Blizzard and NetEase: What’s Next for WoW Players in China

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From servers and characters to missed events, rewards, and more, Blizzard and NetEase have addressed what’s next for WoW players in China.

Blizzard and NetEase What's Next for WoW Players in China

Key Takeaways

  • With Blizzard and NetEase reunited, the two companies are working to support the player base in returning to their favorite games.
  • Phased relaunch prioritizes technical tasks like server reconstruction and data restoration.
  • Account preservation is assured, with promises of enhanced services and anti-cheat measures.
  • Restoration of missed in-game events and rewards ensures players catch up on content. Various eSports events await.
  • Community engagement is encouraged through commenting activities. Selected comments will be etched onto the Gorehowl, and the owners of the chosen comments will also receive a gift package from Blizzard.

As reported earlier, NetEase and Blizzard officially announced the renewal of their partnership. Chinese players rejoice at the news. However, they can’t help but express concerns about rejoining WoW. After all, they missed out on a whole year of content during the fallout between Blizzard and NetEase. So, NetEase CN Blizzard Games Publishing Team and Blizzard Entertainment have released a detailed announcement. There, they outlined the plans to assist the WoW player base in the coming time.

What’s Next for WoW Players in China

Preparations are underway for the relaunch. Technical tasks such as server room reconstruction and data restoration are being prioritized. It’s impossible to bring back all the games at once, so the relaunch will happen one step at a time. Blizzard and NetEase are committed to bringing back all of Blizzard’s games to the Chinese market as soon as possible. Thus, the first game scheduled for reintroduction to the Chinese players will make its return this summer.

Players can rest assured that their account data will be fully preserved once the servers become available.

“Please ignore any rumors and avoid any forms of account trading behaviors.”

NetEase CN Blizzard Games Publishing Team and Blizzard Entertainment

Any missed in-game events and rewards will be restored. Players will have the opportunity to revisit and catch up with everything they may have missed.

There are also promises of enhancements to services and content. Those include anti-cheat measures, more support for content creators, and various eSports events. Regarding the destroyed Gorehowl, a new sculpture is in the works. It’ll be the fruit of the collaborative effort between NetEase and Blizzard artists. The new Gorehowl will be the symbol of the bond between players, NetEase, and Blizzard.

“This loot will be Indestructible.”

NetEase CN Blizzard Games Publishing Team and Blizzard Entertainment

Players are invited to engage in a commenting activity on the official website. Selected comments will be permanently etched onto the legendary Gorehowl. Participants whose comments are chosen will also receive exclusive Blizzard gift packages valued at 500 RMB. Players can also take part in this event through cooperative channels such as Netease Dashen APP and Netease Cloud Music APP, where even more thrilling rewards await.

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