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Shadowlands has four whole new covenants that rule over the essential SL realms and that you will have to work with to earn covenant-exclusive abilities, achievements, and goods. However, to get all this from all four covenants, you’ll need a maximum level character as well as enough time and nerves for completing all the underlying cumbersome quests. WoWVendor offers you to get WoW Shadowlands covenant boost for US/EU servers so you can wave your worries goodbye and enjoy all the exclusive covenant goodness from the get-go.

Why Order WoW Сovenants Boosting Service?

We have efficient, time- and nerve-saving cheap WoW covenant campaign boost options for sale to speed up your covenant-based SL experience. Let us help you start exploring the city of Covenant Sanctum open only to covenant-connected players as soon as possible. Buy covenants carry SL for US/EU servers at the cheapest prices choosing from multiple options, including custom boosting sets that you can adjust to your preference.

Obtain Services for Every Covenant

The Kyrian

A covenant lead by angelic beings from Bastion on the safeguard of all souls entering the SL realm. Joining the covenant, you get a signature ability allowing you to summon an assist that brings you a Phial of Serenity and one of the unique class-specific abilities. We offer shadowlands covenant campaign carry at a reasonable cost that will help you easily acquire a new themed mount, a pet, wing-styled back attachments, and Kyrian-forged armor.


A vampiric-themed covenant of Revendreth for all the dark souls out there. You can already start efficiently helping to punish sinful souls by purchasing a covenant campaign boosting WoW service from WoWVendor. Make your contribution fast and easy to get the Door of Shadows ability along with a class-specific ability as well as plenty of covenant-exclusive rewards. Buy WoW covenant rewards boost if you want to get all of them in no time.


The covenant of Necrolords of Maldraxxus invites all the warlords, liches, and spies to defend the Shadowlands realm as part of a powerful army. We have the covenant renown boost options that will help you reach the top covenant status in no time, getting the Fleshcraft shield ability and a class-specific ability along with multiple unique items as early as possible. 

Night Fae

The honorable Ardenweald’s guardians of nature spirits led by the Winter Queen are waiting for your contribution to preserving the natural balance. Our premium covenants unlock boost for sale will help you painlessly become a worthy hero to stand among the guardians, acquiring the Soulshape ability that turns you into a Vulpin, a class-specific ability, and farm all possible unique items fast and easy.

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quick, nice, effective
What a team Polite earnest and on the ball Very quick service So happy to be with wowvender
fast and easy to get it done
fast and easy to get it done
Great as per usual.
Communication is always great and prompt. Service was excellent and as described. Very happy with the team!
Needed to complete an achievement but…
Needed to complete an achievement but didn't have the time to do it myself. Placed my order and it was processed that day. Very much appreciated
Perfect customer experience
Great customer service. Quick service. Gave additional useful items not part of the boost.
X4 M+8
They always do a great job. Up all 4 keys a plus 2. Have to give em a knock on their wait time. Purchased the same service back on 07-14-24 a Friday and was told it would be about a hour wait time 2 1/2 hours later still never got picked up so tried the next day Saturday evening early and was informed they couldn’t get me until Sunday morning 10:00 CDT and waited a couple of hours and finally got picked up. Longest I’ve ever had to wait.
Quick response time. Great run.
Professional and prompt
Professional and prompt. Appreciate securing the raid clears. Support staff was friendly each time and I'll definitely return for more!
Amazing as always
As always! Trustworthy, fast and goes above and beyond.
Very fast service
Very fast service, totally recommended
Quick and easy.
Quick and easy.
Best service around!
Best service around!
The group was very professional and fast
The group was very professional and fast
Excellent customer service
Above all, their communication and customer service, whether on Discord or in-game, deserve top marks. When they say 24/7, they mean it. I very much appreciate their way of dealing with their customers and completing my orders with such care.
Awesome! Champion!
Top tier team
Top tier team! Flawless run! Great communication! Highly recommend to all😁
Quick and Easy
Everyone was awesome and made it all so easy to handle.
They were friendly and helpful
They were friendly and helpful. For example, their raid was running late and they communicated that to me on the discord channel, so I knew what the holdup was.
Mythic Siege of Orgrimmar (Remix)
Fast, easy run in a very difficult Raid. Very impressed by the skill level of the Boosters.
Great experience
Great experience. Easy and quick. Friendly people. Glad I discovered this site.
Remix Raid order
Prompt replies to my questions regarding the order and status. Kept me informed as this was a 2 day order (actually two separate bundles done at the same time). This is my second time using WowVendor and will continue to do so in the future
Did not have enough healers.
Did not have enough healers.
Fast and it felt safe
Fast and it felt safe

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