Destiny 2 Lightfall Glitch: Strand Hunters Deal Massive Damage

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What a great time to be a Hunter main in Destiny 2. Not only can you grapple infinitely, but the Lightfall Strand subclass also lets you deal massive damage in a recent glitch.

Strand was one of the things that players were most excited about when talking about Lightfall. It allows players to manipulate metaphysical strings from the Weave to their advantage in battles. And while there are some issues, the subclass remains fun to play for many. Especially for those Hunter mains. Apparently, a recently discovered bug lets Threadrunners’ Super become even more destructive. Thus, running through dungeons with a Hunter in your party is like cutting butter with a knife. Despite various bugs that have appeared since launch, this particular glitch has gained popularity due to its game-breaking potential.

Each class has its own Super. Titans’ Bladefurry allows them to slash through the battlefield as an unstoppable force. Warlocks’ Needlestorm provides burst damage and area control. And Hunters’ Silkstrike is a medium-range ability balancing damage output and crowd control. However, a bugged interaction with the Exotic Tractor Cannon Shotgun and Star-Eater Scales has led to unintended damage output. It doubles the power of Silkstrike and has the potential to one-cycle certain dungeon bosses. You can check out Cheese Forever’s video below to see how powerless the bosses are.

They even managed to solo the first boss of the Prophecy dungeon. And they are not the only ones who are having fun with the situation. Gladd and their fireteam wiped Zulmak out of existence with three hunters. While that, Ninjy and their Threadrunner group exterminated Caital in one bell phase. Even though it’s a challenging feat even for seasoned fireteams.

While some may find the glitch helpful for completing activities, Bungie will likely patch it soon. So, you should take advantage of the now and enjoy it while it lasts.

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