Everything We Know about WoW 10th Expansion: The War Within

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WoW 10th expansion: The War Within is the first part of the Worldsoul saga. It has been revealed with a plethora of exciting news and features.

Everything We Know about WoW 10th Expansion: The War Within

Fans of World of Warcraft had long yearned for news of a post-Dragonflight expansion. However, none could have predicted that the revelation at BlizzCon 2023 would exceed all expectations. Blizzard’s bombshell announcement introduced not one, but three expansions on the horizon. Together, The War Within, Midnight, and The Last Titan form the World Soul saga trilogy, which sets the stage for the next 20 years of Warcraft storytelling.

This article’s main focus is on the details of the 10th expansion of World of Warcraft: The War Within. For information regarding WoW: Midnight and WoW: The Last Titan, you may want to explore them here: 

With that said, let’s dive in and see what WoW: The War Within has in store!

WoW: The War Within Release Date

WoW: The War Within release date is August 26, 2024. It’s time to address “that sword” and see if Azeroth’s calling is a genuine cry for help or if it’s a trap laid out to lure us into the claws of the Old Gods.

WoW: The War Within Beta and Alpha Testing

Other than that:

What You Can Expect in WoW: The War Within

WoW: The War Within key art
(WoW: The War Within key art. Source: Blizzard)

The War Within Story

The War Within is the first chapter in the trilogy saga of Worldsoul. It will take you into the depths of Azeroth, exploring subterranean cultures like the Earthen and the Nerubians. The latter are conscripted by Xal’atath, a harbinger of the Void who is now free from her blade prison. 

For fans of Anduin, the expansion heralds the reappearance of Varian Wrynn’s son. Anduin now bears a brand-new appearance, rugged and weathered, and is still reeling from his experiences in the Shadowlands. Alongside him are Thrall, Magni Bronzebeard, and Alleria Windrunner

Finally, “that sword,” or rather, the Sword of Sargeras, will be addressed in this expansion. 

Official Short Stories

Four New Zones

WoW: The War Within four new zones

Gone are the days of having to wait at the loading screens. All four new zones on the continent of Khaz Algar will employ the airlock technology. So, you can expect a seamless transition from one location to another.

The Isle of Dorn

The Isle of Dorn, is a breathtaking destination with rich soil and vibrant plant life. Here, you’ll discover a captivating fusion of fiery bees, exquisite meadows, and storm-kissed peaks. At its heart is a thriving city that will serve as the new capital

The Ringing Deeps

Beneath the lush surface of Khaz’algar, you’ll find the Ringing Deeps brimming with industrial bustle. This vast underground realm, heated by lava and operated by the Machine Speakers, was once inhabited by the Earthen. However, the Kobolds have long claimed many mines and founded their own city under the leadership of the formidable Candle King


Hollowfall is another massive underground expanse. It’s located even deeper into the heart of Azeroth than the Ringing Deeps. This subterranean realm is the home of the Arathi, once bathed in the radiant warmth of a colossal crystal. However, that luminescence is diminishing, its cause a mystery to all. Compounding their challenges, the Arathi are locked in an unrelenting conflict with the Nerubian empire. As the light fades and perilous monsters prowl in the shadows, the destiny of the Arathi hangs in the balance. 


The fourth zone, Azj-Kahet, resides at the core of the Nerubian empire, making it the deepest location in all of Azeroth. This mysterious realm is inhabited by forgotten scavengers. They have established a bustling trading post called the Umbral Bazaar. Among them, there are diligent lore keepers committed to unraveling the enigmas of Azeroth. A treasure trove of knowledge awaits. But first, you must find a way to blend in with the local Nerubian community. 

New Allied Race: The Earthen

Being the neutral race that is unlockable for both Alliance and Horde, here are what we know about The War Within’s Earthen

Eight New Dungeons

In The War Within, you’ll encounter a total of eight new dungeons, categorized into Level-Up and Max-Level

The War Within Season 1 M+ Dungeon Rotation

The War Within M+ dungeon rotation in Season 1 has been datamined. It’s time to return to Shadowlands, Battle for Azeroth, and Cataclysm!

New Raids

WoW: The War Within first raid, Nerub'ar Palace
(Source: Blizzard)

There are undoubtedly more raids on the horizon. But currently, Blizzard has only revealed the first raid of WoW: The War Within, titled Nerub’ar Palace. This eight-boss instance is situated within Azj-Kahet. And it is here that the climax of the Nerubian Empire, their Queen, and Xal’atath’s narrative will unfold. 

The War Within Season 1 Tier Sets

The War Within Season 1 tier sets for all playable classes in WoW have been datamined:

WoW: The War Within Level Cap

The level cap of WoW The War Within is 80.

WoW: The War Within New Features and Gameplay

In addition to these thrilling developments, The War Within also brings a host of new features to the game: 

This article will receive ongoing updates as soon as fresh information becomes available regarding WoW 10th expansion: The War Within. So, you may want to revisit it periodically for the most recent updates and insights. 

If you’re eager to dive deeper into the latest happenings at BlizzCon 2023, don’t hesitate to explore our comprehensive article: 

Are you thrilled to embark on the World Soul saga trilogy? Let us know in the comments below! 

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Yes, that feature was introduced in patch 10.1.0. I am a member of one of these guilds. It’s cool they add things like this, allowing players to play with friends regardless of their factions. It’s good to hear that they are planning to expand it in the next expansion (Cross-realm guild feature).


Do you think in a couple expansions they’ll downscale from level 120 down to 60 again?


@Kent: That definitely will happen imo. The level squish is basically a way to simplify the current WoW leveling system before the numbers get too high. Plus, they already did it before 😊