Destiny 2 Lightfall Hunter Trick: the Infinite Grapple

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A creative Guardian, Dûrithil, has figured out how to use the “Infinite Grapple.”

The Destiny 2 community is still being torn when talking about Lightfall. Many aren’t that fond of the new subclass. Yet, it would be unfair to say that Strand is absolutely not fun to play. The only major downside of it until now is the Grapple’s lengthy cooldown. Even at tier 10, it takes a minute to fully recharge. Thus, the Guardian has taken the matter into their own hands. They have figured out how to swing around as much as they wish and as long as they want. Therefore, actually traversing Neomuna “like a superhero,” just as Bungie described it.

There’s a catch, however. The trick only works if you are a Hunter. It revolves around the mechanic of Widow’s Silk. When a Hunter uses their Grapple to latch onto empty air, they leave behind a Tangle. This serves as a grapple point and can be used for free. It also fully restores the grapple energy and cooldown. Thus, Hunters are able to enter an endless loop of grappling and grenade replenishment, allowing them to fly back and forth indefinitely.

To better understand how it works, check out the video below.

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