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One of the hugest and most radical World of Warcraft expansions – WoW Burning Crusade Classic – is a real gift from Blizzard to both old-school WoW fans and everybody eager to explore new Outland horizons and revamped gameplay features.

Originally released in 2007, The Burning Crusade is a classic WoW expansion that first introduced such playable races as Alliance’s Draenei and Horde’s Blood Elves. We can expect to see the refurbished versions of these races in the Burning Crusade Classic along with a number of both minor and major class changes, updates, and other new tweaks.

Have you prepared yourself for the vast lands, exciting quests, and tons of new things to do in the updated realm of the Burning Crusade? We have a wide range of handy World of Warcraft the Burning Crusade Classic services at affordable prices and guaranteed high quality of provided by professionals only. Pick from a whole line of carries, powerleveling opportunities, attunements, full or partial raid completion options, mounts, professions, dungeon assistance and completion options, PvP boosts, custom farming options, and more!

All this and more at WowVendor.

What is WowVendor?

WowVendor is your trusty, reliable, and high-quality source of WoW TBC boosting opportunities where we collect various character-improving, game-optimizing, and plain helpful services that make your game more enjoyable, more fruitful, and stress-free at the same time. As for the Burning Crusade Classic, we can help you go through a common “to-do list” (the basic stuff to do and achieve in the Outland) as well as reach some more in-depth results.

Your to-do list for the Burning Crusade Classic

The Outland of the WoW Classic Burning Crusade brings tons of new content to the table of the good old World of Warcraft. Contrary to the common opinion, it is very different from the Vanilla gameplay experience. The realm of Outland is outlined with deadly voids on the edges of the shattered continent.

Falling into the void is sure death, but you can also use this to your advantage (if you need to urgently respawn for some reason while you are near the edge). As for other things, there is so much new stuff that it would be difficult to list and describe everything on one web page without frightening the reader with the scrolling length.

Some of the major gameplay highlights include exciting new daily activities, such as reputation farming. And you will also have to fly to Azeroth and back for certain quests and “in-game chores”.

Your standard to-do list for the Burning Crusade Classic should include gaining levels (duh), picking from factions to enter, exploring gloomy dungeons, trying out arena and RBG, as well as collecting the Outland-exclusive pets and mounts.

At WowVendor, we have Burning Crusade Classic boost options to help you complete this list hassle-free while thoroughly enjoying the game and without spending all your free time in WoW. In particular, you can:

  • Level up much faster than you usually do. You can purchase a powerleveling TBC paid services where we offer better and smarter ways to level up. For instance, we can save a couple of days of your time by passing the Dark Portal and taking you through the route that allows getting to level 70 in a single area that you are free to choose.
  • Contribute to the Shattrath city faction of your choosing more with less effort. You can pick from Scryers and Aldor, and we have special TBC Classic boost options that will accelerate the gaining of exclusive reputation rewards, help you get exalted in an easier way, and get your first easy epic items without going far.
  • Go to high-level dungeons from the get-go. WowVendor powerleveling and custom boosts will help you forget about senseless low-level dungeons where you get tons of gear you can replace further on (if you’re not playing on the Heroic difficulty). Go straight to the 70-level dungeons to get some really worthy stuff without wasting extra nerves or effort.
  • Become a boss of the arena and RBG. Arena clashes and rated battleground fights will be a breeze once you get yourself a proper WoW Classic TBC boost from the range of options presented at WowVendor.
  • Catch ‘em all. We can also help you collect the rarest pets and mounts without going far. Have you been dreaming of getting one of those Netherdrakes? No big deal. These and other beasts of the Outlands can be easily farmed or purchased at once at WowVendor.

Why go for WoW Burning Crusade Classic boosting?

As much of a hardcore and dedicated player as you may be, there should be a limit to the endless fun the realms of the World of Warcraft offer. And, as we may guess, you simply cannot put all your free time into WoW to level up before others do, gain rare items in a reasonable time period, and beat raids on all difficulty levels to get all the rewards without going crazy.

This is where WoW Burning Crusade boost and carry services come in more than handy, allowing you to save time, nerves, and an inadequate amount of effort while getting the most out of your gameplay experience.

Only professionals help boost your character

WowVendor has been providing WoW boosting services for years and we now have a well-formed pool of veteran players and game experts who can become your carry, help level your character fast, assist you in beating rough patches of the game (high-level dungeons and high-difficulty raids), and even help contribute more to your guild of choice.

Employ powerleveling opportunities

No need to spend days on end playing WoW just to reach a certain level that will open up new gameplay opportunities for you. The powerleveling service helps you gain levels faster with the assistance of seasoned WoW players that know many intricate ways of accelerating the whole process. We guarantee to help you reach the desired level in a few days or so and don’t take any extra payments if, for some reason, the process takes longer.э

Beat dungeons hassle-free

Order WoW TBC Classic carries to help you get through dungeons and raids stress-free and farm out all the best items and rewards that certain areas offer. We have a bunch of carry options especially for the Burning Crusade Classic to help you explore the new zones and get nothing but pleasure and progress from your gameplay experience.

Get rare mounts and items fast

At WowVendor, you can purchase unique pets, mounts, weapons, armor, and other items and resources at once. You can also make use of our pro carries and buy TBC Classic carry services cheap to easily beat mount-related quests, gather all the items required, and such.

Farm resources automatically

Automated farming services allow you to handle the important stuff you have on the agenda in real life while seasoned players from our pool of carries farm the required area for the needed amount of resources or for specific items. You set the task – we do the dirty job, it’s simple. The farming sprints are usually time-fixed, but if we fail to farm the required stuff by the time your boost ends, we will finish the job overtime absolutely free of charge.

Get full or partial raid completion on all difficulties

When it comes to raids, WoW Burning Crusade Classic has to offer some cool challenges with old-school vibes. It takes an extreme amount of time, though, to gather or find a suitable party and beat all raids on all difficulties to get every unique item, reward, achievement, etc. This is why we offer full raid completion options along with custom services where you pick the specific raids you need help beating.

Become the most powerful PvP player out there

Use the powerleveling opportunities or purchase battleground wins, honor points, PvP reputations, and other boosts that will help you stand out in the WoW PvP arena. For team PvPs, you can use the assistance of our experienced carry players that are ready to take on any enemy out there and beat them in 99 cases out of 100.

Obtain reputation rewards early on

Our WoW Burning Crusade Classic carry services will also help you contribute to your faction of choice more and faster than anybody else. This means boosting your reputations and getting exclusive reputation rewards without much hassle, as well as gaining more in-game recognition as a whole.

Order carries for a range of in-game tasks

Our professional carries can help you handle everything you need. In particular, you can purchase expert assistance in:

  • Clearing dungeons
  • Completing raids
  • Leveling up faster
  • Farming the necessary resources and items
  • Gaining as much gold as you need
  • Obtaining the required reputations faster
  • Leveling up the needed professions
  • Gaining PvP stats hassle-free

Why purchase boosts at WowVendor?

Apart from the fact that we offer the best and most affordable TBC boost price ranges, we can guarantee the quality of services that stood the test of time. Every other service we offer is provided by true WoW buffs that know the ins and outs of the game (as well as cool shortcuts, best practices, and hidden methods).

Reliable, all-around available support

To get any hesitations out of the way or figure out any question you may have, you can contact our 24/7 support team who will clarify any nuances of the services we provide.

A wide range of WoW the Burning Crusade boosting services

From regular item purchasing to custom powerleveling and carry options – we have it all at WowVendor. There are tons of options available, each with an opportunity to customize the service exactly how you see fit.

Full security and reliability

We never ask for personal data and information that may undermine your account security or spoil your reputation in the World of Warcraft in any way. We use only the most popular payment gateways. And we are always in touch if you need to clarify any other specifics.

Fully transparent services

You get to connect with the boosters and carries you hire right away via the chatting channel that fits you best. There are no hidden costs and we always achieve the results we set out for.

Individualized services

Practically every boost or service of another type can be customized to meet your individual requirements and needs. We are always ready to go the extra mile just to make your time worthwhile.

Low prices

You can really afford WowVendor’s WoW Burning Crusade Classic carry and boosting services, with every other option having a reasonable price so that you don’t overpay even for getting some outstanding results.

All in all, WowVendor has:

  • Over 15,000 positive user reviews – the TBC Classic carry services we provide enable more fun for any type of player without making you pay extreme sums of money.
  • 225,000+ boost purchases – according to our statistics, players truly enjoy the WoW Burning Crusade Classic boosting options we have at WowVendor, coming back for more once they see the real results of their purchases.
  • More than 105,000 satisfied customers – our customers get higher levels and master new dungeons and raids introduced with new extensions and patches sooner than anybody else.

How to buy a WoW boost at WowVendor?

  • It is really simple to buy the desired boost at WowVendor. All you need to do is:
  • Pick from the range of WoW Classic Burning Crusade boost options we have available on the website;
  • Open the selected boost’s page;
    Choose the quantity of the desired boost;
  • Pick your server region (EU or US);
  • Add the boost to the cart;
  • Continue shopping for more boosts or go to the cart;
  • Click checkout to fill out the necessary contact information;
  • Pick the most convenient payment option for you;
  • Receive your boost check on the email and go by further instructions.

Buy WoW TBC Classic boost services for your US server WoW experience at the lowest prices right now to ace the game without spending big money on in-game donations, going nuts from intense high-difficulty raids, and wasting too much of your personal life to reach relatively minor goals. Visit WowVendor for this and more.

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Couldn't ask for a better group of boosters at this place. They know what to do and get it done quickly. I have used them before and have never been disappointed.
Run went smooth and price was fair
Run went smooth and price was fair
Amirdrassil, the Dream’s Hope Heroic
Once again, thanks for the flawless Heroic run.
Exactly what you'd expect
Every time, the experience is what you'd expect it to be.
Excellent service excellent price…
Excellent service excellent price excellent run five star customer service simply brilliant
Quick and on time
Quick and on time. Thank you
As always
As always. They come through and I get what I ordered. Never any problems. Awesome group of people.
Great service
Great service. Easy to set-up. Straightforward. Will use service again!
Much good
Much good?!
Excellent service!
Excellent service, super quickly I got a trials carry in less than a hour. Definitely I recommend the service.
No matter what the skill level of the game, they make it happen for you.
Like that it was fast. They explained if I needed to wait or I could continue to be involved. Not caring on how many times I died to the content.
Really good just straight to the point…
Really good just straight to the point amazing service and great prices
it was amazingly fast!!
it was amazingly fast, higly reccomended👍
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I have been using these guys services for so long I can’t even remember when I started. I even started doing account sharing in the last year and have had zero issues. These guys are fantastic.
Great customer service
Great customer service. I used this service before, and they are legit. I asked for recommendations on how to save money and were kind enough to give me coupons which was nice. Service is quite fair and would recommend this site to any of their features. Thanks again Wowvendor!!!
Super fast and super easy
Super fast and super easy. I wish all transactions went as easily.
These guys were great it took a minute…
These guys were great it took a minute because of my connection issues and these guys were patient and got me through it!
Quick Response and Clean Run!!
Quick Response and Clean Run!! Professional team members and all around quick and easy run!!
Best service
Best service. Very fast. Would buy again.
Solo dungeon
Completed a dungeon solo for me after hours of failing on the final boss and giving up. Fast responses, amazing service
Good Time During Raid and Dungeon
The teams that I was a part of were patient and very knowledgeable about the events that I scheduled. Would recommend them to anyone.
Fast reliable delivery as usual
Fast reliable delivery as usual. These people are the best!
Great Communication Speedy Delivery
Great communication speedy delivery and continued support. I am a multiple time repeat customer. I have always had a pleasant experience with this service.
Excellent service
Excellent service, excellent communication and done quickly.

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