Two Must-Have Mounts in The War Within

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Among the 440 flying rides available for Dynamic Flight in The War Within, here are the two must-have mounts in The War Within.

Two Must-Have Mounts in The War Within

After the resounding success of Dragonriding in Dragonflight, Blizzard has decided to make this flying mechanic a permanent feature. Dynamic Flight, also known as Skyriding, offers players a more active aerial experience across the skies of Azeroth. Yet, for those who prefer a more relaxed approach, fret not. You have the option to effortlessly switch between Dynamic Flight and Standard Flight. For more information on these flight styles, be sure to check out our article here:

Get These Two Must-Have Mounts in The War Within

Among the 440 flying mounts eligible for Dynamic Flight in The War Within, two must-have mounts are really worth your time and effort. They are the Delver’s Dirigible and the Algarian Stormrider. Why? Let’s keep reading and find out!

The Delver’s Dirigible

The Delver’s Dirigible is obtainable through Delves, the new outdoor content featuring bite-sized dungeons. Delver’s Dirigible is a highly customizable mount with extensive cosmetic options.

Similar to the dragonriding drakes in Dragonflight, you have the freedom to customize it with various colors, noses, wings, thrusters, tops, and even decals. Yet, that’s not all that this mount has to offer. As you progress on your adventure, you can unlock even more options for this chameleon mount.

The Algarian Stormrider

Looking for an uninterrupted, fast, and exhilarating flight experience without Vigor concerns? Then, the Algarian Stormrider is the perfect choice for you. With its Lightning Rush ability, this mount provides a speed boost without depleting Vigor, utilizing Static Charges accumulated by flying near walls. It’s worth noting that currently, no other mount has the same Vigor bar UI as said gryphon.

Currently, Lightning Rush is exclusive to The Algarian Stormrider. However, Blizzard plans to implement it for other mounts as well, starting in The War Within.

What are your thoughts on these mounts? Are they something you’d like to add to your collection? Share your opinions with us in the comments below!

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