Dragonflight User Interface and HUD Improvements

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The upcoming new World of Warcraft: Dragonflight add-on will be releasing soon. Developers continue to share details about innovations that await players. Among other things, Blizzard announced the UI and HUD rework. Therefore, we have prepared an article where we will analyze in detail all Dragonflight UI and HUD changes.

Dragonflight HUD and User Interface update

In the upcoming Dragonflight add-on, gamers are expected to receive system updates, in particular, those related to innovations in the HUD and a reworked user interface.

According to the developers themselves, they wanted to make the information on the main screen more convenient and easy to understand. Designers focused on removing unnecessary details when updating the World of Warcraft HUD and UI. Mostly these elements overload the game screen. Experienced players understand how clogged with standard options of dubious relevance the game screen becomes over time. This problem is especially noticeable at high levels when it becomes difficult to see the gameplay under the interface. Blizzard has been specifically addressing this issue. So, the health panel and the mini-map were the first to be reworked.

At the same time, devs promised to keep the classic style of the HUD. They also want to refine it by improving individual visual components, such as images of a wyvern and a griffin. Its original spirit and authenticity will be preserved while maintaining modern graphic standards.

Maximum customization

Blizzard also tried to provide lots of customization options. They achieved this by making it possible to resize and move all the Dragonflight UI elements. This feature will allow to customize the design and optimize the interface for wide-screen monitors. Previously, this was only possible when installing add-ons such as ElvUI, Bartender, OmniCC, and others. However, the designers said they would not force players to abandon them.

Such innovation aims to lower the entry threshold. Previously, confusing and loaded UI caused many problems and even memes outside the MMORPG community. Newcomers unfamiliar with WoW or those who had never played it before had to get used to it for a long time. The alternative was to search for a pack of interface add-ons. Now, the developers believe that with the new Dragonflight UI, this need will disappear at least until the player reaches high-level content.

Preset what you like

Continuing the topic of customization, the developers announced another feature. Now that the players will be able to adjust the parameters of each component of the new UI and the result can be saved as a specific preset. The template can be switched, copied, renamed, and edited anytime. Ready presets will be available for import and export. Worth mentioning the function of linking interface settings according to the active character specialization. For each spec, a player can create a separate preset. So, when a user changes the specialization, the interface will change automatically.

Overall Dragonflight HUD and UI update review

Overall, by making new HUD and UI in WoW, the developers tried to make the game more intuitive and beginner-friendly. They unloaded the screen, modified the visibility of the panels, and optimized them. Designers and the user research department worked together, thereby, fresh interface elements and features were realized to meet the gamers’ needs. Developers also stated that the new UI will feature more accessibility options.

However, Blizzard says that the HUD and UI that players will get after the add-on release might not be the final version. They will continue working on it after receiving feedback from a hands-on experience.

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