Dawn of the Infinites megadungeon boost

Dawn of the Infinite Boost

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Buying this service will get you the Dawn of the Infinites megadungeon completed on mythic difficulty.

Dawn of the Infinite is the megadungeon of the Dragonflight expansion that will take Champions of Azeroth on a journey across timelines in order to stop Infinite Dragonflight. You will face twisted versions of familiar characters and events, and even get to see the ancestor of all dragons – Galakrond himself in this massive 8-boss dungeon adventure. Stop Iridikron from fulfilling his plans and get amazing rewards in the process with help from WowVendor’s professional dungeoneers!

• Standard – 72 hours
• Express – 48 hours

• Boost type: Selfplayed
Dungeon difficulty: Normal Mode or Hard Mode

Normal Mode: сhance to get ilvl 493 items via group loot
Hard Mode: сhance to get ilvl 506-509 items via group loot
• Chance at looting Infinite Scales customization for one of your Dragonriding Drakes
• A piece of “Quantum Gear” – unique gear token that turns into random cosmetic version of an item from past content that hasn’t been added to your collection yet
• Chance to get Reins of the Quantum Courser – unique mount token, that turns into random mount from older dungeons upon use
• 200-300 reputation with Soridormi

• Level 70 character

Preview for Infinite Acolyte’s Regalia


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