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Destiny 2 Witch Queen release date in North America is February 22, 2022. The plot of the new expansion for the renowned shooter game will be focused on the witch-queen Savathun who managed to harness the Light and create her own Hive-Ghosts, with the help of which she made the Hive-Guardians. Yes, you heard everything correctly. According to the developers, they have been leading us to this plot from the very first part of the franchise.

Bungie is planning to make a rich and action-packed promotion campaign that fans of DOOM, Halo, and God of War would definitely enjoy. Hardcore players will have the opportunity to go through an extended version, which has a very high level of difficulty.

Another important new feature that will become available is the ability to create your own weapons – the developers promise a lot of new modules for creating the most interesting guns, and during the next year, their number will become even bigger.   

The first unique weapon for crafting will be a spear, which you can only make by yourself.

Gameplay Trailer

The studio also revealed the final addition to the “Light and Darkness” saga – The Final Shape. The schedule looks like this:

  • The Witch Queen – February 22, 2022
  • Lightfall – 2023
  • The Final Shape – 2024.

Today, you have Season of the Lost at your disposal, which will become the prolog of The Witch Queen. Thanks to it, crossplay and the ability to play with the owners of any gaming platform such as PlayStation, Xbox, PC, or Stadia has finally appeared in the game.

The Witch Queen DLC: New Features

Many years have passed since the launch of the game, but Bungie is still trying hard to keep The Witch Queen alive using various DLC, patches, and in-game events. The first major additions to the game were about the struggle between Light and Darkness, and the role the Guardians played in all of this. The Witch Queen brings the saga to an end: you and your team will have to visit Savathun, the goddess of the Hive, conquer her world-Throne and bring peace to the universe. 

In order to do this, you will be provided with a lot of previously inaccessible opportunities – crafting weapons with special combinations of modifications, characteristics, and shaders, a glaive, with the help of which you will be able to slaughter your opponents, combining melee attacks, shooting and shields, and reworking the game balance. 

The “Void” subclasses will offer such a new feature as a completely new combat experience, as they were created almost from scratch. The deluxe edition includes four seasons (from the sixteenth to the nineteenth), two dungeons, a submachine gun with an ornament and a catalyst, as well as fashionable exotic sparrows.

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