Blizzard’s Insights Into The War Within Mounts and Flying

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Welcome to our fourth article dedicated to the Michael Bybee and Sean McCann interview at the Content Creator Summit. This time, we will discuss The War Within mounts and flying.

The War Within Mounts

Raids, transmogs, Warbands, Heroic Week, and those are not the only things that were revealed by Production Director Michael Bybee and Senior Game Designer Sean McCann during the Content Creator Summit. Changes are afoot for The War Within mounts and flying as well. Below, you’ll find all you need to know about these topics.

Collections and Drop Changes

At the moment, talking about The War Within mounts has been touchy. Michael Bybee admits that Blizzard has yet to make any specific changes to discuss. However, the Development Team has tweaked holiday mounts by increasing their drop rate for the day’s first try. This move should make things friendlier and more accessible for players.

Plus, Bybee emphasizes balancing the game’s content from past expansions. Making it simpler to get older mounts might lessen some players’ efforts, so Blizzard wants to discuss these significant changes with players. The community’s feedback is always welcomed and highly valued.

Dragonriding Leaderboards

Adding leaderboards is a fantastic idea! Like many other passionate players, Michael Bybee is a big fan of Dragonriding races. Being able to show off your results to friends and compete with other players is always great. So, implementing leaderboards is an excellent move.

Dynamic Features for Ground Mounts

When adding dynamic features for ground mounts, Blizzard has many great tools at its disposal, including movement-based physics. Whenever the Development Team gets their hands on new tools, skillful folks like Sean McCann start working their magic and creating some amazing stuff.

While Bybee does not announce specific features, it assures players that exciting updates are on the horizon and that they should stay tuned.

Extra Collection Achievements

As far as adding extra collection achievements is concerned, Blizzard adds things like this with time. Indeed, a 600, 700, or 800-mount collection achievement will be available in future expansions such as The War Within. Still, Michael Bybee admits that the Development Team is not ready to talk about this matter right now.

Plunderstorm-like Dragonriding

Currently, Blizzard can do some cool stuff with Dragoriding, thanks to the technology they use. This opens up many possibilities for creating fascinating content, and the team is keen on using this tech to make the game even better. While there are still no specific details to tell players, Michael Bybee doesn’t rule out the idea of adding wild innovations like Plunderstorm to Dragonriding races.


Although Michael Bybee was not ready to share some things about The War Within mounts and flying with the community, there is always food for thought. We hope you liked the article, and we would love to hear your opinion in the comments section below.

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