WoW Interview with George Velev and Andrew Desousa

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In the recent WoW Interview with George Velev and Andrew Desousa, Towelliee and the developers discussed M+ changes, new Talent Trees, Follower Dungeons, overall class changes, and more.

WoW Interview with George Velev and Andrew Desousa

Popular Twitch streamer Towelliee has released an interview with George Velev and Andrew Desousa, members of the WoW Development Team. They talk about the changes awaiting players in The War Within. You can watch the full interview here:

In case you don’t have time to watch it all, we have gathered some key moments below for your convenience.

Mythic Plus Changes

Blizzard has clarified that there are no plans to introduce new seasonal Mythic+ affixes in the next expansion. However, they will evolve, and developers will consider community feedback before deciding on this topic.

Also, Mythic+ dungeons will be included in the Mythic 0 rotation, meaning every player will get new content every season. The Development Team’s goal remains the same — the higher players progress, the more challenging it becomes, and the better rewards they receive.

New Talent Trees

George Velev has announced that The War Within will introduce new talent trees to the game that haven’t been seen yet. For example, Priests will have access to the Voidviewer talent tree, which will allow them to specialize in Void magic. Warlocks can also choose a new talent tree and become Soul Harvesters that can make a pact with a vicious demon empowering their spells.

Plus, Hunters will be able to try themselves as Sentinel Hunters specializing in doing Arcane damage and marshaling the power of nature. They also can summon a celestial owl to assist them on their journey. As for Mages, they will receive a Sunfury talent tree, granting them aid by a Phoenix and the possibility to do Fire and Arcane damage simultaneously.

Follower Dungeons

As far as we know, the Development Team is still discussing where Follower Dungeons will land. Andrew Desousa shared with Towelliee that the new dungeon named The Rookery will indeed feature AI support, allowing players to run this dungeon in their own way, which is good news.

Overall Class Changes

In addition to class talents, several significant changes have been made to classes such as Evoker, Druid, Warrior, Monk, and Paladin. These are just a few novelties the Development Team is ready to reveal. As the Alpha progresses, we expect to see more exciting things soon. If you want to know more information about The War Within, be sure to check out our overview here:

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