Dragonflight: Legion Timewalking Court of Stars Is Closed

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Unable to locate the Court of Stars in the Timewalking dungeon finder? Are you trapped in an infinite loading screen? Don’t worry. You are not alone.

Players report that their characters are either stuck or can’t return to the dungeon. After logging out or disconnecting from the game while inside the dungeon, everyone receives the message “The world server is down.” When the incident happens, using the character release function and other ways to get them out of this dangerous place is impossible. Wanderkuh, a WoW player, has already had their main stuck in the loading screen for 3 days.

Thus, Blizzard has taken the matter into account. They have temporarily closed the Court of Stars and removed it from the finder.

The issue doesn’t affect the Mythic+ version. So, you can still enjoy giving Advisor Melandrus the fate he deserves.

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