Blizzard Confirms: Heroic Week Will Return to WoW

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Blizzard recently disclosed during the Content Creator Summit that Heroic Week will return to WoW.

Blizzard Confirms: Heroic Week Will Return to WoW

Blizzard recently hosted a Content Creator Summit, where key developers provided insights into the future of World of Warcraft. Among them were Michael Bybee, Production Director for World of Warcraft, and Sean McCann, Senior Game Designer in charge of Delves.

According to Wowhead, during a group interview, Michael Bybee revealed that Heroic Week will return at the start of each season. This allows guilds a dedicated week to conquer Heroic content before the challenging Mythic difficulty becomes available.

Bybee also mentioned that those who purchase The War Within’s “higher-end product” will get three days of early access. However, the developers want to ensure that this won’t give them any advantage over others, especially in power races. During this early access period, eligible players will be restricted to experiencing the storyline, leveling up, and reaching the maximum level. Access to features like Mythic Zero dungeons and gear sets will be limited. Players will later have the chance to equip themselves through the M0 system before the season officially launches, kicking off with the Heroic Week.

There will be more information regarding The War Within early access and the Heroic Week in the time to come. So stay tuned for more updates!

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