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The great heroes of Azeroth are waiting for the battle with Scourge. Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor are overrun with dead, and the Horde and Alliance are gathering all their forces to go to Northrend and fight back the Lich King. There are a lot of obstacles, dangerous opponents, and meetings that you need to be always ready for — Wrath of the Lich King carry services will help you with this. Even great heroes need assistance in times of need, and WotLK boosting services are the best way to fight back Scourge and get the necessary equipment in the shortest possible time.

A huge continent with a bunch of different activities, a new class, and some unparalleled raids. To reach the maximum level you need to go through all locations and fight back enemies in instances.

WotLK Classic Power Leveling

To begin with, it’s worth determining the activities. All players continue to level their characters from lvl 70 or start a new journey. In any case, leveling to 80 in WotLK takes about 10+ days of quiet play. Not so long, but getting bored quickly and wanting to move on to high-lvl content. In that case, the best option is to buy WotLK Power Leveling.

How does it work? To begin with, you need to determine the conditions — deadlines, server and character’s lvl. You can always talk to the merchant personally and discuss all the terms of the deal, as well as adjust everything for yourself. Next comes the process of selecting a professional and confirming the details. In the case of powerleveling, the main conditions are account-sharing and the presence of a lvl  68-70 character. These are important points, without which fast leveling in WotLK Classic will be impossible.

Depending on selected options, after 5-10 days you will receive lvl 80 character, as well as items, gold and other loot that you managed to extract during leveling.

What is custom powerleveling WotLK? It is a unique opportunity to get the lvl you want. Imagine that cold Northrend played a cruel joke — the character has reached lvl 79, almost all tasks are over, and you don’t want to go back to old locations. This is not a problem at all, because you can choose the option 79-80 and get a max lvl character in 2 days, ready to conquer the instances and engage in the collection of reputation.

If you are just planning to start your journey in the icy lands of Northrend, we advise you to read the Fastest leveling in Wrath of the Lich King article. It will help you understand the locations, and classes, and learn various tips.

WoW WotLK Classic Reputation  Services

WotLK Classic is one of the most complex expansions in the history of World of Warcraft. Once players get the coveted lvl 80 in WoW, the most interesting part — reputation and dungeon farm — begins. With reputation, players get initial items, professions recipes, and even important enchantments, which allow them to strengthen their characters. Dungeons/Instances — small locations with bosses, where players go to get new equipment and become stronger.

Both activities take up a colossal amount of time. It can take about a month to exalted reputation with at least one of the Northrend factions — Kalu’ak, Kirin Tor, Argent Crusade, Horde expedition, The Sons of Hodir, Alliance Vanguard, The Wyrmrest Accord, Knights of the Ebon Blade, Frenzyheart Tribe/The Oracles. Rep farm service is the best choice in this situation and will save a ton of time. A simple example:

  1. Choose the faction with which you want to get a reputation. Kirin Tor, for example;
  2. Choose one of the options — Neutral/Friendly/Honored/Revered to Exalted. This directly affects the reputation of service price;
  3. Discuss with the professional all the conditions and the price. Remember that account-sharing and lvl 80 character is required;
  4. Wait 2-4 weeks and get access to many rewards: unique enchantments, rare/epic gear from rep vendors, recipes for professions, and a lot of other useful things.

WotLK boosting services are a great solution for everyone who wants to save their time and get the results they want asap. With reputation and leveling everything is clear, but what about dungeons?

WotLK Classic Dungeon Services

Dungeons in WotLK are very elaborate, often requiring players to understand the mechanics, tactics, and team play. It is known that the developers greatly changed the LFG system, which allowed users to quickly find a group. These mechanics are now very similar to what players used during the TBC Classic. Either way, it’s stacked with wasted time, and if you’re unlucky with a team, you won’t get any more items/experience. This is where WoW dungeon boost comes in — a unique option that will make your character a true undead hunter.

Instances complexity:

  • Normal Mode — simple dungeons, which are opened during the leveling process. In them, players earn experience up to lvl 80, rep, and initial items. Our site offers the most affordable Normal dungeon boost prices. Some may be more expensive because of the difficulty of the bosses or the duration of the passage, and some conversely cheaper. Completion time is 1-2 days;
  • Heroic Mode — is only accessible at level 80. They are much harder than Normal, but the rewards there are much better. Characters Dressed in Heroic dungeons are ready to try their hand at raids with no problem. Heroic dungeon boost prices are cheap and depend on the particular instance. The completion time is 1-3 days.

Heroic dungeon boost’s main requirements are lvl 80 character + account-sharing. The most useful rewards are gear and rep, but there is always a chance you’ll get a rare mount or something useful.

Normal dungeon boost’s main requirements are the character of fitting level + account-sharing. The main rewards are character experience, starting gear, reputation with Northrend factions, and other loot.

5 Reasons to Buy WoW WotLK Boosting Services

Wrath of the Lich King is one of the most popular addons in the history of WoW. The competition of players is enormous, and there is not always enough time even to find the right group to pass instance, not to mention reputation farming and other activities. Beginners and casual players can’t cope with so many responsibilities and the best option for them are to buy WoW WotLK boosting services there are 5 reasons for that:

  1. Time-saving — imagine that you need to fly on a business trip and in two weeks the guild is going to make its first raid in Naxxramas. The head of the guild has set all raiders a condition — 210 gear ilvl and enchantments from Exalted factions. The only right thing to do at this point is to buy reputation and instance farm services. Of course, the trip can be canceled for the sake of WoW, but it’s better to choose an easier way;
  2. Prices — although the activities are complex, all the prices are as much as possible to suit your desires and take into account the deadlines;
  3. Fast way — professional players level up their characters in a few days and know by heart everything you need to do at lvl 80. A casual player must pass the leveling stage, and then work on reputation and constant passing through the instances. It will take weeks or even months, but you want to raid now. The combination of Powerleveling and dungeons farm will allow you to go to the raiding content as quickly as possible and without wasting time;
  4. Best gear — if you already got the coveted level 80, but you don’t have time or strength for heroic instances, and the new LFG system doesn’t allow you to find a normal group, there is a way out. Professional players are always ready to help pass any instance in the shortest possible time, after which you get the best equipment, reputation, gold, and other loot;
  5. Variability of customization — any option is configured the way you want. Choose an instance, levels to push, the number of attempts to pass, deadlines, server, and other points. You decide — the professionals do.

Wrath of the Lich King boosts price directly depending on what service is needed and deadlines. These points can be discussed before buying. Dungeon farming price depends on its complexity — Heroic mode is more expensive than Normal mode.

Wrath of the Lich King Powerleveling boost price depends on the deadline — if you need to do 68-80 in 6 days, you have to pay 30% much more than if it takes 11 days. Even cheaper if the character is not level 68, but 70, for example, after TBC Classic.

Wrath of the Lich King’s reputation boost price directly depends on the faction you want to get Exalted with. With some it is easier and faster, with some it is harder and longer. The cost is cheap and depends on the chosen faction and current reputation progress.

Remember that the game should bring pleasure first and foremost and not take up your time in vain. WoW, carry services are a great solution to save time and get all the rewards you need as quickly as possible. Buy WoW WotLK boost services and don’t worry about having to farm dungeons one more time before going on a raid or doing the same dailies for months.

When you buy services from professionals with Wowvendor you get 24/7 support, security when buying, service with 20 000+ positive reviews, and simple interactions. Wowvendor already has more than 225,000 successfully completed orders from more than 500 professionals.

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