All Datamined The War Within Season 1 Tier Sets

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The War Within Season 1 tier sets for all playable classes in WoW have been datamined and updated with their latest appearances.

All The War Within Season 1 Tier Sets Datamined

The War Within has yet to arrive. Even its exact launch date remains undisclosed. Yet, avid members of the WoW community have been resourceful in piecing together information through datamining and exploration. Here, you will find all The War Within Season 1 tier sets that have been datamined by Wowhead.

Death Knight

Demon Hunter





The Mage Tier Sets in The War Within appear to be a redesign of Tier 8. Below, we’ve provided an image of the Tier 8 set for your reference.

Tier 8 Mage set:

Tier 8 Mage sets
(Source: Wowpedia)







Here’s an updated version of the Warlock tier sets in The War Within. Adorned with spectral arms behind their backs, the Warlock sets now embody the essence of the ominous Shivarra Demon.


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ok wow. a lot to unpack. only 4 sets really shining through. the druid and hunter make no sense and need to be switched. just because there’s a little trap on your belt doesn’t shake the fact that you look like you’re about to transform into an animal at any time. Meanwhile, the druid is covered head to toe in the thickest steel I have seen since Pandaria. Warlock looks like a horny pervert hippie behind that veil, warrior once again gutted and extremely “horny” pun intended. The demon hunter has come redeemable pieces, and the paladin is just laughable. Evoker is a caterpillar cosplay, and my shaman is once again left to use the only 3 pieces of armor that actually look good on them. Looks like rogue is the belle of the ball so far.


lul can’t stop laughing reading your comment πŸ˜‚ The Warlock sets are updated, so they look less pervy now and more Shivarra Demon, so you may want to give them a look!


Plate sets look awful really bad the Druid shoulder and monk should can at least be used in other sets the Evoker one by far the best with the rogues as well the dog and lock look like sets from trading post of blizz store such a dissappointing tier sets look wise next to dragonflight and shadowlands armor sets even.


Most of this shit is ugly af, DH’s one is hurting my eyes, DK’s is terrible, Evoker has the best looking one, also stupid.

Blizzard, please, hire someone competent. How can you look at this shit and think “great”, freaking hell, haven’t you learned nothing? The sets you designed in 2006 look better than this fml

nice baitsays:

how about some proper journalism and naming your articles honestly? ludicrous, crappy site.


Thank you for sharing your perspective. In this article, we have presented all The War Within tier sets that were datamined from the Alpha client of the game, exactly as suggested by the article’s title. We have also provided due credit to the source. It is important to clarify that there is no baiting content here. Our platform always strives to meet all necessary standards and refrains from publishing clickbait material. We encourage you to review our content with care and offer fair feedback in future interactions.


“all” that means..all so currently Priest, shaman and warlocks are missing and you have the following in your top of the article.

“The War Within Season 1 tier sets for all playable classes in WoW have been datamined.”
Yet priests, shaman and warlocks arme issing xD.


Thank you for your help in improving the article! πŸ™ Following your advice, we’ve clarified that the tier sets for Mage, Shaman, Priest, and Warlock aren’t available yet. As mentioned in the article, we’ll update it with new tier sets as soon as there is new information. Thanks again for reading and giving us helpful feedback.

By the way, what’s your favorite tier set? 😊


I dont see the problem. websites can get updated. the site specifically states all “datamined” sets. the ones missing have YET to be datamined. the table of contents at the top is a good idea so that you can have the ability to just add it in when it drops. god people love to find issues. go make your own site then, or just be happy that someone exerted the effort for you.


Thank you, Falaquinn, for your understanding! 😊


How about you use your brain, if they havent been released yet obviously this site isnt going to include them….your life must be so difficult