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The Season of the Splicer is raging to its fullest right now, tasking all keen travelers out there with exciting quests to help Mithrax – a Sacred Splicer, interlope and destroy the treacherous Vex that engulfed the whole Last City in darkness. The long night is a cool opportunity for all Destiny 2 players out there to enjoy tons of newly-introduced stuff, including a new 6-player mode, new quests, armor synthesis capabilities, new seasonal challenges and weekly missions, innovative armor pieces and exotic weapons, and the returning classical raid.

All this “new content galore”, accordingly, brings new, yet unexplored gameplay challenges to the table. Some of which may be just too time-consuming and effort-intensive for even pro players that have enough spare time to play the game on more than one occasion. If you are not ready and willing to spend extreme, unreasonable amounts of time in-game just to gain some relatively minor progress, we have Destiny 2 Vault of Glass boost options just for you.

Visit WowVendor to check out the whole range of various Vault of Glass carry services that will help you go through the new Vault of Glass raid like a boss and reap all the rewards it can bring. For this, we provide professional carries that will assist you in-game, boosting your raid completion by your character via all honest and manual methods.

The newly-introduced raid

The Vault of Glass is the main raid in season 14 of the Destiny 2 online fun. The raid location looks pretty cool and visually stunning, with treacherous puzzles and tons of returning but refreshed content waiting around every corner. The top challenge introduced with this challenge is beating it in the Master mode. A feat that may take extreme amounts of time and skill to accomplish. But we will help you with that.

Why boost the Vault of Glass raid completion?

The reasons can be quite more than a few. The raid may take a pretty long time to beat even on normal difficulty, not to mention the potential number of runs to farm out all the stuff exclusive to the raid. A proper Vault of Glass raid boost, however, will save you tons of time and will keep your mental health stable by bringing your goals much closer in a very short time without making you go bankrupt. We offer some of the lowest prices in the market and will surely pick your interest if you are:

  • A casual D2 player – do you like to have fun more than to senselessly grind and farm items in the magnificent world of Destiny 2? We will help you get the most out of your gameplay experience with a convenient Destiny 2 VoG boost that will make beating the raid a walk in the park.
  • Looking to get certain rewards and achievements – buy VoG raid carry to help you tackle the Vault of Glass completion most fruitfully. We guarantee to get the items you set out for and reach the goals you set. If we fail to do so, the boost is automatically prolonged for free until you reach the definitive results.
  • A Destiny 2 newcomer traveler – are you new to the realms of Destiny 2 but already wish to contribute to beating the Vex and fixing the endless night? Then we certainly have something in store for you. You can buy Vault of Glass raid completion that will help you get through the raid most efficiently and get all the rewards it can offer to kick off your further D2 journey.

Pick from multiple D2 VoG boosting options

At WowVendor, we have been professionally providing online game boosts and other related services for years to now have an established process of delivering the highest-quality Destiny 2 assistance services. For this, we have a whole pool of Vault of Glass carries that know Destiny 2 mechanics by heart and already had an opportunity to explore the ins and outs of the Vault of Glass raid. Right now, you can pick from a couple of Vault of Glass boosting options.

Raid completion

Your classic raid completion includes guiding you through the Vault of Glass raid by the most fruitful route and giving you hand in achieving and obtaining all there is to achieve and obtain on all available difficulties. In terms of your raid completion in the company of a professional carry, you will be able to easily obtain:

  • Exclusive raid armor
  • Exclusive raid weapons
  • Unique Triumphs
  • A new emblem
  • Newly-introduced Exotics and other stuff

You can get all of that sooner than others on your PC, PS, Xbox platform by simply picking and purchasing a proper Vault of Glass raid carry service at WowVendor.

Prestige raid completion

We have what it takes to carry you through the Prestige raid mode, too. Scaling to the Prestige mode, you get to farm more exotic and yet unfound rewards. Along with that, however, the challenge grows. For this, we have well-tried-and-tested Vault of Glass carries that will help you sweep through the raid in the Prestige mode in no time, getting all the rewards you wish.

Raid weapons farming

As a more custom option, you can order a Vault of Glass raid for sale at WowVendor to farm specific weapons exclusive to the raid in hand. Just tell us what you need, buy a proper boost, and watch the magic happen as we get you exactly what you need at the moment and some more on top of that.

How does it all work?

We provide completely transparent, honest, manual boosting services handled by experienced professionals of their craft. We never ask for your personal data, provide a quality guarantee, and never undermine the security and reputation of your in-game character. 

The usual process of fulfilling the carry services you purchase at WowVendor consist of:

  • A trusty professional carry being assigned to your profile
  • Establishing a clear connection with the hired carry
  • Having fun with a true top player and learning from the best in Destiny 2
  • Reaping all the rarest and exclusive rewards the new Vault raid has to offer
  • Keeping all the riches to yourself

What you need to do

It is really simple to buy VoG raid boost at WowVendor. All you have to do is:

  • Visit the WowVendor website
  • Pick from a variety of boosts for Destiny 2
  • Complete the purchase of the chosen boost
  • Get a carry assigned to your character
  • Contact your hired carry through any convenient channel
  • You can watch your carry more closely via a separate private Twitch streaming channel
  • Get the desired results of your boost

That’s it, you got your boost and ready to really kick ass during the fierce endless night in the Last City.

Why WowVendor?

We have been in the online game-boosting arena since 2014, elaborating the most customer-focused and convenient methods of boosting in-game characters. We have been providing boosts for Destiny 2 since its initial release. Currently, we can boast of more than one benefit we provide for all our customers. 


All the actions of our carries can be easily tracked while all our specialists use only manual methods of boosting your character, without resorting to game engines and cheats of any sort.

Quality guarantee

We guarantee the quality of delivered services with any unexpected cases fixed ASAP and your goals achieved even if something goes really wrong on initial tries. The purchased runs are usually limited in time, but we always lead the process to its logical conclusion.

24/7 support

We have an all-around available tech support team waiting to help you handle any possible issues, clarify any information that may interest you, and accept requests for custom services if you have any.


We are not interested in undermining the security of your character and the safety of your personal data in any way. We use all the proper SSL certificates on the website, support the commonly used payment methods, and can provide services through VPN if you need extra anonymity and protection.

Purchase cheap Vault of Glass boosting services at WowVendor right now to get professional help in your D2 efforts that will make you better, faster, and more reputable in the world of Destiny 2. We are here to enable you to make a significant contribution to ending the endless night and eliminating the nasty time-distorting Vex.

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Awesome fun great time and all done…
Awesome fun great time and all done thanks again gang
5 stars rating
5 stars that's all I can give and say
it was fast and on time
it was fast and on time, very nice!
Fantastic and so easy
Fantastic and so easy! I'm fully a PVEer and don't know the raids but want to experience them before the next xpac. This was perfect! Thank you!
Uncomplicated and great people
Great people to deal with, always there for someone and really fast to answer as well. Got what i wanted, what else to say :)
Great job thanks
Great job thanks
Fast delivery!
Fast delivery. Would deal with again.
Another excellent run!
Excellent run! I appreciate that I am able to get summons and or a rez after a boss encounter.
Fast and easy experience
Pretty fast and easy experience!
The transaction was fast and easy
The transaction was fast and easy. Very pleased with everything.
My homies, fast, efficient, reliable.
I would give more stars if I could
I would give more stars if I could. Amazing team! Thank you so much😁
Perfect as always!!
Perfect as always!!
Awesome Myth ATDH 6/9.
Awesome Myth ATDH 6/9.
Fyr’alath the Dreamrender legendary (Attempt #1)
Order number: 1769429 Purchased: Fyr’alath the Dreamrender legendary farm. The process was simple and straightforward. After purchasing, I was invited to a raid (+15 min delay as they were running late). Unfortunately, the axe did not drop for me, but I did get the Shadowflame Drake cosmetic, so it wasn't all bad. I also earned my Bullion for the week, which means I can now get Ashkandur, Fall of the Brotherhood as a backup. I plan to keep purchasing the Fyr’alath farm run until the axe drops. I know it's close to the end of the season and the next expansion will likely render the axe pointless as other items take its place, but it's an item I've been after since starting retail 4 weeks ago. Overall, good service. Will purchase again for sure.
The service is fantastic in the pvp…
The service is fantastic in the pvp they give you what you ask for and then some lot’s of loot,they are fast and reliable , just remember be patient,i am pretty sure these guys are busy Again 5 star 🌟 😁 i am one happy customer 😆😁
they deserve 5 stars
as always very good and fast
Always great
Smooth runs every time.
5 stars service
5 stars service
As usual flawless service!
As usual flawless service!
Another 5 star performance
Another 5 star performance in a GM Got the desired weapon with ease
Super fast group
Super fast group, cleared all 4 +10s in about an hour
As usual
As usual, they were professional, responsive and quick! Thank you so much!

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