Destiny 2 Into the Light Weapons: Brave Arsenal Weapons

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Destiny 2 Into the Light weapons are finally revealed, and we can talk about them fully.

Destiny 2 Into the Light Weapons

Key Takeaways:

  • Bungie released 12 Into the Light weapons in total, and each gun should be in your collection due to its excellent perks, archetypes, and more.
  • In order to obtain Brave Arsenal weapons, you will need to complete the Onslaught activity. You can also get them by completing certain quests, increasing the weapons drop rate, and opening a particular chest near Shaxx.
  • Destiny 2 Brave weapons have a unique passive Origin Trait that will be useful in any of your builds.

There’s only a little time left before The Final Shape’s release, and despite our anticipation being stretched incredibly long, Bungie has plenty of things to keep us busy until its release. The Destiny 2 Into the Light update has introduced a lot of new content, which will make every fan return to the game. We talked about this in more detail in another article, but today we’ll talk about the best Into the Light weapons, their unique features, how to get them, and more. So, sit back comfortably, and let’s get started!

How to Get Into the Light Weapons

Before we start explaining each weapon, it’s important to understand how to get Brave Arsenal in Destiny 2. You can obtain guns by participating in the Onslaught activity, preferably on Legend difficulty, where you’ll come across many chests with rewards. Additionally, you can increase the chances of a specific gun dropping by 50% by activating Weapon’s Attunement in the Hall of Champions, which features holographic statues of Lord Shaxx. If you get exhausted playing Onslaught, you can collect Trophies of Bravery from other activities and go back to Shaxx at the Hall of Champions to unlock a loot chest beside him.

Bravery Arsenal Weapons

If you want to know how to get limited-edition Into the Light weapons, you just need to play as usual and activate Attunement on the desired weapon. Also, these guns can be obtained through quests from Arcite, guaranteeing a drop of one gun with ornament and great perks. The developers promise that there will be a healthy amount of drops, but you’ll need to hurry because they won’t drop anymore after The Final Shape comes out. Also, it’s important to note that limited-edition weapons in Into the Light will have a unique ornament and receive two perks in each column. So, you should farm them before The Final Shape to get God Roll or even double God Rolls.

Into the Light Trait and Perks Explained

Each set of guns has a unique Origin Trait and a certain set of perks that distinguishes them from their competitors. Let’s quickly go through them:

The weapons themselves are not craftable, but with the release of The Final Shape, you can enhance perks in the third and fourth columns. Unfortunately, changing Barrels, Magazines, and Masterwork won’t be possible.

Into the Light Day One Weapons

Finally, we move on to discussing the guns and Into the Light god rolls, but with one condition. With the update, only certain weapons will be available for acquisition immediately. Therefore, we will discuss them first for your convenience. If you need a temporary replacement, we recommend checking out our article on Destiny 2 Best PvE weapons.

The Recluse, Submachine Gun

Into the Light Recluse

If you played Destiny 2 before sunsetting, you remember how Recluse dominated everywhere and was in everyone’s inventory. Now, the father of all SMGs has returned and is ready to burst into the meta again. 

Of course, it couldn’t return without Master of Arms, which, although slightly weaker, still increases Recluse damage through the destruction of enemies with any weapon. In PvP, it can be completed with DSR or Threat Detector, making this Submachine Gun more accurate. So, yeah, Recluse can easily be a part of the Into the Light best PvP weapons!

Of course, its advantages don’t end there, as Recluse is also helpful in PvE due to a large number of good perks. You can earn a relatively popular combination of Void Weapons: Repulsor Brace and Destabilizing Rounds, allowing you to get a Void Overshield frequently. While these are quite enticing perks, pay attention to Enlightened Action in the third column. That’s the first time this perk appears on a Lightweight Submachine Gun, and it is capable of raising your Reload Speed up to 100 points just after a few hits. This perk is ideal for Desperate Measures, which can enhance Recluse damage by up to 30%. Don’t forget that Frenzy can give 15% bonus damage and 100 Reload Speed and Handling.

Edge Transit, Heavy Grenade Launcher

Into the Light Edge Transit

Let’s move on to the best Heavy weapon in the game and one of Destiny 2 best Into the Light weapons: Edge Transit. This Heavy Grenade Launcher features a familiar combo from Cataphract GL3: Envious Assassin and Bait and Switch. This combo is great in itself due to its 30% bonus damage and 200% overfilled magazine. Although these perks are already enough for excellent DPS, we recommend paying attention to Cascade Point in the third column.

Since all Into the Light limited-edition weapons can drop with two perks in each column, you can simultaneously have both Cascade Point and Envious Assassin. This allows you to overfill the Edge Transit magazine before the start of the DPS Phase and switch to Cascade Point just before it starts while keeping the overfilled magazine. Just quickly deal massive damage and forget about reloading during DPS Phases.

Falling Guillotine, Sword

Into the Light Falling Guillotine

Falling Guillotine, an old favorite, is the second Heavy contending for the title of best in the game. The main feature of this Vortex Sword is the combination of two damage perks, something Bungie has never done on this type of weapon. In addition to this, the developers have also included the best perks for Swords, namely Surrounded and Bait and Switch. If three or more enemies surround you, the former perk increases sword damage by 35% (42% on the  Enhanced version). Although this bonus is huge, it’s not always obtainable, making Bait and Switch an excellent alternative, as it allows for a 30% bonus damage at any time. Falling Guillotine also features the beloved Eager Edge, so don’t worry if you didn’t have time to farm a Godroll Slammer.

Hung Jury SR4, Scout Rifle

Hung Jury SR4

Hung Jury SR4, a Scout Rifle, is back for the fourth time in our Guardians’ hands, and even here, the developers have managed to surprise us. The prominent uniqueness of this Scout Rifle is Kinetic Tremors in the third column! Of course, some may be disappointed by the lack of this perk’s combination with Shoot to Loot, but the despair quickly dissipates upon looking at the fourth column. Here are some of the best perks for GMs, like Explosive Payload or One for All, as well as Desperate Measures and Firefly, which are suitable for add-clear.

In PvP, Into the Light Hung Jury SR4 also doesn’t disappoint. It retains Box Breathing, allowing you to remove any Guardian with three crits. This perk combines well with Rapid Hit or No Distractions, as Stability and Flinch have always been issues with Scout Rifles. 

Ultimately, Hung Jury SR4 is one of the best primary weapons, capable of dealing with massive damage while keeping you at a safe distance from the enemy. So, you must include HJSR4 in your “Into the Light weapons to get” list.

Elsie’s Rifle, Pulse Rifle

Destiny 2 Elsie's Rifle

Many veterans of Destiny 1 may remember Stranger’s Rifle, which could be obtained after completing the original campaign story. We have good news, as it has finally returned to Destiny 2 as a Void energy gun!

As you can see, it holds up against other weapons on the list, offering a rich set of perks for both PvE and PvP. Despite this, you’ll hardly find it useful in PvE due to its archetype, as it has very low DPS. We can only recommend such a combination as Repulsor Brace with Destabilizing Rounds for easy obtaining of Void Overshield on any Subclass, but even here, there are better options.

Fortunately, the same cannot be said about the Crucible, in which Elsie’s Rifle will perform excellently. Not only does it have a similar model to No Time to Explain, but it also has absolutely the same stats. Because of this, achieving high Range won’t be a problem, especially with Keep Away‘s help, which improves Accuracy and Range if no enemies are close to you. If you prefer Stability and Anti-Flinch, Zen Moment is undoubtedly the choice here. In the fourth column, the apparent favorite is Headseeker, as it’s always nice to have bonus aim assistance and crit damage for random body shots. Kill Clip is also an interesting option as it makes performing Kill Streaks in 6v6 easier with bonus damage.

Succession, Sniper Rifle

Into the Light Succession

Although the most boring gun on the list, Into the Light Succession is still an excellent Sniper Rifle and one of the Into the Light best PvE weapons. It hasn’t received any new perks that would make old players refarm it. However, players who have never visited Deep Stone Crypt can finally experience one of the most powerful Sniper Rifles. Its strength lies in having Reconstruction and good damage perks like Vorpal Weapon and Recombination, making it easy to deal great damage to distant enemies.

The new Succession in Destiny 2 may interest you in PvP because of the Discord perk, which in the new Sandbox lets you have infinite Special Ammo, although you have to take down someone with Primary first.

Into the Light Weekly Missions Weapons

Unfortunately, six Into the Light weapons will only be available sometime after the update’s release. Developers will grant access to two guns each week until April 30, so you’ll need to farm those coveted limited editions somewhat hastily. Nevertheless, we know what perks the guns will have and can predict what crazy combinations could be created! Let’s continue our Destiny 2 Into the Light weapons guide!

The Mountaintop, Special Grenade Launcher

Into the Light Mountaintop

Four years after Sunset, the beloved The Mountaintop has finally returned to us. Its uniqueness was in the exclusive Micro-Missile perk, which made this GL shoot in a straight line and had increased projectile speed. The new version of The Mountaintop doesn’t retain this perk, as it has been turned into a full-fledged Archetype! It inherits all the advantages of the old perk and now allows Guardians to do Rocket Jumps!

Enough about the gun itself, as it’s time to talk about the perks. There are so many to choose from, and it’s hard to know where to start. Auto-Loading Holster is a popular perk that automatically reloads the gun into the holster. Demolitionist is wonderful, as it gives Grenade Energy for Final Blows. Additionally, the Impulse Amplifier increases projectile and reload speed. And we haven’t even mentioned the fourth column perks like Vorpal Weapon, Frenzy, and Recombination.

If you’re looking for Into the Light weapons to farm first, Mountaintop should definitely be at the top of your list.

Midnight Coup, Hand Cannon

Into the Light Midnight Coup

Few thought that any Hand Cannon (HC) could powercreep Fatebringer in PvE, and even fewer thought that HC would be Midnight Coup from Destiny 2 Brave Arsenal.

Not only does it have an Explosive Payload + Frenzy combo, but it also has perks that no other weapon can boast. For Endgame Content, the best perks besides the aforementioned are Kinetic Tremors and One for All, as both increase DPS without killing enemies. It’s worth noting the combination of Explosive Payload + Kinetic Tremors, which excellently counters Overload Champs if Overload Hand Cannons are in the Artifact.

If you’re looking for Hand Cannon to utilize during add-clear, then Midnight Coup with Firefly and any perk from the fourth column will serve you well.

Luna’s Howl, Hand Cannon

Into the Light Luna's Howl

Luna’s Howl is the only one of its kind, a Precision 140 RPM Hand Cannon, making it have a very pleasant recoil and high Airborne Effectiveness. Besides, this HC from Brave Arsenal is the only one currently with Magnificent Howl in its Perk Pool. We’ve already written about it before, and you should try it both in PvE and PvP. As good as this perk is, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pay attention to others.

For those who love Solar in PvE, there’s the already popular combination of Heal Clip and Incandescent, but don’t forget about the new Desperate Measures perk, which works on any Subclass.

Despite the great PvE perks, Luna’s Howl will feel much better in Crucible, where it was initially popular. Besides excellent stats, it has Slideshot and Eye of the Storm in the third column, which are great for duels. In the fourth column, the obvious favorite is Magnificent Howl, although it’s not particularly useful in 3v3, so Opening Shot or Precision Instrument will be great alternatives, as they improve Damage Falloff.

So, it is no wonder why players can call it one of the best Brave Arsenal weapons in Destiny 2.

Forbearance, Special Grenade Launcher

Into the Light Forbearance

Forbearance, which has been in the meta since its release, has changed little except for the change of Origin Trait and the appearance of a new, very intriguing perk. The combination of Ambitious Assassin and Chain Reaction is still here, but instead of the first perk, pay attention to Demolitionist. Besides getting a lot of Grenade Energy while clearing adds, you will also be able to reload Into the Light Forbearance by using this Ability. Undoubtedly, the old version will still be very relevant due to the Soul Drinker Origin Trait, but the new Forbearance is an excellent replacement for those who do not play in Raids.

Hammerhead, Heavy Machine Gun

Into the Light Hammerhead

After many years, Hammerhead has finally returned to us as a part of Brave Arsenal guns, and it has become much better than we could have imagined.

Of course, Rampage stands out the most, as having a damage perk in the third column is a very rare event for a Heavy Weapon. Furthermore, you can increase your damage even more thanks to the fourth column. Onslaught is a wonderful addition to Rampage, as it not only has a similar duration but also increases RPM and Reload Speed for each Final Blow, up to 3x.

The uniqueness of Hammerhead doesn’t end there, as Fourth Time’s the Charm with Target Lock can be a decent option in case you suddenly need to deal damage to the boss. Rewind Rounds is considered the most reliable option in the third column, and it will hardly ever let you down, especially in combination with Killing Tally. Regarding PvP, there’s not much to say, as very high Aim Assistance and decent Stats speak for themselves.

Blast Furnace, Pulse Rifle

Into the Light Blast Furnace

The last returned rifle is the Blast Furnace, which, like the previous ones, has new unique perk combinations.

Let’s start with Kinetic Tremors in the third column, just like the new Hung Jury SR4. Since the created shockwaves will surely hit several enemies at once, you should try to use One for All, which gives a 35% damage buff from dealing damage to three mobs. Although this combination is quite potent in any content, the low Reload Speed can be a problem for some. In this case, Frenzy, which, in addition to a pleasant 15% bonus damage, also gives 100 Reload Speed and Handling, will undoubtedly be useful. Firefly could also help with Reload Speed, but for this, you will have to make Precision Final Blows.

Blast Furnace in PvP will be an excellent alternative to Belisarius-D from Competitive. Although there are perks like Zen Moment and Rapid Hit here, players are most attracted by Headseeker in the third column. This hasn’t happened since the Forsaken, so the shock of players is not surprising. Along with Headseeker, there is Kill Clip in the fourth column, which will significantly increase your lethality. By the way, for those who love Range, Keep Away is also present in the third column, but as strong as it may be, it’s doubtful it will outperform its competitors.

Final Words on All Into the Light Weapons

So, that’s all you need to know about all 12 ITL guns from this list. Now, you can prepare a plan for what you will farm, and if you have any questions, feel free to ask us in the comments. Remember that you can get the weapons even after the release of The Final Shape, but the shiny ones will only be available for a couple of months or even weeks.

Also, remember that you can save your time and get god rolls right away by using Destiny 2 Into the Light services. We can get any number of weapons for you, complete Onslaught any number of times, unlock the all-black shader, and most importantly, do all this quickly! The main thing is to trust the process and our best PvE players!

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