Dawn of the Infinite: Murozond’s Rise Mythic Plus Guide

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Welcome back to our Dragonflight Season 3 Mythic+ series! Today, we will discuss the Dawn of the Infinite: Murozond’s Rise Mythic Plus Guide!

WoW DotI: Murozond's Rise Mythic Plus Guide

Key Takeaways

  • Murozond’s Rise is in the southern part of Thaldraszus, accessed by flying southeast from Valdrakken.
  • There are four bosses in DotI: Murozond’s Rise: Tyr, the Infinite Keeper, Morchie, Time-Lost Battlefield, Chrono-Lord Deios.
  • The DotI: Murozond’s Rise loot table brings you up to 470 ilvl items at the end of the dungeon and up to 483 ilvl from the Great Vault.
  • Achievements: Dawn of the Infinite: Murozond’s Rise, Keystone Hero: Dawn of the Infinite, and Back En-masse.

Murozond’s Rise is the second part of the Dawn of the Infinite megadungeon. In Season 3, you can enjoy overcoming its challenges on M+ difficulty. Last time, we covered DotI: Galakrond’s Fall Mythic+ Guide and discussed its trash and boss mechanics, loot, and achievements. So, let’s do the same for Dawn of the Infinite (DotI): Murozond’s Rise Mythic Plus guide!

Where is DotI: Murozond’s Rise

DotI: Murozond’s Rise is situated in the southern part of Thaldraszus. Flying on the back of your Dragonriding mount to the south-east of Valdrakken is the quickest way to get there. 

Full DotI: Murozond’s Rise Walkthrough

Murozond’s Rise Layouts

These screenshots from the route offered by Bunten may serve as DotI: Murozond’s Rise layouts. They also suggest an approximate route right from DotI: Murozond’s Rise entrance to the last boss. However, don’t pay too much attention to some pull schemes. They’ll strongly depend on the current affixes, the keystone’s level, and your party’s goals and configuration. Be sure to check our Mythic+ Guide for Newbies to learn more about this mode, what you must do, and a complete list of all eight Dragonflight Season 3 M+ dungeon guides.

With that said, let’s start with DotI: Murozond’s Rise first boss, Tyr, the Infinite Keeper.

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Tyr, the Infinite Keeper

Dawn of the Infinite: Murozond's Rise Mythic Plus Guide: How to Defeat Tyr, the Infinite Keeper

Tyr, the Infinite Keeper Trash Guide

Infinite Twilight Magus and Tyr’s Vanguard are the mobs you will meet here. The first one’s most threatening ability is the Corroding Volley. Any crowd control effects will be useful in preventing it. Otherwise, you’ll take a lot of damage and be unpleasantly slowed down. 

CC effects have a high chance of simultaneously interrupting Magus’s Epoch Bolt. Beware of Vanguard’s Rending Cleave. The last skill is especially dangerous because it makes its victims Bleed. Moreover, this DoT stacks. The basic advice for non-tank players is not to stand in front of the Vanguard.

Here, your Dawn of the Infinite: Murozond’s Rise run will also be slowed down by three mini-bosses. Lerai is dangerous because of her AoE mechanics. Ancient Radiance’s damage can’t be avoided. Be sure to use defensives if it deals too much damage. The Orb of Contemplation’s damage and stun can and should be avoided. 

In the case of Valow, get out of his Temporal Strike area and take him out from the yellow dome produced by Titanic Bulwark ability. Don’t hesitate to use Bulwark’s damage-reducing effect yourself. During the fight with Spurlok, someone has to get into his Sandstorm AoE. The Binding Grasp can be interrupted only inside it.

Tyr, the Infinite Keeper Boss Guide

Tyr spells leave behind Consecrated Ground puddles. Your main task is to avoid them. They won’t disappear until the battle’s end, so you need to calculate the positions of Consecrated Ground carefully, leaving space in the middle. One of the most dangerous spells is the Infinite Annihilation frontal cone strike. It’s recommended to tank the boss along the edge of the platform and make him place the cone towards the edge. However, here, a Tank must watch out for the Titanic Blow. It can easily push the player off the edge. 

Dividing Strike‘s AoE damage should be soaked by two teammates. Otherwise, the boss will receive a stack of a deadly DPS buff. During the Siphon Oathstone cast, your party must collect all the golden spheres flying to the central column. If they reach it, they enhance Tyr’s Radiant Barrier. But if they reach you, they buff your haste and movement speed. The buff stacks up to 5 times. Damage-Dealers must collect the spheres to quickly destroy the Barrier. 

Finally, always keep an eye on Spark of Tyr. Its debuff applies to two non-tank players. Its removal hurts all the party. A Healer must get rid of one debuff, heal the party, and then remove the second. It’s crucial not to have a player with the Spark among those who’ll soak Dividing Strike


Dawn of the Infinite: Murozond's Rise Mythic Plus Guide: How to Defeat Morchie

Morchie Trash Guide

Continuing the run for the Murozond’s Rise mythic chest, you’ll face the Infinite Watchkeeper and Timeline Marauder. Keep an eye on Infinite Watchkeeper’s Infinite Fury and Timeless Curse AoEs. The latter is followed by stun and can be avoided. But the Fury’s unavoidable damage will force you to press mitigation skills. 

Marauder should be prevented from channeling deadly Infinite Schism at any cost. However, sometimes interrupting the Displace Chronosequence is not less important.

Then, you have to run through two rooms full of flying spheres and frontal cone AoEs. If anything hits you, you’ll end up at the beginning of the first room. Fortunately, one fast player reaching the end is enough to activate a teleport portal for the others.

In the next location, you’ll need to make the yellow Temporal Fusion and Temporal Deviation enemies explode near the orange sands, which blocks the path ahead. Be sure also to CC their Triple Strike and Double Strike spells. The explosions damage your party with the Time-Displacement effect too.

Interrupt all the Infinite Riftmages‘ spells. Click the rifts spawning on the corpses to speed up your advance through the room. If you’re a Tank, take all measures to reduce the damage from Timestream Anomaly’s Bloom and Untwist. If you’re a Healer, remove Bloom from everyone except the Tank.

A crucial part of the guide for mob packs before the Morchie boss is using CC spells against the Time-Lost Tidehunters and Waveshapers crowd. This way, you’ll avoid the negative consequences of most of their abilities. Unfortunately, Infinite Timebender can make his allies a bigger threat with Millennium Aid. The buff gives them a shield that deals nasty AoE damage. 

Morchie Boss Guide

During More Problems!, you must find the real Morchie among their copies. It won’t be a hard task as the real Morchie doesn’t wear a hat. Attack them and immediately hide behind Morchie to avoid damage and subsequent debuff from the Dragon’s Breath terrifying AoE. Morchie casts dangerous frontal cone spells in humanoid form, too. Non-tank players should avoid tank-targeted Sand Blasts

The next obstacle is the sudden appearance of many Time Traps. Getting Trapped stuns you for 30 seconds and forces your allies to waste time dispelling it. At the same time, players must make their copies summoned by Familiar Faces fall into these traps. Each copy will try to reach its player. If it succeeds, said player dies. Healers must pay attention to this mechanic as getting the add into the Trap damages the entire party. To efficiently handle it, it’s advisable to position yourself beforehand and choose the trap early, clearly indicating to party members which trap you will use to capture the additional enemy.

Time-Lost Battlefield

Dawn of the Infinite: Murozond's Rise Mythic Plus Guide: How to Defeat Time-Lost Battlefield

Time-Lost Battlefield Trash Guide

Stick to the guide and move to the Time-Lost Battlefield boss after Morchie. This way, your next enemies are Pendules. Their Time Beams must be interrupted. The next mobs change depending on your party leader’s faction. Their spellsets also change, but the mechanics remain the same. 

Avoid puddles created by Farseer or Paladin. Interrupt Raider’s or Knight’s Rallying Shout to not let them buff their allies’ HP and damage. Don’t stand in the area affected by the Volatile Mortar spell cast by Destroyer. Quickly deal with Sappers or Bombers coming from it to prevent them from blowing up your teammates.

Time-Lost Battlefield Boss Guide

Here, your enemy is a former Horde or Alliance hero: Grommash Hellscream or Anduin Lothar. The Tank must press defensive ability to survive the healing-reducing Mortal Wounds inflicted by Decapitate. The entire party must dodge Shockwave and especially deadly Bladestorm. You also need to kite the last one around the edge of the platform so that it avoids friendly mobs scattered around the arena. With each mob’s death, the boss unleashes massive AoE damage.

The battle becomes really dangerous when the boss casts For the Horde!/For the Alliance! spells. After the heroic shout, three types of mob will join the boss: ranged, melee, and caster. Gather them around the ranged one called Horde Axe Thrower or Alliance Archer so you can quickly defeat them with the help of AoE and cleave spells. The ranged mob is always at the highest priority due to its Serrated Axe/Serrated Arrows inflicting a dangerous DoT.

Chrono-Lord Deios

Dawn of the Infinite: Murozond's Rise Mythic Plus Guide: How to Defeat Chrono-Lord Deios

Chrono-Lord Deios Trash Guide

Two Marauders and the Infinite Slayer represent the final trash threat to your Murozond’s Rise timer. Marauders’ mechanics will be joined with the Bronze Exhalation cone AoE that Tank should take away from allies. Once again the party has to avoid Timeless Curse puddles. Be sure to consider the possible threats from current Affixes. Some of them may prove especially deadly in this trash encounter.

Chrono-Lord Deios Boss Guide

This battle has two phases. During both, one of the most dangerous mechanics is Infinity Orb. When cast, two spheres start quickly falling to the ground. You can slow down the sphere only by standing in the area below it. 

Sphere’s explosion causes lots of damage to the party and imposes a debuff. It triples the damage from the next explosion. The debuff lasts 4 seconds. One ranged player should always stand under one sphere to avoid an almost guaranteed wipe caused by the next explosion. Meanwhile, a Tank should always make the Temporal Breath spell hit only him and no one else. This mechanic remains in the second phase.

The boss is assisted by adds. During the battle, Deios summons Infinite Keeper through golden portals. They’ll try to channel these portals to summon more adds. The Keepers spawn in three waves: one at a time in the first and second, two at once in the third.

Eliminating them is the highest priority. A Healer should also dispel the nasty debuff caused by their Chronal Burn ability. The death of each Keeper damages the boss equal to 20% of its HP.

The second phase of the Murozond’s Rise final encounter shows the true power of the Infinite Dragonflight. The phase begins when the boss has 20% HP left. The dangerous Infinite Corruption AoE is added to his arsenal. Swirls from this spell must be avoided. Since the swirls leave puddles, a Tank must kite the boss around the room.

DotI: Murozond’s Rise Loot Table

The DotI: Murozond’s Rise loot table brings you up to 470 ilvl items at the end of the dungeon and up to 483 ilvl from the Great Vault. Below, we have comprised all the loot for your convenience. Similar to Galakrond’s Fall, you won’t find cloaks, rings, and necks in Murozond’s Rise. However, here, you will find the Reins of the Quantum Courser mount dropped from the final boss.

Crown of the Infinite Lord Cloth HeadTyr, the Infinite Keeper
Greaves of Parallel LivesPlate LegsMorchie
Quel’Zaram, High Blade of the LionOne-Handed SwordTime-Lost Battlefield
Mirror of Fractured TomorrowsTrinketChrono-Lord Deios
Titanic ShouldersparksLeather ShoulderTyr, the Infinite Keeper
Traveler’s TimesplitterGunMorchie
Unceasing Footman’s BreastplatePlate ChestTime-Lost Battlefield
Borrowed TimePolearmChrono-Lord Deios

DotI: Murozond’s Rise Achievements

Here’s a list of achievements you can get in DotI: Murozond’s Rise on M+ difficulty:


And with that, our DotI: Murozond’s Rise guide has come to an end. We hope that it has been able to aid you. Happy gaming!

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