Destiny 2 Lightfall Strand Trailer Release

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So far, we have seen the latest Lightfall previews of Neomuna and the upcoming weapons. And just minutes ago, the Strand trailer was released and had been sending waves of excitement across the Destiny 2 community. We get to see the subclass’s abilities and how they look in action.

Behold the power of the Warlock Broodweaver as they unravel enemies with grace. Witness the raw strength of the Titan Berserker as they tear through the opposition with might. And admire the Hunter Threadrunner’s speed as they swiftly strike down any obstacle in their path.


We will dive deeper into each class’s respective abilities later in this article. But first, it’s worth taking time to understand Bungie’s newest Strand-related terms:

Next is some vocabulary regarding debuffs:


The Strand toolkit introduces an exhilarating new capability for Guardians – the grapple. This feature allows players to shoot a hook made of Strand matter by pressing the grenade button. It will then latch onto an anchor point or create its own out of thin air. Thus, provides you with the ability to soar through the sky without needing a solid surface.

The grapple can also deal melee damage, unravel an enemy and push them backward.

And that’s not even everything. Coming to Lightfall, each class will have its own unique abilities and customization options to experiment with. This provides players with an even more personalized and engaging gaming experience.


As the minion masters, Warlocks are able to manipulate Strand matter. You can create Threadlings and send them into battle to wreak havoc on enemies. These creatures latch onto targets and explode. If they can’t find a target, they will return to the Warlock until a new foe emerges.

They also have access to wielding the melee ability, Arcane Needle. It’s a three-charge, high-damage tracking projectile that unravels enemies on impact.

Warlocks have two Strand Aspects:

The Warlock’s Needlestorm Super is a formidable combination of burst damage and area control. It unleashes a barrage of hardened spikes that embed into enemies and surroundings before detonating, reweaving themselves into Threadlings that will relentlessly pursue any survivors.


The Titan Berserker’s Frenzied Blade melee ability is a fearsome display of destructive power. It allows you to rush forward and unleash a flurry of slashes with your Strand arm blades. This devastating ability not only severs your enemies but also decreases their damage.

As the name suggested, there is no force to be reckoned against the Berserker. You can chain these slashes together with a default set of three charges for maximum offensive power and lay waste to your opponents.

You will have two Aspects:

The Titan Berserker’s Super is Bladefury. It lets you dual-wield your claws and slash your way through the opposing armies.

The light attack is the Frenzied Blade’s supercharged version. It increases the speed of each subsequent hit up to three times. Each successful light attack also charges the heavy attack, which fires two homing projectiles that damage and suspend any foes they hit. The more charges you have, the more destructive they are.


The Hunter class will be extra-mobile in the upcoming expansion. You will be able to boast unmatched agility by utilizing the grapple and the new rope dart, Threaded Spike. The unique weapon will undoubtedly help you dominate the battlefield with the ability to perform multiple mid-air attacks with unparalleled speed and finesse.

The Threaded Spike melee ability sees the Hunter unleash a rope dart that bounces from enemy to enemy. It will both damage and sever them before returning back to you. Timing the catch precisely rewards you with increased melee energy for each enemy hit.

Just like the other two classes, the Hunter also has two Strand Aspects available:

The Threadrunner’s Super is Silkstrike. When activated:


The expansion introduces three new grenades for players:


Additionally, you will have access to new Fragments:

Strand is set to bring a diverse array of new abilities to Destiny 2 with its arrival in Lightfall on February 28. You will have access to everything from enemy-targeting Threadling minions to powerful Supers to innovative new mobility options. Get ready to harness and unleash the full potential of the new sub-class in your journey as a Guardian.

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