breaking too much sweat, investing too much personal time into getting minor results, or going bankrupt on in-game donations. We offer specialized Destiny 2 Season of the Lost carry services to help you get the top rewards and ace this season with the professional assistance of our experienced D2 carries.

Don’t get lost in the dark this season

Season of the Lost is a thrilling extension for Destiny 2 that continues the plot-line of the intriguing and ominous Endless Night. This time, Mara Sov must return to the Dreaming City to arrive at a consensus of some sort with the Savathun – the Witch Queen. Savathun was the only member of her godly family to defy the Black Fleet in its efforts to initiate the Endless Night. What is her real role in all that’s going on? We will see as the plot unravels further during the Season of the Lost. 

Travelers can start their journey in the H.E.L.M.’s Awoken Wing section, where a dark portal leading to astounding horizons where high technology and magic are intertwined uniquely. It’s time to explore the new grounds and save the Lost Awoken this season.

What’s new in the extension?

The Season of the Lost extension brings tons of new stuff to the world of Destiny 2, including game modes, items, and scripted experiences. Namely, here’s what we get:

  • Astral Alignment – a new 6-player matchmaking activity where a group of travelers must rescue tech witches of Mara Sov lost in the Shattered Realm and revived the Light technology;
  • Shattered Realm – a new weekly mission where Mara Sov’s lost tech witches await to reward you with wondrous technological powers for saving their lives;
  • Ager’s Scepter – a new exotic weapon quest where you get a chance to obtain Mara Sov’s brother’s epic arm by defeating waves of Awoken security;
  • 25+ brand new and redesigned weapons, including Legendary Stasis arms;
  • Armor upgrades – progressive digital upgrades for your armor;
  • Season Pass bonuses – exotic Linear Fusion Rifle, exclusive power mods, authentic ornaments, original emotes, and more.

You can buy Season of the Lost boost at WowVendor right now to get all the new rewards in the fastest, most nerve-saving manner possible. We have professional carries that can help you beat new events on all difficulty levels in no time.

Pick from a variety of WowVendor Destiny 2 Season of the Lost boosts

At WowVendor, you can find a wide range of D2 Season of the Lost boosts for sale at some of the best prices online. Consider boost options dedicated to enhancing your Season of the Lost beating experience.

Astral Alignment boost

Get a cheap D2 Season of the Lost carry who knows all the ins and outs of new game environments assigned to your in-game D2 account. They will help you rapidly beat and farm out this matchmaking mode for you to acquire all rewards it has to offer.

Shattered Realm boost

WowVendor also has professional Season of the Lost carries to help you get the most loot and experience out of the new weekly mission. They will assist you in recovering Mara Sov’s lost tech in treacherous locations without breaking a sweat.

Ager’s Scepter boost

A timely hired Season of the Lost carry for Destiny 2 will help you rapidly and easily acquire Ager’s Scepter – a mighty weapon that used to belong to Mara Sov’s own brother. With this exotic arm in your hands, you will certainly make up a decent competition to stand against your ultimate foe.

Why get a Season of the Lost D2 boost?

A timely purchased Destiny Season of the Lost boost may come in handy on many occasions, like:

  • you’re a new player looking to have fun rather than go nuts from the pushing competition, but you still would like to earn good ranks in competitive modes;
  • you’re a veteran player that needs a rapid advance towards their goals in the new updated environment of the Season of the Lost;
  • you’re a casual player looking to have fun rather than waste days on end grinding while getting decent rewards and discovering the full potential of the D2 experience.

Make your life easier with WowVendor boosts.

Going for a boost for Destiny 2 new Season of the Lost at WowVendor, you look for reliable, high-quality services with guaranteed results and personalized benefits.

Instead of putting tons of your precious personal time and wasting mental energy on unreasonably time-consuming grinding, timely purchased Season of the Lost D2 carry services will help you achieve the desired matchmaking score and level results in the shortest terms without going far. All you need to do is:

  • Pick a required Destiny 2 Season of the Lost boost from a catalog of options presented at the WowVendor website;
  • Make a quick purchase online via the most convenient payment system;
  • Get a dedicated professional carry assigned to your in-game account;
  • Watch the hired carry do all the dirty job for you;
  • Get the guaranteed results.

An individually assigned Season of the Lost carry is a professional player and game expert from our pool of well-tried-and-tested specialists. They help you complete in-game activities without resorting to cheats, game engines, and other unfair tricks – only the manual input.


To let you order D2 Season of the Lost carry services most conveniently, WowVendor offers:

Fully transparent services

We never set hidden costs and guarantee the achievement of results that we describe on the website. You can also easily contact your hired carry any time you wish via a messenger or chat that fits you best. 

Guaranteed security

WowVendor is a fully transparent and secure service where you can easily track the progress of the boost you purchase at any time while we don’t ask for any of your account or personal information without a strict necessity. We also offer VPN-protected connections for the ultimate online safety.

Reliable 24/7 available support

To clarify any related information or figure out any question you may have, you can contact our 24/7 support team who will clarify any nuances of the services we provide.

Custom options

Practically every boost or service found at WowVendor can be customized to meet your individual requirements and needs. We are always ready to go the extra mile just to make your time worthwhile.

Go to the WowVendor website and pick your boost right now to start acing the ongoing Destiny 2 season to the max!

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Best boosting service there is!
This company has the best employees! Great communication from making the order to getting it done. Very professional people all around.
very good
quick and efficient. gotta love it
Top shelf in every way
Top shelf in every way! Will use their services again!!!
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Friendly nice and quick
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Thank you, and it was a great service. Good communication with one of the team! :)
Super fast everyone friendly
Super fast everyone friendly
Great and fast!
Great and fast!
They deliver on their services promptly…
They deliver on their services promptly and without any issues
Speedy and convenient!
I was worried that I wasn't going to get in on time--the run was going to start in a few minutes when I placed my order. Almost as soon as I logged in, I was invited. The run was SUPER fast. One boss went down so quick, I didn't even have time to swallow my sip of coffee! Another amazing run!
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Very very apprehensive while looking into it! But so glad I did. Communication was great and reassuring through every step. Incredibly professional and will use in future 100%. Don’t hesitate and do it!
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They executed the order fast and smooth. Good prices also, love them 🥰🥰
The best service around !!
The best service around !!
Absolute Stunning Performance
The communication of the team was absolutely incredible. They made each request to absolute perfection. I had all of the exotics, but they always asked what they could grab for me at the end. I am 100% thankful for this team. I will recommend them to everyone I can
Awakened Aberrus Heroic 9/9
Another great run provided by WowVendor. Thanks
Great loot as always!
Great loot as always!
I work 6 days a week 8 to 10 hours a…
I work 6 days a week 8 to 10 hours a day, I love this game with very little time to play , i have watched on you tube them playing the pantheon 7 or 8 players i can’t get on a team much less coordinate all the players it’s daunting,you have to know these players or friends for a while . So for the raids i call ☎️ wowvendors they call the Team they get the job done ✅ call them you will not be disappointed 😎😎😎
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Absolutely top notch, 5* Service, 5*communication, 5*Time frame, 5*Team. Highly recommended, definitely use again. I Just can't say enough about this Service 100% Through out.
They did it once again
They did it once again! Quick response, nice loot, friendly chat. Thank you guys, see you soon…
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Run went smoothly, and no problems as usual
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Quick cheap easy. Will definitely be using this service again
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