Dragonflight Mythic Plus Guide for Newbies

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Our Dragonflight Mythic plus guide for newbies will answer all your questions. Discover all the valuable tips and tricks for successful M+ runs right here!

Dragonflight Mythic Plus Guide for Newbies

Key Takeaways

  • Mythic+ dungeons in WoW offer challenging endgame content with scaling difficulty and rewards. To enter M+ dungeons, you must be at the max level (70 in Dragonflight Season 3), possess a Keystone, and meet specific item level requirements (420-425).
  • Obtain your Keystone by completing Mythic dungeons. The Keystone will be upgraded or degraded based on your performance.
  • The M+ dungeons are timed with varying durations based on complexity and Keystone level.
  • Affixes are the added challenges to the dungeons.
  • There are guides for all eight M+ dungeons in Dragonflight Season 3 at the end of this article, so be sure to check them out!

Mythic+ dungeons are much more difficult and rewarding compared to their regular counterparts. This endgame mode was added to the game back in 2016 specifically to provide higher-tier players with an endlessly scaling challenge. Many new features have been constantly added over the previous expansions. So, if you are new to the World of Warcraft and wondering, “What is Mythic Plus in WoW?” Then, this Mythic+ guide is here to help you understand what it is and what you need to do to progress and make the most out of it.

The Basics of Mythic Plus Dungeons

Mythic+ Requirements

To be able to enter an M+ dungeon, it’s crucial to meet all of the Mythic+ requirements. In Dragonflight Season 3, it means:

What Is an M+ Keystone and How to Get It

Dragonflight Mythic Plus Guide: What Is an M+ Keystone and How to Get It

An M+ Keystone is your pass into the Mythic Plus content. It’s closely tied to your M+ progression as you need to upgrade your Keystone to scale in M+. The higher the Keystone level, the harder the Dragonflight M+ dungeons become, and the greater the rewards you will get.

So, how to obtain a M+ Keystone? The easiest ways are to complete one of the standard Dragonflight Mythic dungeons, like Ruby Life Pools yourself (in which case you’re getting a +2 Keystone), or finish a Mythic+ run that someone else launched. Upgrading it is tied to your competition time, and you can get up to 3 levels at a time. Each new level increases both the rewards you earn and the challenges posed by your adversaries.

What Is Timer in Mythic Plus Dungeons

The M+ dungeons are timed, and you need to be ahead of schedule if you want to level up your M+. The assigned time can vary widely. Each dungeon has a basic timer that varied based on the level of your Mythic Keystone in Dragonflight. You typically get 40 minutes for a long, complicated area. The smaller dungeons are about 30 minutes. The more you upgrade your Keystone, the less time you have.

The number of levels you receive at the end depends on the time you have left. Here are some examples:

Importantly, the Keystone Mythic dungeons will change upon each successful attempt. If you waste all your time but complete the dungeon nonetheless, you’ll get a new instance. Failing the run entirely will retract 1 Keystone level and keep you in the same dungeon, allowing you to try again. At any rate, you can get yourself a Dragonflight Mythic boost if that sounds too tedious for you.

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What Are Affixes in Mythic Plus Dungeons

Affixes are modifications applied throughout the entire dungeon to increase the difficulty of your Mythic+ run. Each affix introduces a unique set of special effects, escalating the challenge as your Mythic+ level rises. Understanding affixes is crucial, as they are one of the most important elements in Mythic Plus dungeons. So, we have broken down the Dragonflight Season 3 affixes below for your convenience. Be sure to give it a look!

Affixes in Dragonflight Season 3: Affix Rotation and Strategies

The current affix rotation of Dragonflight Season 3 is:

You may want to check out our Dragonflight Season 3 Mythic Plus Affixes Tier List for a more thorough insight into the dangers they pose:

Level 2+ Affixes

Fortified and Tyrannical increase the health (20%/30%) and damage (30%/15%) of regular and boss enemies, respectively. For Fortified, the strategy is to try not to be overwhelmed by waves of enemies. For Tyrannical, save your most powerful cooldowns for the boss fights.

Level 7+ Affixes

Incorporeal is more complex. With it, incorporeal beings can spawn during combat, possibly with copies. They will cast Destabilize for 20 seconds. When the combat is over, these incorporeal beings will disappear. The best strategy is to stall them with CC.

Afflicted follows a similar logic. Instead of ghosts, two Afflicted Souls can spawn during combat. They’ll start casting Afflicted Cry for 10 seconds. You can either get rid of them by applying direct healing or by dispelling one of their innate debuffs. 

Storming and Volcanic are similar in nature. Storming will cause enemies to spawn tornadoes that then spiral away in various directions. With Volcanic, the Volcanic Plumes will spawn instead under the feet of the players. While the former poses a lethal threat to melee heroes, the latter is deadly for ranged ones.

Entangling is an easier obstacle. Every couple of seconds, a malicious plant can spawn, decreasing the movement speed of everyone in its vicinity by 30%. You have 8 seconds to move away or be rooted. You can free yourself with root-breaking effects, like the Blessing of Freedom.

Level 14+ Affixes

Sanguine is a tricky, timing-sensitive affix. When most hostile are dispatched, an area of effect called the Sanguine Ichor will spawn. The pools will disappear in 12 seconds, but you can also knock back the enemies to make your job easier. 

Bursting is a polar opposite of Sanguine. With the latter, you need to defeat the enemies almost simultaneously. With Bursting, the hostile will cast Burst on you upon expiration. It deals damage over time, but the biggest bummer is that it stacks. You can use Mass Dispel to get rid of these, but the better idea would be to time your takedowns.

Spiteful follows a similar logic. Upon dispatching a hostile, a Spiteful Shade will spawn in their place. It’ll then fixate on a random player, pursuing it with lethal melee attacks. Fortunately, they will vanish in time on their own. As such, the best approach is just to run away and slow them down.

Raging will enrage the enemies when their health falls below 30%. This effect grants them temporary immunity to all crowd control abilities, which can be a nasty surprise. On a positive note, it can be countered by casting Enrage Dispel abilities. Tranquilizing Shot or Soothe will also do just fine.

Bolstering is cast whenever a non-boss enemy is defeated. When this happens, all the nearby enemies will receive a 20% damage buff. It also stacks with each death. As such, you’ll have to focus on your prioritized enemies and time your takedowns accordingly. Beating too many of them simultaneously without a sound strategy will just wipe your party. In short, don’t be too generous with AoE damage.

To make your run smoother and less arduous, here are some recommended add-ons, tools, and external resources that will definitely aid you on your journey.

When it comes to Mythic+ dungeons in World of Warcraft, several add-ons, tools, and external resources can enhance your gameplay experience and help you perform better. Here’s a list of the recommended ones:


Add-ons are helpful modifications that can be used in-game for various goals.


Recommended Add-ons, Tools, External Resources for Dragonflight Mythic+

External Resources:

These resources can help you better prepare for Mythic+ with guides, articles, and walkthroughs. 

How to Handle Key Moments in Mythic Plus

Here’s a brief Dragonflight Mythic Plus guide on how to handle the key moments in a M+ run.

Step 1: Getting Started

Before getting in, make sure that you and your party are well-prepared:

Step 2: Key Moments

When inside, focus on:

Step 3: Dealing with Mistakes

Between the Dragonflight Mythic Plus scaling and affixes, these are the hardest challenges in the game right now. You are bound to make mistakes. But here’s how you can deal with them:

Remember that failure is an integral part of this game. Don’t lose your head over it, just accept defeat and learn from your mistakes. That’s how you improve and, eventually, win.


Dragonflight Season 3 Mythic+ Rewards

The Mythic+ seasonal rewards are excellent, but you do need to show your best performance if you want to get the most outstanding prizes. For starters, faster completing time doesn’t just yield more Mythic Keystone levels, but also better rewards. As such, you’ll want to beat these dungeons as fast as possible. And that requires coordination, knowing the layout, bosses, and how to avoid unnecessary fights. Curious about the Dragonflight Season 3 Mythic Plus Loot Table? Check out this article:

The loot gets progressively better the higher your Keystone level. And you can get additional loot by opening the weekly Great Vault. If you’ve completed 1/4/8 dungeons respectively, you can receive up to 3 more rewards. You can also complete the M+ achievements, the Keystone Master and Keystone Hero, which require you to reach a certain power level and provide unique rewards. For more information on KSM and KSH, check out our article on How to Get Mythic Keystone Achievements.

All Dragonflight Season 3 Mythic Plus Dungeons

TIn Dragonflight Season 3, the Mythic Plus dungeons consist of eight instances: Black Rook Hold, Everbloom, Atal’dazar, Darkheart Thicket, Throne of the Tides, Waycrest Manor, DotI: Galakrond’s Fall, and DotI: Murozond’s Rise.

We’re making comprehensive guides for each dungeon. Currently, guides for Black Rook Hold, Atal’dazar, Waycrest Manor, and DotI: Galakrond’s Fall are available, while the others are still in progress. Stay tuned, and check back periodically for a complete list of Dragonflight Season 3 Mythic Plus dungeon guides.


There’s nothing like Mythic+. This game mode demands you give your all in planning, combat, decision-making, strategizing, and time management. We hope that this Mythic+ guide has been able to aid you in understanding more about what lies ahead. If you don’t meet the ilvl requirements for M+ just yet, consider getting a Dragonflight item level boost to speed up the process!

Even though the activity is rather demanding, you don’t need to be a veteran to complete it, you don’t need to grind the hell out of the Dragonflight dungeons, and you don’t need to take the fun out of it. You can absolutely have fun playing these, even as a newcomer. 

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