Dragonflight 10.1 Preparation Guide: Things to Do Before Patch

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The 10.1 patch is a major update scheduled to release in advance of Dragonflight Season 2. They drop on May 2 and 9, respectively. A lot will change, and there’s much to do before the big shuffle comes. In light of this, here’s a clear Dragonflight 10.1 preparation guide with everything you should cross off before it’s too late.

Because Season 1 ends when the patch comes out, there’s only a little time left to complete all the seasonal activities. If you haven’t done some of these yet, hurry up. Additionally, you could start preparing a character according to the new meta to be in a more favorable position at the start of the new chapter.


Before the entire meta is reimagined, it would be wise to start upgrading a new character with a soon-to-be-go spec/class combo. The details on the coming changes are already in, and you can view the original WowVendor tier list™ for the 10.1 classes. That can help you decide on a WoW character for Dragonflight 10.1, and prepare them in advance.

The idea is that, at the start of the patch, you’ll immediately have a highlevel character with a powerful build. It will come in handy when the new seasonal raid arrives, but it’s also about enjoying the game overall. You can start upgrading the character when the patch comes, but it’s better to already have all the necessary talent points.


Another step of how to prepare for Dragonflight 10.1 is getting the best gear for the new character. The S1 Mythic+ raid loot is the obvious bet, but the expansion has more to offer. Look to the dungeons, and especially towards the quest content. What that means is, of course, the Onyx Annulet

It’s a powerful ring obtained from the Zskera Vaults. You can put 3 primordial stones into it, infusing it with different effects. It’s also possible to upgrade them, increasing the level of the item to 424. The actual power level is much higher with some builds: see this Wowhead guide for more. You should absolutely get it while it’s relevant.

Right now, the Annulet is more powerful for some specs than the coming S2 raid rewards for the same slot. However, judging by Blizzard’s interviews, they might restrict access to this ring after 10.1 or nerf the primordial stones. It’s unclear what will happen, but the item will be the best for some time. 


Season 1 will end on May 2, taking with it the Mythic+ for the Vault of Incarnate. That naturally means affixes but also unique rewards and higher-level loot. Chances are, you’ve already gotten all the things you wanted from this Season. If not, it’s one of the priority WoW tasks before Dragonflight 10.1.

The Dragonflight Keystone Season One is a series of achievements you should see in particular. There are four of them, and the final challenge demands a 2500 Mythic+ rating. The second and third parts award the title “the Thundering” and an imposing mount, respectively. The last achievement, meanwhile, is a criterion for an even larger reward.


This achievement is among the most important things to do before the next 10.1 patch. You can beat the Keystone Hero achievement or two other achievements to get it. These include the Elite Dragonflight S1 and Mythic: Raszageth the Storm-Eater. The latter also awards the title “the Storm-Eater,” another welcome addition.

The reward for beating any of the three challenges is this little item. Using it will provide a brilliant glowing effect for the Mythic Vault of Incarnates and Elite PvP gear. It’s a wonderful arcane look unique for each class, and it absolutely should be crossed out on your Patch 10.1 checklist when the update arrives.


Speaking of limited-time achievements, Raszageth the Storm-Eater is also the target of the current Ahead of the Curve and Cutting Edge achievements. They require you to beat the boss on Heroic and Mythic difficulties respectively. There isn’t any reward, but it would be nice to have them, considering that these challenges will be unavailable when the new raid comes.


Speaking of the PvP rewards, make sure to get the S1 transmog sets before it’s too late. The regular PvP class set is nothing special, but if you become the Elite (1800 rating in rated arena/battlegrounds), you’ll receive the Elite variation. It looks much better, on account of the flame and lightning effects surrounding the otherwise regular armor.

The other prizes include two mounts. One is the Vicious Sabertooth, received for reaching 100 victories in the rated arena. The other is the Crimson Gladiator’s Drake, which needs 50 Elite arena victories. You can later customize your dragon to look like this drake, which is terrific. PvP should absolutely be on your list of WoW 10.1 pre-patch activities.

This stuff, in addition to the loot from the Keystone achievements and other sources, isn’t just valuable because it’s time-limited. This loot looks toptier, and owning it (and other aforementioned gear) on day one of Season 2 guarantees you’ll get into more raid groups. Many of them are account-wide, which at least makes the grind more uncomfortable.


The last of the Dragonfligh 10.1 patch tips is to manage your currencies. Stuff like Valor and Primal Chaos won’t be usable past that point. They’ll be replaced with a single currency, meaning it’s probably better to use these now. The Conquest points will still be in the game, but they’ll be reset in the new season, so do away with them quickly. 

Concerning the Catalyst Charges, it’s yet unclear what will become of them. They’ll likely be reset at the beginning of the season. Whether you’ll be able to use them in any capacity later is also unknown. It would be reasonable to use them up but do stay on the news for more information. Not everything about what to expect in Dragonflight 10.1 is yet known.

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