Blizzard Shares Details about Warbands in The War Within

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The latest interview with Michael Bybee and Sean McCann is a goldmine of fascinating and valuable information regarding Warbands in The War Within.


Michael Bybee, Production Director for World of Warcraft, and Sean McCann, Senior Gamer Designer, sat down for a group interview at the recent Content Creator Summit. We have gathered the most important moments during the interview and compiled them into this handy article for your convenience.

There May Be More than Four Warbands Characters

With the release of The War Within, players will sadly be able to view only four of their Warbands members on the character selection screen. Michael Bybee says that the reason for this is rooted in design issues.

If Blizzard made more than four characters visible on the screen, this fact would negatively affect the interface and the overall aesthetics, making it cumbersome to look at. Sean McCann also adds that the Development Team does not rule out the possibility of adding more than four characters in the future, though.

Warbank and Account-wide Gold

Although it sounds cool to have all your gold account-wide so your other alts can use it out of the box, there will, unfortunately, be no such a possibility. Instead, the Development Team presents a brand new system named Warbank. This feature allows you to deposit gold into the Warbands Bank so other members of your crew can freely use it, Sean McCann says.

Once The War Within is released, it will solve the immortal problem of mailing your alts in order to send some gold. Let’s agree it is quite annoying, so the new Warbank system is a real boon for players.

Sharing Professions’ Progress

It would be quite helpful to share professions’ progress between your Warbands members, as it can be overwhelming to upgrade professions from scratch each time you create a new character in The War Within

Fortunately, Blizzard has presented the Warbank system, which allows you to share crafted items with other Warbands characters. Sean McCann says it is the closest solution to making the process of upgrading professions easier and more efficient.

Follower Dungeons

Have you ever wondered if you can bring your Warbands members with you into Follower Dungeons? So have we, as it sounds pretty cool! Sean McCann shares with us that the Development Team is currently talking about this possibility, so we will probably see our Warbands characters as followers in the near future!

Soulbound Items

Unfortunately, you will not be able to trade Soulbound items with your Warbands members. Instead, Blizzard wants you to be able to collect more gear in the endgame so you can share it with your crew. 

The gear itself might not be at the max level, even a little lower, but the goal is to make your in-game experience much more comfortable, Michael Bybee says. This way, you will not have to get equipment from scratch for your alts, which sounds amazing!

Gearing Your Warbands Characters

In McCann’s words, the Warbands system is going to help you a lot with gearing alts. As an example, there is a merchant in Delves who sells Warbounds gear, allowing you to buy items for your crew. 

Michael Bybee also adds that the more time passes, the more items, including gear, will become shareable between your Warbands members. And it is exciting news, as it facilitates the gearing process a lot, giving you more freedom.


The Warbands system sounds really exciting, and the interview with Michael Bybee and Sean McCann confirms it. What is your opinion on this feature? Are you excited for it? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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