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Are you ready to take on the Root of Nightmares but struggling to find a reliable and efficient team to join? Do you want to experience the best of the new Destiny 2 raid and earn its terrific rewards without wasting hours on matchmaking or grinding? Then, meet WowVendor’s Root of Nightmares carry services — your best way to beat the toughest challenges and get the juiciest rewards! 

With WowVendor, you’re free to join a skilled and experienced party that will guide you through the raid’s challenges or save time and let the boosters do all the hard work for you. Regardless of your playstyle and in-game goals, here on our website, you can always find just the right service to meet your needs. Feel free to take a look at our Root of Nightmares carries and boosts, and don’t be shy to place your order. The newest Destiny 2 raid is yours to conquer!  


Our raid services provide the most effective way to beat the raid and maximize your rewards. Whether you need assistance with a full completion or just a specific encounter, we at WowVendor have every tool necessary to help you excel. Whatever it is you aim at, our professional Destiny 2 raiders are always ready to join the fight, talented enough to successfully handle any task at hand.

Instead of spending hours looking for a team or practicing raid mechanics, you can join a professional Guardian squad and get right into the action. Our Root of Nightmares carries allow you to team up with the most experienced and skilled PvEers in the Destiny 2 player base and learn from their expertise, reaping the game’s best rewards along the way. Or you can receive your top-tier loot drops with no effort at all by hiring a team of professional Guardians to complete the whole raid for you. No input or participation is required on your part in this case. You just temporarily share your account with our booster, and they play your character throughout the entire run, delivering all the rewards straight to your inventory. If that sounds appealing to you, simply select the Recovery option when you order Root of Nightmares raid services here on the website. You can also purchase the live stream option to watch the whole raiding session online and enjoy the professional playthrough in real time.

As you know, the Root of Nightmares offers a good share of exclusive rewards, such as weapons, armor, and emblems, that are only available to those who complete the raid. However, even a successful completion does not always guarantee all the coveted items, as raid drops are typically RNG-based. Securing a particular weapon or armor piece might take several runs, making your gaming sessions quite stressful and time-consuming. When you buy Root of Nightmares Exotic services, though, you don’t have to worry about re-runs and random drops at all. Whatever Exotic lies hidden in the depth of the raid, our boosters will grind it out for you, no matter how many raid runs it’s going to take. And it’s not just about the Exotics! If there’s a particular raid item or achievement you want to get, you can simply order a boost for it and get a guaranteed drop in no time. 


WowVendor is a reputable and trustworthy boosting provider with years of experience on the market. More than 10,000 players have already tried our services to enhance their gameplay and get the most out of their favorite games. Now is your turn to reach new heights in Destiny 2!

Here’s what we’re glad to offer to every gamer in need:

  • Wide choice of services

With a wide range of services and options available, you can enjoy customized solutions that cater perfectly to your needs. Whether you’re looking for the Root of Nightmares challenge carry services or a massive Lightfall raid loot package, there’s always a boost available for you here at WowVendor. From account-sharing boosts to game coaching and carry runs, we offer all kinds of deals, including custom orders to suit your specific goals.

  • Top-notch security

We always take great care to ensure the safety and privacy of our dear customers. Our boosters never use hacks, cheats, or any other illegal or unethical practices that could jeopardize your account or personal information. Secure payment methods and encryption technologies allow us to protect your financial information at the highest level possible. We also use VPNs to prevent any unwanted attention, so you can rest assured that all our D2 Root of Nightmares boost services or any other boost performed by our pros will not harm your account or data in any way.

  • 100% result guarantee

We at WowVendor offer a result guarantee and a refund policy to all our customers. We always do our best to deliver, but sometimes mistakes and issues occur, which sadly can taint your boosting experience to some extent. If you are not satisfied with the service you received, you can request a redo at no extra cost. A full refund is also available if there’s nothing we can do to fix the problem and complete your order in a proper way. With WowVendor, you get what you paid for or get your money back!

  • Talented and experienced boosters

When you buy Root of Nightmares services at WowVendor, your order is always handled by the best Destiny 2 experts in the community. All our pros have been carefully selected and tested to fit the highest level of gaming knowledge and experience. Having spent countless hours playing Destiny 2 and honing their skills, they know all the game’s ins and outs, including boss mechanics and raid tactics required to beat the new Lightfall instance. With such assistance, you can navigate even the game’s toughest challenges with ease!

So why struggle through difficult encounters or miss out on top-tier rewards? Take advantage of our Root of Nightmares carry boost deals now and get everything you want in just a few clicks!

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Raid rules.
The raid was handled quickly as to the rules that were laid out at the beginning of the raid. Bosses were killed quickly. Nice way to gear up an alt for a person in an inactive guild.
Super Duper A+++
Super Duper A+++
Can't beat the service
Can't beat the service. They seem to always deliver. Thats why I use them.
We run so easy crotas end it was awsome…
We run so easy crotas end it was awsome to play with them. Just take youre time for waiting to start theyre realy hard working.
Smooth and easy run of a awakened…
Smooth and easy run of a awakened heroic Vault
Incredibly efficient
Incredibly efficient. Superb comms and delivered as promised. Never let me down would recommend.
Good service just takes a while
Good service just takes a while
They pretty much completed everything…
They pretty much completed everything within 2 weeks which for the three days orders I placed was awesome. Great service as always.
Very good job guys 👍 definitely coming…
Very good job guys 👍 definitely coming back 😁
Amazing service PANTHEON
Amazing service! Had my doubts at the beginning if it was truly legit and trustworthy and they totally are! I had the stream package so I could watch whats happening and they obliterated every encounter only took them 45 minutes with the platinum score! Will surely use again when work prevents me from playing much!
Great run
Great run! Highly recommend.
Flawless as always
Flawless as always. Great customer service! The Best services I ever dealt with.
Excellent job!
Excellent job!! I would have never gotten it done by myself I recommend for anybody who needs a little help
Great team easy and well executed
Great team easy and well executed
Great communication and was able to…
Great communication and was able to work with my varying schedule. Run was quick and efficient as always.
On time and always deliver
On time and always deliver! As always great service for great price. Communication is great for the run. Fast and efficient too
Great! Nice and easy
Another fast and efficient run. Thanks
Same as always good
Same as always good communication. Everything done quick and smooth very Happy. Thanks
Quick efficient run
Quick efficient run. Zero Drama.
Fast, efficient and flexible!
Fast, efficient and flexible on scheduling!
Services Completed Timely
I ordered a Trial of Osiris boost and it was completed very quickly!
Good times
Easy and professional.
Great and fast delivery
Great and fast delivery

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