Dragonflight Season 4 Mythic Plus Loot Table

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Eight new dungeons have arrived in the World of Warcraft. It’s time to discover the diverse array of gear obtainable through M+ with our Dragonflight Season 4 Mythic plus loot table!

Dragonflight Season 4 Mythic Plus Loot Table

Key Takeaways

  • Item levels for M+ loot in Dragonflight Season 4 range from 496 to 509.
  • Great Vault item level gear ranges from 506 to 522.
  • This M+ loot table is divided into:
    • Loot by type, including accessories, trinkets, weapons, cloth, plate, leather, mail.
    • Loot by dungeons, including Algeth’ar Academy, Azure Vault, Brackenhide Hollow, Halls of Infusion, Neltharus, The Nokhud Offensive, Ruby Life Pool, and Uldaman: Legacy of Tyr.

For fans of Mythic+ dungeons, the real allure lies in the loot awaiting at the journey’s end. The WoW Dragonflight dungeons stand out as one of the best ways to upgrade your gear. Unlike regular Mythic dungeons, there’s no weekly limit on the number of M+ instances you can tackle. Each run guarantees groups a minimum of two gear drops distributed among participants via the personal loot system.

Season 4’s Mythic+ dungeon rotation featuring the original 8 Dragonflight dungeons: Algeth’ar Academy, Azure Vault, Brackenhide Hollow, Halls of Infusion, Neltharus, The Nokhud Offensive, Ruby Life Pool, and Uldaman: Legacy of Tyr.

Dragonflight Season 4 Great Vault Item Level Gear

Beyond dungeon loot, you are also granted a weekly opportunity to obtain powerful gear from the Great Vault. The quality of your Great Vault rewards hinges on the highest keystone you have completed that week, with the cap set at level 10. In the fourth season of Dragonflight, Mythic+ dungeon caches can reach up to item level 509. Meanwhile, Great Vault loot tops out at item level 522. And to add, you can further boost the power of the received gear with Flightstone and Crests.

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Mythic Plus Loot Table in Dragonflight Season 4: Item Levels

Keystone Difficulty LevelEnd of Dungeon Item LevelGreat Vault Item Level

Season 4 Mythic Plus Loot Table by Type

Season 4 Mythic+ Accessories

BackPotion-Stained CloakAlgeth’ar Academy
BackCloak of Lost DevotionAzure Vault
BackMammoth-Trainer’s DrapeNeltharus
BackFireproof DrapeRuby Life Pools
FingerPlatinum Star BandAlgeth’ar Academy
FingerUnstable Arcane LoopAzure Vault
FingerBloodied Wedding RingBrackenhide Hollow
FingerCircle of Ascended FrostHalls of Infusion
FingerScalebane SignetNeltharus
FingerEternal Sentry’s RingUldaman: Legacy of Tyr
FingerThunderous Downburst RingThe Nokhud Offensive
NeckCustodian’s Medallion of DelusionAzure Vault
FingerTuskarr Bone NecklaceBrackenhide Hollow
NeckUkhel Ancestry BeadsThe Nokhud Offensive
NeckBromach’s Disentombed LocketUldaman: Legacy of Tyr

Season 4 Mythic+ Trinkets

StrengthDragon Games EquipmentAlgeth’ar Academy
IntellectEmerald Coach’s WhistleAlgeth’ar Academy
Agility/StrengthAlgeth’ar Puzzle BoxAlgeth’ar Academy
Agility/StrengthBurgeoning SeedThe Azure Vault
IntellectTome of Unstable PowerThe Azure Vault
Agility/StrengthFrenzying Signoll FlareBrackenhide Hollow
Agility/StrengthTreemouth’s Festering SplinterBrackenhide Hollow
Agility/IntellectIdol of Pure DecayBrackenhide Hollow
MasteryIrideus FragmentHalls of Infusion
AgilityGlobe of Jagged IceHalls of Infusion
IntellectWater’s Beating HeartHalls of Infusion
Agility/StrengthMutated Magmammoth ScaleNeltharus
Agility/IntellectErupting Spear FragmentNeltharus
IntellectSpoils of NeltharusNeltharus
HasteBottle of Spiraling WindsThe Nokhud Offensive
IntellectFurious RagefeatherThe Nokhud Offensive
StrengthIdol of Trampling HoovesThe Nokhud Offensive
IntellectMiniature Singing StoneThe Nokhud Offensive
Agility/Strength/IntellectRuby Whelp ShellRuby Life Pools
HasteBlazebinder’s HoofRuby Life Pools
CritKyrakka’s Searing EmbersRuby Life Pools
Agility/StrengthHomeland Raid HornUldaman: Legacy of Tyr
StrengthInexorable ResonatorUldaman: Legacy of Tyr
IntellectTime-Breaching TalonUldaman: Legacy of Tyr

Season 4 Mythic+ Weapons

One-Handed Weapons

SwordStrengthSpellbane CutlassAlgeth’ar Academy
SwordIntellectSpellboon SaberAlgeth’ar Academy
WarglaiveAgilityMystakra’s HarvesterAlgeth’ar Academy
AxeAgilityHorizon SplitterThe Azure Vault
DaggerIntellectTz’onna, Fear-StrikerThe Azure Vault
SwordAgilityRefraction’s EdgeThe Azure Vault
MaceIntellectDecatriarch’s Bone PestleBrackenhide Hollow
DaggerAgilityRot-Carved Totemic ShankBrackenhide Hollow
AxeStrengthTongue HackerHalls of Infusion
DaggerAgility Croaking DaggerHalls of Infusion
DaggerIntellectSearing Tusk ShardNeltharus
Fist WeaponAgilityDragonscale RipperNeltharus
SwordStrengthStrike TwiceThe Nokhud Offensive
WarglaiveAgilityStormslashThe Nokhud Offensive
MaceAgilityHavoc CrusherRuby Life Pools
DaggerAgilitySkyferno RondelRuby Life Pools
DaggerAgilityUnearthed TrogglodicerUldaman: Legacy of Tyr
MaceAgilityBouldersplitterUldaman: Legacy of Tyr

Two-Handed Weapons

AxeStrengthAlgeth’ar HedgecleaverAlgeth’ar Academy
StaffAgilityObsidian Goaltending SpireAlgeth’ar Academy
StaffIntellectFinal GradeAlgeth’ar Academy
PolearmStrengthLey-Line TracerThe Azure Vault
StaffAgilityGolden-Winged RodThe Azure Vault
PolearmAgilityPoached Kalu’ak SpearBrackenhide Hollow
MaceIntellectAncestral StoneshaperBrackenhide Hollow
MaceStrengthBough of DeteriorationBrackenhide Hollow
SwordStrengthUndertow TidebladeHalls of Infusion
MaceStrengthSargha’s SmasherNeltharus
PolearmStrengthQuarryslayer GlaiveThe Nokhud Offensive
StaffIntellectStaff of Violent StormsThe Nokhud Offensive
StaffIntellectChillworn’s Infusion StaffRuby Life Pools
AxeAgilityBackdraft CleaverRuby Life Pools
PolearmAgilitySentinel’s Battle LanceUldaman: Legacy of Tyr
StaffIntellectInfinite DragonspireUldaman: Legacy of Tyr

Ranged Weapons

CrossbowAgilityGutshot’s Trophy HunterBrackenhide Hollow
GunAgilityTitan-Forged BlasterHalls of Infusion
BowAgilityBow of the First KhanamThe Nokhud Offensive
GunAgilityVault PiercerUldaman: Legacy of Tyr

Shield and Off-Hand

Off-handIntellectVexamus’ Expulsion RodAlgeth’ar Academy
ShieldStrength/IntellectCrystalized BulwarkThe Azure Vault
Off-HandIntellectRod of Perfect OrderHalls of Infusion
Off-HandIntellectIrontorch IgniterNeltharus
ShieldStrength/IntellectQalashi DefenderNeltharus
Off-handIntellectKokia’s Burnout RodRuby Life Pools
ShieldStrength/IntellectDrake Rider’s StecktargeRuby Life Pools
ShieldStrength/IntellectStout ShieldUldaman: Legacy of Tyr

Season 4 Mythic+ Cloth

HandsExperimental Safety GlovesAlgeth’ar Academy
ChestBronze Challenger’s RobeAlgeth’ar Academy
HeadOrganized Pontificator’s MaskAlgeth’ar Academy
WristInfused Elemental BandsThe Azure Vault
HandsAzureblade’s Work GlovesThe Azure Vault
HeadHeadwrap of the AbandonedThe Azure Vault
FeetRavenous Pursuer’s FootwrapsBrackenhide Hollow
ShoulderBoastful Stalker’s EpauletsBrackenhide Hollow
HeadMask of Imperishable LeavesBrackenhide Hollow
WristLily-Laced BraceletsHalls of Infusion
FeetKhajin’s Hailstone FootwrapsHalls of Infusion
ChestRobe of Plunging DepthsHalls of Infusion
ShoulderMolten Magma MantleNeltharus
WaistFlare-Singed StrapNeltharus
HandsWarlord’s CindermittsNeltharus
ShoulderDrake Hunter ShoulderpadsThe Nokhud Offensive
ChestBlessed Ohn’ir RobesThe Nokhud Offensive
WaistSky Saddle CordRuby Life Pools
LegsWind Soarer’s BreechesRuby Life Pools
WaistLost Hero’s Waist WrapUldaman: Legacy of Tyr
LegsMiner’s Sturdy TrousersUldaman: Legacy of Tyr
FeetAncient Crosswrapped SandalsUldaman: Legacy of Tyr
WristAnimated ShacklesUldaman: Legacy of Tyr
LegsCrazed Traveler’s LegwrapsUldaman: Legacy of Tyr

Season 4 Mythic+ Leather

WristFrenzyroot CuffsAlgeth’ar Academy
HandsRuby Contestant’s GlovesAlgeth’ar Academy
FeetCinch of Forgotten DutyThe Azure Vault
WristMirage BindingsThe Azure Vault
ShoulderMantle of Yearned FreedomThe Azure Vault
WristFerocious Hyena HidebindersBrackenhide Hollow
FeetAncient RotwalkersBrackenhide Hollow
HandsBlightweaver’s ClutchesBrackenhide Hollow
WaistWatcher’s Clasp of PurposeHalls of Infusion
ShoulderAncient Hornswog SpauldersHalls of Infusion
FeetTreads of Restored OrderHalls of Infusion
LegsLavabearer LegwrapsNeltharus
ChestDragonkiln ChestguardNeltharus
HeadStoneroot HeaddressThe Nokhud Offensive
ChestTunic of the Eternal HuntThe Nokhud Offensive
LegsLegguards of Adamant RuleThe Nokhud Offensive
HandsSubjugator’s Chilling GripsRuby Life Pools
ChestInvader’s Firestorm ChestguardRuby Life Pools
HeadCrown of Roaring StormsRuby Life Pools
FeetTreads of the SwiftUldaman: Legacy of Tyr
WaistTroggskin WaistbandUldaman: Legacy of Tyr
ShoulderShoulders of Animated StoneUldaman: Legacy of Tyr
LegsAnnora’s Punctured LeggingsUldaman: Legacy of Tyr
HeadVision of Foreshadowed EndsUldaman: Legacy of Tyr

Season 4 Mythic+ Mail

FeetBoots of Explosive GrowthAlgeth’ar Academy
WaistAzure Belt of CompetitionAlgeth’ar Academy
ShoulderScaled Commencement SpauldersAlgeth’ar Academy
ShoulderSpaulders of Wild GrowthThe Azure Vault
LegsStasis-Freed LeggingsThe Azure Vault
ShoulderRooted Shoulders of PutrefactionBrackenhide Hollow
WaistSwollen Bark ClaspBrackenhide Hollow
LegsTassets of Densified OozeBrackenhide Hollow
HeadAmphibian’s Bellowing CrownHalls of Infusion
FeetSwoglet StompersHalls of Infusion
ChestHauberk of Frozen FervorHalls of Infusion
HandsTorrential Downpour GauntletsHalls of Infusion
WristObsidian-Hardened WrapsNeltharus
ChestEmberguard HarnessNeltharus
HeadHelm of Hardened GoldNeltharus
WristShikaar Ranger BracersThe Nokhud Offensive
FeetLightning-Charged StridersThe Nokhud Offensive
LegsEgg Tender’s LeggingsRuby Life Pools
HeadBlazebound Lieutenant’s HelmRuby Life Pools
HandsGalerattle GauntletsRuby Life Pools
WristFierce Boreal ArmguardsUldaman: Legacy of Tyr
HandsRock ShovelersUldaman: Legacy of Tyr
WaistGatekeeper’s GirdleUldaman: Legacy of Tyr
ChestFatebound ChainmailUldaman: Legacy of Tyr

Season 4 Mythic+ Plate

ChestBreastplate of Proven KnowledgeAlgeth’ar Academy
LegsVenerated Professor’s GreavesAlgeth’ar Academy
FeetTwenty-Two-League StridersThe Azure Vault
WaistIllusion Breaker’s WaistguardThe Azure Vault
ChestCuirass of Irreparable MadnessThe Azure Vault
WaistTrapmaster’s Utility BeltBrackenhide Hollow
WristBinders of the MolderingBrackenhide Hollow
HeadDecay Mother’s Wrathful GazeBrackenhide Hollow
HandsGauntlets of Incalculable PowerHalls of Infusion
WaistRavenous Omnivore’s GirdleHalls of Infusion
HeadEarthshaker’s Steel VisorHalls of Infusion
ShoulderMantle of Crushing WavesHalls of Infusion
LegsFural’s Blazing FauldsNeltharus
FeetPristine Magma StompersNeltharus
HandsForgemaster’s GripsNeltharus
FeetDrake Hunter’s GreavesThe Nokhud Offensive
WristThrashing Wind VambracesThe Nokhud Offensive
ShoulderNokhud Traditionalist’s PauldronsThe Nokhud Offensive
FeetScaleguard’s Stalwart GreatbootsRuby Life Pools
ChestBreastplate of Soaring TerrorRuby Life Pools
HeadOld Seafarer’s HeadpieceUldaman: Legacy of Tyr
WristExcavated Earthen WristslabsUldaman: Legacy of Tyr
HandsKeeper’s Iron GripsUldaman: Legacy of Tyr
ShoulderPauldrons of Immutable TruthUldaman: Legacy of Tyr

Season 4 Mythic+ Loot by Dungeons

Dragonflight Season 4 Mythic Plus Loot Table
(Source: Blizzard Entertainment)

Algeth’ar Academy

Two-Handed Sword Algeth’ar Hedgecleaver
Mail FeetBoots of Explosive Growth
Cloth HandsExperimental Safety Gloves
Leather WristFrenzyroot Cuffs
WarglaiveMystakra’s Harvester
BackPotion-Stained Cloak
Mail WaistAzure Belt of Competition
Cloth ChestBronze Challenger’s Robe
TrinketDragon Games Equipment
TrinketEmerald Coach’s Whistle
StaffObsidian Goaltending Spire
Leather HandsRuby Contestant’s Gloves
RingPlatinum Star Band
One-Handed SwordSpellbane Cutlass
One-Handed SwordSpellboon Saber
Off-HandVexamus’ Expulsion Rod
TrinketAlgeth’ar Puzzle Box
Plate ChestBreastplate of Proven Knowledge
StaffFinal Grade
Cloth HeadOrganized Pontificator’s Mask
Mail ShoulderScaled Commencement Spaulders
Plate LegsVenerated Professor’s Greaves

The Azure Vault

TrinketBurgeoning Seed
Leather WaistCinch of Forgotten Duty
Cloth WristInfused Elemental Bands
PolearmLey-Line Tracer
Mail ShoulderSpaulders of Wild Growth
RingUnstable Arcane Loop
BackCloak of Lost Devotion
One-Handed AxeHorizon Splitter
TrinketTome of Unstable Power
Plate FeetTwenty-Two-League Striders
One-Handed SwordTz’onna, Fear-Striker
Cloth HandsAzureblade’s Work Gloves
NeckCustodian’s Medallion of Delusion
StaffGolden-Winged Rod
Plate WaistIllusion Breaker’s Waistguard
Leather WristMirage Bindings
ShieldCrystalized Bulwark
Plate ChestCuirass of Irreparable Madness
Cloth HeadHeadwrap of the Abandoned
Leather ShoulderMantle of Yearned Freedom
One-Handed SwordRefraction’s Edge
Mail LegsStasis-Freed Leggings
TrinketUmbrelskul’s Fractured Heart

Brackenhide Hollow

Two-Handed MaceAncestral Stoneshaper
RingBloodied Wedding Ring
TrinketFrenzying Signoll Flare
PolearmPoached Kalu’ak Spear
Cloth FeetRavenous Pursuer’s Footwraps
Cloth ShoulderBoastful Stalker’s Epaulets
Leather WristFerocious Hyena Hidebinders
CrossbowGutshot’s Trophy Hunter
Plate WaistTrapmaster’s Utility Belt
NeckTuskarr Bone Necklace
Leather FeetAncient Rotwalkers
Plate WristBinders of the Moldering
Two-Handed MaceBough of Deterioration
Cloth HeadMask of Imperishable Leaves
Mail ShoulderRooted Shoulders of Putrefaction
Mail WaistSwollen Bark Clasp
TrinketTreemouth’s Festering Splinter
Leather HandsBlightweaver’s Clutches
One-Handed MaceDecatriarch’s Bone Pestle
Plate HeadDecay Mother’s Wrathful Gaze
TrinketIdol of Pure Decay
DaggerRot-Carved Totemic Shank
Mail LegsTassets of Densified Ooze

Halls of Infusion

Plate HandsGauntlets of Incalculable Power
TrinketIrideus Fragment
Off-HandRod of Perfect Order
GunTitan-Forged Blaster
Leather WaistWatcher’s Clasp of Purpose
Mail HeadAmphibian’s Bellowing Crown
Leather ShoulderAncient Hornswog Spaulders
DaggerCroaking Dagger
Cloth WristLily-Laced Bracelets
Plate WaistRavenous Omnivore’s Girdle
Mail FeetSwoglet Stompers
One-Handed AxeTongue Hacker
RingCircle of Ascended Frost
Plate HeadEarthshaker’s Steel Visor
TrinketGlobe of Jagged Ice
Mail ChestHauberk of Frozen Fervor
Cloth FeetKhajin’s Hailstone Footwraps


Plate LegsFural’s Blazing Faulds
BackMammoth-Trainer’s Drape
Cloth ShoulderMolten Magma Mantle
TrinketMutated Magmammoth Scale
DaggerSearing Tusk Shard
Fist WeaponDragonscale Ripper
TrinketErupting Spear Fragment
Mail WristsObsidian-Hardened Wraps
Plate FeetPristine Magma Stompers
RingScalebane Signet
Mail ChestEmberguard Harness
Cloth WaistFlare-Singed Strap
Plate HandsForgemaster’s Grips
One-Handed MaceForgestorm
Off-HandIrontorch Igniter
Leather LegsLavabearer Legwraps
Leather ChestDragonkiln Chestguard
Mail HeadHelm of Hardened Gold
ShieldQalashi Defender
Two-Handed MaceSargha’s Smasher
TrinketSpoils of Neltharus
Cloth HandsWarlord’s Cindermitts

The Nokhud Offensive

Cloth ShoulderDrake Hunter Shoulderpads
Plate LegsDrake Hunter’s Greaves
TrinketGranyth’s Enduring Scale
PolearmQuarryslayer Glaive
Mail WristShikaar Ranger Bracers
Leather HeadStoneroot Headdress
TrinketBottle of Spiraling Winds
StaffStaff of Violent Storms
One-Handed SwordStrike Twice
Plate WristThrashing Wind Vambraces
RingThunderous Downburst Ring
BowBow of the First Khanam
TrinketFurious Ragefeather
TrinketIdol of Trampling Hooves
TrinketMiniature Singing Stone
Leather ChestTunic of the Eternal Hunt
NeckUkhel Ancestry Beads
Cloth ChestBlessed Ohn’ir Robes
DaggerKoroleth’s Crackling Dagger
Leather LegsLegguards of Adamant Rule
Mail FeetLightning-Charged Striders
Plate ShoulderNokhud Traditionalist’s Pauldrons

Ruby Life Pools

StaffChillworn’s Infusion Staff
Mail LegsEgg Tender’s Leggings
TrinketRuby Whelp Shell
Plate FeetScaleguard’s Stalwart Greatboots
Leather HandsSubjugator’s Chilling Grips
TrinketBlazebinder’s Hoof
Leather ShoulderBlazebound Lieutenant’s Helm
BackFireproof Drape
One-Handed MaceHavoc Crusher
Leather ChestInvader’s Firestorm Chestguard
Off-HandKokia’s Burnout Rod
Two-Handed AxeBackdraft Cleaver
Plate ChestBreastplate of Soaring Terror
Leather HeadCrown of Roaring Storms
ShieldDrake Rider’s Stecktarge
Mail HandsGalerattle Gauntlets
TrinketKyrakka’s Searing Embers
Cloth WaistSky Saddle Cord
DaggerSkyferno Rondel
Cloth LegsWind Soarer’s Breeches

Uldaman: Legacy of Tyr

Leather FeetTreads of the Swift
Plate HeadOld Seafarer’s Headpiece
TrinketHomeland Raid Horn
Mail WristFierce Boreal Armguards
ShieldStout Shield
Cloth WaistLost Hero’s Waist Wrap
Plate WristExcavated Earthen Wristslabs
Leather WaistTroggskin Waistband
Mail HandsRock Shovelers
NeckBromach’s Disentombed Locket
DaggerUnearthed Trogglodicer
Cloth LegsMiner’s Sturdy Trousers
PolearmSentinel’s Battle Lance
RingEternal Sentry’s Ring
Leather ShoulderShoulders of Animated Stone
Cloth FeetAncient Crosswrapped Sandals
TrinketInexorable Resonator
Plate HandsKeeper’s Iron Grips
Leather LegsAnnora’s Punctured Leggings
Mail WaistGatekeeper’s Girdle
One-Handed MaceBouldersplitter
GunVault Piercer
Cloth WristAnimated Shackles
Leather HeadVision of Foreshadowed Ends
Mail ChestFatebound Chainmail
TrinketTime-Breaching Talon
StaffInfinite Dragonspire
Cloth LegsCrazed Traveler’s Legwraps
Plate ShoulderPauldrons of Immutable Truth

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