Should you start WoW in 2023?

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If you are interested in video games, then you certainly heard about World of Warcraft. Single-player connoisseurs and multiplayer enjoyers — everyone knows about this MMO phenomenon.

And while it exists in the information field, a simple question appears: is World of Warcraft worth playing? Especially in 2023, when there are tons of games available. And can WoW be fun for new players who have never experienced MMO RPGs before? The short answer is: yes, you will not regret it. Сheck this article for the long version!

A Bit of History

Famous MMO accrued from the series of real-time strategies with a simple name — Warcraft. It told the story mainly of orcs, humans, and their confrontation. That is where most of the iconic characters appear, like Arthas and Thrall. Even the Pandarens were a thing back then!

Launched in 2004, World of Warcraft is still one of the most popular MMO games. Nine expansions, millions of players online each day, and lots of transmedia products. All that proves that WoW is still worth playing even after almost 20 years from the release date.


You might think that WoW has an ordinary fantasy world. Yet, there is so much underneath. The game story explores the themes of military rivalry, politics, morality, and many others. Typical fantasy races have unusual origins: Elves are descendants of Trolls, while Orcs and Draenei are technically aliens from a planet called Draenor. The setting ties magic, science, time travel, and dragons together naturally and logically. In World of Warcraft many canonic fantasy elements are rethought, so getting familiar with its lore is really exciting.

One of the major benefits of playing WoW is diving into this deep and interesting world. You can complete story quests, read books and comic books, and watch films — there is so much to discover about Azeroth and its inhabitants. Once you dive into this universe, it is impossible to forget it.

Role-Playing (and the Absence of It)

One of the prime features of every RPG is role-playing. You can play the role of a specific character, like in the Witcher game series, or create your avatar to shape the virtual world, like in the World of Warcraft.

Variability is everything in this game. It starts right at the character creation screen. You can pick various races and classes, and change the appearance of your alter-ego. You can make your in-game avatar even more unique by choosing specializations and professions. With every level weapons, armor and mounts become more unique and beautiful. A high-level character usually looks like a mighty epic hero And everyone can become one of such heroes, even a rookie.

If you are facing difficulties while playing, check out our WoW services for new players. You can get valuable resources, gold, and gameplay assistance, that guarantees the best gaming experience.

Role-playing is one of the pros of WoW for some players and cons for others. But there is no necessity to role play. You can visit raids and dungeons, battle in PvP arenas, and hunt for specific gear. Just enjoy the gameplay action if you want!


WoW has a usual gameplay cycle except for an MMO. You create characters and upgrade them to get higher-quality loot and equipment and discover new regions of the map. But the thing that makes your playthrough enjoyable is execution.

New player journey will appear deliberate and diverse. You will start in a tutorial location unique for every race and gradually get new things to experience. Abilities, mounts, areas, islands, quests — it is even possible to play WoW as a single-player RPG. But there are other living heroes beside you.


WoW was the Strand Type Game long before Kojima’s courier masterpiece. Making connections between players is one of the features that makes World of Warcraft still worth playing.

There are various ways to interact with others in the game. Buy something from the auction house, call volunteers to join a dungeon party, or ask for advice — someone will definitely help you. You can join a guild to participate in scheduled raids. There is even a guild race for best performances. The mightiest heroes gain the best rewards!

WoW is the place where you can find friends and even a partner. Social interactions are almost limitless. There was even a Corrupted Blood Incident — an actual epidemic in the game. So, if you are shy enough to communicate in real life, WoW is the best option for you to try social communication.

Start Your Journey in Dragonflight

You can start playing WoW in 2023 easily. Just purchase the latest expansion called Dragonflight and buy a subscription to play the game. You will gain previous expansions as well.

The Dragonflight story is, obviously, about dragons. Uncover their secrets and help them find their place in Azeroth. You can even become a dragon yourself! Dracthyr is a new playable race along with the Evoker class. They are connected, so you can try new gameplay features at once.

You can ride on a dragon’s back in a high-speed traversal minigame. This flying mount also is customizable. We think that answers the question “Is Dragonflight worth playing?”. There are no noticeable cons in the latest expansion. But the pros of Dragonflight are a quality balance of classes, new areas, gameplay styles, mechanics, and instances, professions additions and customization features. So it is an excellent opportunity for new players to start WoW.

Conclusion: It Is Worth It

World of Warcraft is an actual phenomenon of modern culture. This massive cult game gains new features with every expansion, yet still being accessible for new players. So if you ever wanted to try it — it is definitely worth starting your WoW adventure.

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