The War Within Transmogs: New Spots, Color Change, and More

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Welcome to our third article, which is dedicated to the latest interview with Michael Bybee and Sean McCann. This time, we focus on The War Within transmogs and everything related to this topic.

The War Within Transmogs

Sean McCann, Senior Game Designer, and Michael Bybee, Production Director, partook in a group interview during the recent Content Creator Summit. Other than transmog, the developers also discussed Warbands, Heroic Week, and Raids you can check out in our articles here:

Transmogs Sharing

Just like with talents’ codes, it would be awesome to share The War Within transmogs as well. Although Blizzard does not have any features to announce, Michael Bybee admits that this option is worth experimenting with in the future expansion.

Transmogs Color Change

Let’s agree it is an interesting idea to change the color of your The War Within transmogs. This feature is available in Diablo 4, another game of Blizzard’s universe, as well as many other games like The Elder Scrolls: Online, Guild Wars 2, Final Fantasy XIV Online, and more.

Nonetheless, Michael Bybee says that this feature is impossible to launch courtesy of the fact that the armor system in WoW is totally different from the games we have mentioned. Of course, this idea is food for thought, and Blizzard might try it in the future, but it is something other than what the team is ready to spend time thinking about at the moment.

The Mage Tower Style Transmogs

Sean McCann admits that the Development Team has yet to make any plans for it, at least not from what he has heard.

New Spots to Save Transmogs In

When it comes to the new spots you can utilize to save your The War Within transmogs, Blizzard does not have any plans yet. Anyway, Michael Bybee is wondering if the Development Team should look towards this direction, so the community’s feedback would be helpful.


Although there were not so many questions regarding The War Within transmogs topic, it was interesting to read through. We hope this article has been informative for you and that you have explored new information. We would love to know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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