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Every week, Destiny 2 competitive players face Trials of Osiris, which brings together some of the most hardcore PvP players in this MMO shooter. Unfortunately, most of these players lose those matches and leave ToS disappointed to improve their skills until next week. It’s a sad situation, but there seems to be a solution…

Welcome to WowVendor, where the dreams of many players finally come true. We provide the highest quality Trials of Osiris carry service, thanks to which the Guardians successfully triumph in PvP and get long-desired guns. Nevertheless, let’s take a look at the benefits of our boosting and what range of services we offer.



Time is the most precious thing people have, and we suggest saving it for more valuable activities. Trials of Osiris require players to be well prepared and have high competitive skills, so this activity takes weeks or even months to achieve flawless. Our professionals reduce this time and complete your order in a few days.

You no longer have to waste your free time to finally succeed here. Just order our Trials of Osiris carry, and we’ll get to work.


It often happens that random players or your regular teammates have some room for improvement in PvP. Sometimes you need sharper skills to fight in ToO. Don’t worry. Our boosters are good enough to go through everything for you or become your teammates. All you need to do is select the Sherpa or Recovery option, and after that, we will explain what needs to be done for a successful order. We, in turn, promise to ensure the fulfillment of Trials carries in any case.


Farming is one of the most painful things to do among tier lists of Destiny 2 players. Most of the time, Guardians have to go through the same things in order to get more experience for their Season Pass or increase their reputation rank. Luckily, while we are fulfilling your order, we are farming all this, and when we get your account back, you will be pleasantly surprised at how much your rank and SP have increased. Saving you from daily farming is one of the main ideas and priorities of Trials of Osiris boost.


While we are performing a service for you on your account, you will receive a bonus for all items dropped during this process. Adept weapons, exotic items, emblems, and more will make you happier. Maybe you’ll get lucky and get a drop with an item you just wanted after completing the same flawless Trials.


WowVendor’s Destiny 2 trials carry service is available in a large number and variety, covering any requests from our customers. Any request can be granted, but first, let’s look at the most popular categories.

Here’s what we can offer you at Trials:


Completing Trials of Osiris with flawlessness is almost impossible for some players. You need to make as many as seven victories in a row and, at the same time, hope that none of your team will let you down at the most crucial moment. We know that, and we are ready to solve this problem. Even the platform is not a barrier for us as we provide Trials carry on PC, Playstation, and Xbox. All for the convenience of our customers and the desire to help them with any problem.

WowVendor offers you a choice of two passage types — Mercy and Confidence. The first option is an amazing choice for getting weekly adept weapons and getting to know our professionals at work. If you want to pick up bonus guns, then Confidence will suit you much more. We can go through both with you when choosing the Sherpa option or vice versa on your account when choosing the Recovery option. This is precisely the unique highlight of our D2 trials carry because it can be fully customized for our customers.


Like any other activity, it has its own vendor, namely Saint-14, which gives bounties to complete daily. The bottom line is that you get lots of valuable EXP, which is very important if you are going to complete everything before the end of the season. The catch lies in the requirements for fulfilling these bounties. These mini-quests are pretty difficult, and sometimes even veterans of the game have difficulty completing them.

And suddenly, WowVendor’s professionals appear who are always ready to complete them. By choosing our Trials boost service, we will complete your daily bounties without any difficulty in the shortest possible time. Our boosters can even complete them simultaneously, but it’s all up to you. In any case, when you purchase our services, you are provided with a bunch of experience!


Everyone knows that if you want one of the best endgame armor sets, you should go to ToS. And yet, not all players can go to the arena to fight with real lions there. Again don’t worry because we are here! Our boosters are ready to farm even armor for you. All you have to do is select the desired pieces of armor that you want our staff to get on your guardian. After waiting a couple of days, you are guaranteed to get the parts you wanted the most and for a much lower price tag than a full set, for example. WowVendor prides itself on the quality of Destiny 2 Trials boost, as we try to make an excellent choice for our customers so that you can get exactly what you need, quickly and efficiently.


Trials of Osiris activity is not available immediately, which is not surprising because so many tough and experienced Destiny 2 players come here. First, you need to complete a unique quest in which you need to reach a certain level of power, get a Valor rank of Legend and defeat 50 opponents in the Elimination playlist. We understand that for many Guardians, this is far from easy and very time-consuming. Therefore we can help with its closure. You order our boost and share your account with us, we farm each of these quests, and then you get a bunch of experience, weapons, and the completion of this quest. Everyone is happy and satisfied, and it’s all thanks to our best employees from Trials carries!


Would you like to be the most frightening player by completing a Flawless Seal in no matter of time? Well, you’re lucky because our boosters are capable of such things. We can perform any triumph of your choice. In addition, we will provide you with much experience and loot during this complex process. It will take a lot of time because it all depends on your wishes. However, the end result will surprise you immensely.

The only thing is to trust our professionals and relax because you are free from endless farming. All this is possible with Trials of Osiris carry boost from WowVendor.


We saved the most interesting for the end because many Guardians go to Trials of Osiris for adept weapons. Everyone wants to get the best gun from this activity in the shortest possible time, but the RNG gods are not allowing this to happen. You are lucky because you found us!

WowVendor has a massive selection of guns to choose from and is constantly changing with the new season. Any shotgun, hand cannon, auto rifle, sniper rifle, SMG, or other weapons can be credited to your account with our services. Find our page with Destiny 2 Trials carry and an adept weapon that you need to farm out, and then order this gun. You can even choose express completion to get it as fast as our boosters can. As strange as it sounds, RNG Gods are always helping them get the desired item fast for some reason.


WowVendor has been providing various services in video games for eight years and is the most respected service provider on the Internet. Right now, we have collected more than 22,000 reviews from customers who are primarily satisfied with the quality of our work.

One of the additional factors is really reasonable prices. We provide cheap Trials carries because we understand that not every player will want to spend hundreds of hours farming for the first flawless Trials or getting the long-wanted gun. From time to time, we even give discounts, so we recommend that you follow us more often.

In case you are worried that your account or money can be stolen, we want to dispel your doubts. WowVendor takes full responsibility here. For example, transactions go through a secure and verified payment system. On top of that, each of our employees passed a particular check before we hired him.

In addition, we have very high-quality support that helps our customers with any questions 24/7. So, if you have any questions, feel free to ask! Like about Trials of Osiris carry on PS4 or another platform, how to contact our booster, where new guns of this season are, etc.

In the end, we want to thank you for choosing WowVendor. We are constantly trying to improve the quality of our services. With your help, we were able to succeed in providing the highest quality services. Every day, more than 500 of our boosters from US region continue to delight you, eliminating the need to farm and spend time completing Trials or any other activity in Destiny 2. We hope you will come back and decide to use our Trials of Osiris boosting services!

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