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Buy Dragonflight Mounts: Soar into a New Era with WowVendor

Elevate your World of Warcraft experience with the exciting collection of mounts from the Dragonflight expansion, brought to you by WowVendor. With 42 new mounts to collect, each offering a unique glimpse into the Dragon Isles, Forbidden Reach and even Zskera Vaults, your adventure is about to reach new heights.

Embrace the Dragon Isles with WowVendor’s New Mounts

Navigate the skies of the Dragon Isles with WowVendor as your guide to acquiring the most diverse and impressive Dragonflight mounts in this new chapter of World of Warcraft.

The Splendor of Dragonflight Mounts

Dragonflight Warcraft expansion mounts are not just modes of transportation; they are symbols of your achievements and the magic of the Dragon Isles. From the awe-inspiring dragon-riding mounts that introduce a revolutionary flying mechanic to the prestigious achievement, raid drops and PvP mounts, each is a coveted prize, embodying the essence of this expansion.

Our Highlighted Dragonflight Mounts

At WowVendor, we are excited to showcase a selection of key mounts from Dragonflight, including:

Dragonriding Mounts: Experience the thrill of dynamic flying with Dragonflight mounts like the Renewed Proto-Drake, Windborne Velocidrake, Highland Drake, and Cliffside Wylderdrake, each earned through completing specific campaign quests across the Isles, from Ohn’ahran Plains to Zaralek Cavern.

PvP and Achievement Mounts: Demonstrate your prowess in PvP and achievements with mounts such as the Crimson Gladiator’s Drake, the Vicious Sabertooths for both Alliance and Horde, Hailstorm Armoredon, Raging Magmammoth, and the enigmatic Shellack.

Renown Reputation Mounts: Deepen your alliances within the new factions residing everywhere from Ohn’ahran Plains and Forbidden Reach to Zaralek Cavern and the Emerald Dream to acquire mounts like the Azure, Tamed, and Verdant Skitterflies, as well as the various colors of Scouting and War Ottuks.

Unique Quest and Puzzle Mounts

Dragonflight also brings an array of unique mounts obtained through engaging quests and puzzles:

Divine Kiss of Ohn’ahra

Immerse yourself in a mystical quest requiring items from dungeons, alchemists, and farming specific NPCs to earn this divine reward.


Embark on an adventurous quest involving fishing, dancing, and an intriguing sequence of events to claim this unique Ottuk mount, a cousin to Ivory trader’s Ottuk.

Inferno Armoredon

The Infernal Armoredon, not a rare drop, but a reward for completing the Keystone Master: Dragonflight Season Two achievement, is a mount that speaks volumes of a player’s skill and dedication in Mythic+ dungeons.

This armored behemoth, with its imposing stature and feiry aura, is not only a testament to your mastery of the toughest dungeons but also a striking companion, one of the fiercest Warcraft mounts.

Renewed Proto-Drake

Experience the new dynamic flying mechanic with the Renewed Proto-Drake, a reward from completing the campaign quest Dragonriding in the Waking Shores. This mount symbolizes your initiation into the world of Dragonflight and offers a taste of the freedom and excitement that comes with mastering dragon-riding. Its majestic wings and sleek design make it an ideal companion for exploring the vast landscapes from the Waking Shores to Azure Span.

Crimson Gladiator’s Drake

For those who thrive in the competitive realm of PvP, the Crimson Gladiator’s Drake is a coveted reward, symbolizing triumph in Dragonflight Season 1 Gladiator battles. This mount, with its fierce appearance and crimson hue, is a badge of honor for the most skilled and dedicated PvP players, embodying the spirit of battle and victory.

Azure Skitterfly

The Azure Skitterfly, attainable through reaching Renown reputation 25 with the Dragonscale Expedition, represents the bonds formed in the Azure Span. This radiant and graceful insectoid mount, with its shimmering wings and delicate features, is not just a means of travel but a symbol of the relationships nurtured throughout your adventures with the Dragonscale Expedition.

The Vorquins, the Dracthyr mounts

Discover the exclusive bond between the Dracthyr and their majestic Vorquin racial mounts in World of Warcraft’s Dragonflight expansion. As a new race in the realm of Azeroth, the Dracthyr have a unique connection with these elegant creatures, each variant representing the Dracthyr’s rich heritage and strength.

Among the varied quest reward choices, unlock the Bronze Vorquin, that stands out with its regal bronze hues, while the War Obsidian Vorquin captivates with its sleek, dark appearance. For those seeking a more ornate companion – the Guardian Vorquin with its impressive armor.

These Vorquin mounts, purchased by the Dracthyr (sold for gold coin), add a distinct and visually striking aspect to their journey across the Dragon Isles, deeply rooted in their lore and culture.

Venture to the New Lands with WowVendor

Embark on your journey to collect these magnificent Dragonflight mounts with the expertise and support of WowVendor. We offer:

Strategic Guidance: Our team provides tailored strategies for each mount, ensuring an efficient acquisition process.

Account Safety: We prioritize your account’s security, adhering to all game guidelines for a risk-free experience.

Round-the-Clock Support: Our customer support is always available to assist you, ensuring a seamless journey throughout the Isles of Dragons.

Elevate Your Future Mount Collection

With WowVendor, the captivating Dragonflight mounts are within your grasp. Beyond collecting, each mount enriches your experience in World of Warcraft game, adding new dimensions of exploration and achievement.

Visit our website to explore our services and embark on your Dragonflight adventure. With WowVendor, a new era of mounts and dynamic flying awaits you in the Dragon Isles!

WowVendor offers a secure and straightforward approach to acquiring any Dragonflight mount. We adhere to in-game Blizzard guidelines, ensuring each purchase is safe and hassle-free. Our expert team handles every aspect of the purchase, providing a reliable and worry-free service.

WowVendor is the fastest way to obtain event, dungeon drops, dragon riding, purchased, raid and any other type of mount.

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Had trouble with Cyclone boss, but otherwise it ran very well. Got 5 pieces of gear and 1 upgrade from Parting glass vendor.
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The raid was handled quickly as to the rules that were laid out at the beginning of the raid. Bosses were killed quickly. Nice way to gear up an alt for a person in an inactive guild.
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Super Duper A+++
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We run so easy crotas end it was awsome to play with them. Just take youre time for waiting to start theyre realy hard working.
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Smooth and easy run of a awakened heroic Vault
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Incredibly efficient. Superb comms and delivered as promised. Never let me down would recommend.
Good service just takes a while
Good service just takes a while
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They pretty much completed everything within 2 weeks which for the three days orders I placed was awesome. Great service as always.
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Very good job guys 👍 definitely coming back 😁
Amazing service PANTHEON
Amazing service! Had my doubts at the beginning if it was truly legit and trustworthy and they totally are! I had the stream package so I could watch whats happening and they obliterated every encounter only took them 45 minutes with the platinum score! Will surely use again when work prevents me from playing much!
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Great run! Highly recommend.
Flawless as always
Flawless as always. Great customer service! The Best services I ever dealt with.
Excellent job!
Excellent job!! I would have never gotten it done by myself I recommend for anybody who needs a little help
Great team easy and well executed
Great team easy and well executed
Great communication and was able to…
Great communication and was able to work with my varying schedule. Run was quick and efficient as always.
On time and always deliver
On time and always deliver! As always great service for great price. Communication is great for the run. Fast and efficient too
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Another fast and efficient run. Thanks
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