Best Class Tier Set Tier List in Dragonflight Patch 10.1

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Best Class Tier Set Tier List in Dragonflight Patch 10.1

The arrival of a new season is imminent, hauling along with it exciting battles and awesome rewards. Among them are the highly anticipated Class Tier sets. Aside from fancy visuals, they have unique, class-specific passive effects. These effects can be a complete game changer since they upgrade different parts of the class kit. Thus, we at WowVendor have created this Patch 10.1 Class Tier Set Guide to help you figure them out.

Please note that the guide is based on information obtained from the PTR. Therefore it’s subject to changes.

As it stands now, the design approach to new sets is that most of them are directly tied to particular choices from the talent tree. This means such things as builds and rotations can shift, sometimes dramatically. But again, the info is not final and can be changed upon release

In our Tier Set Recommendations for Dragonflight Patch 10.1, we tried to approach the subject from different perspectives, check various Patch 10.1 Tier Lists, etc. We looked at an overall power level and creativity, and how they affect current rotation. And this is what we discovered.

Powerful Tier Set Bonuses

In this category, we placed those that can be called the Best Class Sets in Patch 10.1. They have powerful bonuses that are good or expected to perform well. Here we have Blood Death Knight, Guardian and Restoration Druid, Mistweaver Monk, Protection Paladin, Holy Priest, Outlaw Rogue, Elemental Shaman, Affliction and Demonology Warlock, as well as all three specs of Warrior.

Some of these sets are exceptional, like Demonology’s one. Not only does it provide additional damage, but it also enhances the gameplay experience in a more enjoyable manner. Others, like the ones for Guardian, Mistweaver, and Blood, cover up lacking aspects of gameplay. Bears now can deal better with magic damage, thanks to stacking extra max Health. Mistweavers get some Mana regeneration and extra healing power for some spells. 

Sets for Restoration Druid, Holy Priest, and Affliction Warlock emphasize the “core” parts of the kit and generally used talents. This makes them even better, even if it is not really inventing something new or shaking things up for them, it is still a win.

But there are bonuses that “revitalize” neglected parts of the kit or provide new toys to play with. One such example is Arms Warrior and his Slam. It is not used as much. But the new gear bonus breathes some life into that ability, with a new damage-stacking mechanic.

So overall, if your spec is in this category,  rest at ease — you are sure to get Top Tier Sets in Patch 10.1. Others are not so lucky.

Mediocre Tier Set Bonuses

Next on our list of Class Tier Set Comparison are specs that got something underwhelming. Mind you, it doesn’t mean their bonuses are bad. It just means there is a drawback or two, a boring design, or something along those lines. Here we have Frost Death Knight, both specs for Demon Hunter and Evoker, Beastmaster and Marksmanship Hunter, Frost Mage, Brewmaster Monk, Holy and Retribution Paladin, Subtlety and Assassination Rogue, and Restoration Shaman.

Most of these effects in general accentuate particular abilities, but some do so more than others. Thus, they force you to go with particular builds and play a certain way. Examples of that are Preservation Evoker and Vengeance Demon Hunter. The first one makes you play around with Emerald Blossom and raw healing output. While the latter focuses on Fire Brand and its talents, not leaving many options.

Some effects feel pretty niche, providing in specific situations, but not doing much in general. Frost Death Knight gets a decent power spike in AoE scenarios with his extra Frostwyrm’s Fury, but it is not as good against a single target

Some have nice two-piece effects, but the four-piece is either lacking in strength or raises questions. Frost Mage gets a decent damage increase but needs some extra tuning for a full bonus. While Restoration Shaman gets an extra Haste increase — a stat that is not needed for the spec

All the Hunters (Havoc DH as well) have a flat damage or stat increase, without pretty much anything going on. DH gets a damage stacking buff for their Eye Beam, but the button is used on cooldown, so it doesn’t really do much.

Again, these effects are not weak or useless. All they need is some tuning, maybe some details changed, like replacing some abilities or extra stats for others. Currently, there is nothing to be excited about or worried about. This is why they are lower in Tier Set Rankings than the others. You will probably get an equal exchange for something of the same value.

“What is going on here?” Tier Set Bonuses

And for the end of our Tier Set Analysis for Patch 10.1, we have these poor unfortunate souls. Unholy Death Knight, Feral Druid, Survival Hunter, Arcane and Fire Mage, Windwalker Monk, Discipline and Shadow Priest, Enhancement Shaman, and Destruction Warlock — all of them got the short end of the stick. Effects from their exclusive gear currently raise many questions and hopefully will be reworked on the patch release. 

But as of now, the main problem with them is that they either do nothing, contradict themselves or the way the class works (anti-synergy), or make your gameplay unfun and uncomfortable

So, Unholy and Discipline suffer from almost useless effects, neither doing much to improve their damage output nor empowering them in some other department. Really feels like something is only added for the sake of being added.

Enhancement’s set turns Sundering from CC on demand into a thing you press on cooldown, with lackluster benefits. Destruction has to play around Channel Demonfire. This spell lowers spec mobility even further, and generally, is disliked by the player base. Others have similar problems. 

We think Blizzard will analyze all the feedback regarding these particular sets and rework them.

And thus, our list has come to an end. We hope the article has aided you in gaining a better understanding of  how the set situation will be in the upcoming patch.

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