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Every gamer wants to have the best character and the most valuable items that speak of his or her glory and heroic adventures. But in many cases, you have to spend an enormous amount of time to grind the best weapons and the desired artifacts. With our Destiny 2 Legendary weapons boosting service, you won’t have to worry about that. We will make your character as tough as you want to let you get the coolest in-game arms and Orb-enabling Masterworks weapons.

Why order Destiny 2 Legendary weapons at WoWVendor?

We offer carry services for sale that will quickly allow you to gain Legendaries in the following activities, modes, and quests:

  • Gambit matches. With the Python shotgun, Outlast energy pulse rifle, or Sole Survivor energy sniper rifle, you will become unbeatable in PvEvP encounters.
  • Crucible activities. Our carries will farm you such ritual weapons as the Komodo-4FR linear fusion rifle and the Point of the Stag, a bow from the Iron Banner questline.
  • Menagerie mode. A fan of this thrilling activity? Buy Legendary weapons for Destiny 2 like the Beloved sniper rifle, Austringer, or Imperial Decree to unlock more fun in it.
  • Forsaken DLC. You will enjoy this expansion even more with Kindled Orchid and Luna’s Howl energy and kinetic hand cannons.
  • Escalation Protocol events. This is where you can buy a D2 Legendary weapons boost to get the IKELOS sniper rifle and submachine guns.
  • Nightfall activities. Get your hands on energy and kinetic weapons like the Long Goodbye, D.F.A, Horror’s Least, and Braytech Osprey power rocket launcher.
  • Raids. Glorify your name and lead your team to victory with the Emperor’s Courtesy and Threat Level energy shotguns or Supremacy kinetic sniper rifle from the Last Wish.

Get a cheap Legendary weapons boost in Destiny to farm perks and become a hero you’ve always wanted to be. Gain experience, respect, power, and God roll with the help of our carries. Within the shortest time possible, we will provide you with the artifacts you dream of. Remember, letting WoWVendor do the hard work for you is the only way to upgrade Masterworks and focus on the real fun.

Play Destiny, buy Legendary weapons from us, and get an unforgettable gaming experience!

What our Customers Say

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Excellent service
Excellent service, excellent communication and done quickly.
Great team
Great team - Super friendly, even let me attempt to heal one of them :P (I didn't fail completely!)
The raid went great and smooth
The raid went great and smooth. Good run. Thank you all :)
Very professional
Very professional, easy boost
Awesome, fast and professional. Highly recommend!
Great service
Quick and easy, A+
Incredible service
Quick fast and responsive. Very helpful for any questions I had. Will be using their services regularly from now on. 10/10
Again and again YOU ARE THE BEST thank…
Again and again YOU ARE THE BEST thank you so much
Placed order and in two days it was…
Placed order and in two days it was done great job
Excellent Service... AGAIN!
As usual, professional and courteous service! I HIGHLY recommend for ANY services that you may need. These people are WONDERFUL!
Dragon Glyphs&Plunderstorm
Dragon Glyphs & Plunderstorm These guys completed these for me in about a day after some miscommunication, but it was great. I'm new to the game and haven't really done much in Dragon Isles yet, so it was awesome to get these done, so I don't have to worry about being behind with the new expansion looming. They, also, completed plunderstorm, and I got all the gear, mounts, etc as well as plunderwonder achievement which never would have happened on my own. It was really exciting, especially the new dragonriding parrot mounts. Always professional, kind and easy to work with.
Always good work and very timely
Always good work and very timely
Very well done
Very well done. Group was quick with no BS
Nice, quick, and forgiving. You’re the best!
Fast service
Fast and decent service.
the group was great
Hello, everything is OK, the order went great. the group was great
Slower deliver than expected, still happy
Even though it took a day more than they say it would take, they still delivered. Customerservice was on top, they did the best they could to answer questions.
Friendly helpful and a efficient
Friendly helpful and a efficient, you get what you pay for.
Even faster than last time
Even faster than last time. Great job!
Problem Free Experience.
Great team, very helpful even when I had an issue on one night and couldn't make it for the M+ runs. Never had any issue with any of their services.
Amazing Service, as always!
The transactions are always quick and easy. My service was completed ahead of scheduled time/date and I ended up receiving so much gear from the raid. Great service as always.
Very quick and easy one pull run
Very quick and easy one pull run
Very helpful when there was a mixup…
Very helpful when there was a mixup would use them again
They are the best for this service
They are the best for this service, I will not use another service while I play wow.

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