10 Things to Do Before Dragonflight Season 4

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Here are 10 things to do before Dragonflight Season 4 starts. How many have you completed?

10 Things to Do Before Dragonflight Season 4

We’re on the brink of WoW Dragonflight Season 4, with mere weeks, or perhaps even less, until its arrival. As anticipation builds, keep in mind that numerous achievements, transmogs, and even mounts will become unattainable once the new season takes flight. From M+ and raids to PvP and the limited-time Plunderstorm event, here are the top 10 essential tasks you should prioritize completing before Dragonflight Season 4 commences.

Mythic Plus Dungeons Achievements and Rewards

Dragonflight Keystone Hero: Season Three

To get Dragonflight Keystone Hero: Season Three, you must net yourself a 2500 M+ rating or more. This achievement will be unobtainable with the release of the new Season. Successfully obtaining it is a way to complete Dragonflight Season 3 Hero achievement. Plus, you will receive the Emerald Blossom Dreamstone visual effect for some of the Amirdrassil Raid Tier Sets.

Dungeon-Specific Keystone Hero Achievements

By successfully finishing M+ versions of seasonal rotation instances at level 20 or higher, players can earn the dungeon-specific Keystone Hero achievements, which unlock teleports to the completed instances. In Season 3, players have the opportunity to obtain dungeon achievements and corresponding teleports for the following instances: Keystone Hero: The Everbloom, Keystone Hero: Dawn of the Infinite, Keystone Hero: Darkheart Thicket, Keystone Hero: Throne of the Tides, Keystone Hero: Atal’Dazar, Keystone Hero: Black Rook Hold, and Keystone Hero: Waycrest Manor.

When Dragonflight Season 3 ends, the dungeon rotation will change. Recently, the devs confirmed that Season 4’s rotation will comprise solely instances from the current expansion. Consequently, M+ versions of older instances from the current rotation might not be available for quite some time. It’s advisable to complete the Dragonflight Season 3 Keystone Hero achievements promptly to secure the teleports to those dungeons. Otherwise, you might have to wait several years before they become obtainable again.

Keystone Conqueror and Keystone Master

Similar to every Mythic+ season, there are achievements tied to reaching specific Mythic+ ratings. However, these achievements will become unobtainable in the next season. In the current Season 3, they include Dragonflight Keystone Explorer (reach 750 rating), Keystone Conqueror, which also rewards you with “The Dreaming” title (reach 1500 rating), and Keystone Master: Season Three (reach 2000 rating).

Keystone Master: Season Three is worth pursuing because you can earn the Verdant Armoredon mount as a reward. Achieving Keystone Master: Season Three serves as one of the way to complete the Dragonflight Season 3 Master achievement.

For Dragonflight Season 3 Master, you gain the Emerald Mark of Mastery. It’s an unique token that can be used to purchase an item from Theozhaklos the Curious in Wellspring Overlook, Emerald Dream. For players who primarily focus on PvE activities, it is recommended to exchange the Emerald Mark of Mastery for PvP gear transmog. PvP transmogs are typically harder to obtain for PvE players, and there is a possibility that they may become unavailable in the future. Meanwhile, PvE appearances remain farmable and obtainable in the future.

Reins of the Quantum Courser

The final boss in DOTI: Murozond’s Rise, Chrono-Lord Deios, can drop Reins of the Quantum Courser. This item has an exceptionally low drop rate. However, acquiring it allows you to obtain a random mount from the past, including the rarest ones like Swift Zulian Panther or Cartel Master’s Gearglider.

Before Season 3, you had only one weekly opportunity to obtain the Reins of the Quantum Courser by running Mythic 0 difficulty, which had a one-week loot lockout. However, with the addition of Dawn of the Infinite to the Mythic+ dungeons rotation in Season 3, you can now run it an unlimited number of times per week, as long as you possess the keystone for that dungeon or join other groups running it in Mythic+ difficulty. And so, this significantly enhances their chances of acquiring the Reins of the Quantum Courser.

Unique Transmogs

WoW Dragonflight Season 3 old M+ dungeons also offer the chance to acquire unique transmog items. For instance, in Black Rook Hold, you have the opportunity to loot Howling Echoes. This particular item was exclusively introduced to the M+ version of the instance. By obtaining it, you gain access to a unique weapon model that was previously used for a few Shadowlands NPCs’ models.

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Raiding Achievements

Heroic Amirdrassil: AOTC 

Several seasonal Raid achievements will also become unavailable in Season 4. Ahead of the Curve: Fyrakk the Blazing requires slaying the final boss of Amirdrassil, The Dream’s Hope, on Heroic difficulty in Season 3. Achieving this will likely gain you Heroic: Amirdrassil, the Dream’s Hope for defeating every raid boss on Heroic difficulty as well. In Season 3, completing this Ahead of the Curve achievement is one of the ways to do get Dragonflight Season 3 Master and receive the Emerald Mark of Mastery tier-set token.

By defeating Fyrakk, you can also loot the Everglowing Ember from his corpse. It starts a quest rewarding you with Renewed Proto-Drake: Embodiment of Shadowflame, a striking Dragonriding mount customization that resembles Fyrakk’s appearance.

Mythic Amirdrassil: Cutting Edge

Cutting Edge: Fyrakk the Blazing is a Mythic level AOTC achievement. This achievement won’t be attainable in Dragonflight Season 4 and subsequent seasons. Upon its completion, you’ll automatically unlock Mythic: Fyrakk the Blazing achievement and “The Blazing” title. Getting Cutting Edge: Fyrakk the Blazing is also one of the ways to gain Dragonflight Season 3 Hero and receive the Emerald Blossom Dreamstone visual effect.

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PvP Achievements, Mounts, and Season 3 Elite Armor Set 

Verdant Gladiator

Verdant Gladiator’s Slitherdrake is one of the main Dragonflight Season 3 PvP rewards. To get it, you need to earn the Gladiator: Dragonflight Season 3 achievement by winning 50 matches in 3v3 battles at the Elite rank during this season. Once you achieve this, you’ll receive the Winding Slitherdrake: Embodiment of the Verdant Gladiator item, which unlocks the Verdant Gladiator Dragonriding customization option.

This mount pairs perfectly with its matching title. The Verdant Gladiator title is earned through the Verdant Gladiator: Dragonflight Season 3 achievement. To secure it, you’ll need to win 150 games in Season 3 and rank within the top 0.1% of 3v3 players. Along this journey, you’ll also gain the Challenger II: Dragonflight Season 3 and Elite: Dragonflight Season 3 accomplishments. These serve as PvP milestones towards achieving Dragonflight Season 3 Master and Hero achievements, respectively. However, once Dragonflight Season 4 begins, none of these achievements or their rewards will be obtainable.

3v3 and Solo Shuffle

Progressing through PvP ranks rewards players with Transmog items too. With Elite: Dragonflight Season 3, you’ll get a full transmog set for the character’s class you’ve managed to get this achievement with. You’ll also gain Verdant Gladiator’s Tabard and Verdant Gladiator’s Prestigious Cloak.

Playing Rated Solo Shuffle as an Elite player also has its benefits. Winning 100 rated Solo Shuffle matches at Elite rank grants you the Legend: Dragonflight Season 3 achievement, which comes with rewards including the “Verdant Legend” title and the Verdant Legend’s Pennant.

Vicious Owlcat PvP Mount

Team Arena and Solo Shuffle matches will also fill your PvP rewards progress towards obtaining Vicious Saddle token. In Season 3, you may trade the Vicious Saddle for the spectacular Owlcat Mount which comes with different skins for Alliance and Horde players!


Farming temporary M+ and Raid achievements and grabbing their rewards is a significant task. However, there’s also a grand option to have fun between WoW Dragonflight Seasons 3 and 4.

Basically, it’s a whole new battle royale game mode for World of Warcraft that lasts for 6 weeks. If players enjoy playing Plunderstorm, there’s a possibility that it will return in the future. However, some rewards may get changed by that time. The event may last sometime after the start of Season 4. But by then, you’ll already be too busy. So, now is the best time to get all Plunderstorm’s rewards.

Plunderstorm comes with a new Keg Leg’s Crew faction. It has a familiar Renown progression system. You gain Renown for taking part in the event’s battles, which will unlock a variety of rewards that you can explore in our article here:

Keg Leg’s Crew Renown

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This was our guide on 10 things to do before Dragonflight Season 4. Use it as your Dragonflight Season 3 weekly checklist to make the most of your time!

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